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Suggested Expedition Supply Checklist for Peru Many expeditions may take humanitarian supply bags filled with items the expedition team has gathered specifically for a project. However, if items are still needed, the following is a list of suggested expedition supplies that have proven useful for Ascend Travel community projects in the past and can usually be donated by local individuals/businesses or purchased. 1. 100-250 Hygiene kits 2. 50 Newborn kits 3. 200 Backpacks with school kits 4. 5-10 Education flash cards 5. 2-4 Community Healthcare Worker kits (include 1 scale for each kit) 6. 4-8 Sewing machines (include 1 large Sewing Machine kit per sewing machine) 7. 500 Prescription and sun glasses 8. 100-250 Sewing kits 9. Medical supplies 10. School supplies (chalk, slates, pencils, paper) The following items may be available to you either through Ascend Travel HQ. Please coordinate with the In-Country Staff to have these items supplied to you. 11. Photo printer ink cartridges 12. Photo printer photo paper (200 sheets) 13. Scrapbook and material (enough to make 2 scrapbooks) 14. Name tags, lanyards and badge holders for participants, staff, translators, etc. 15. Intercultural supplies (toys, games, balls, balloons, orphan cloths) 16. Batteries AA, AAA, D and 9Volt (30 of each) 17. Scissors 18. Glue stick 19. Duct tape 20. Masking tape 21. Packing tape 22. Bubble wrap 23. Garbage sacks (large heavy duty) 24. Antibacterial wet wipes 25. Clothes pins 26. 50 Ft. nylon rope (clothes line) 27. Disposable dish cloths (100) 28. Scrubbies 29. 20 Sharpie markers 30. 100 Plus pens 31. 100 Ft. (1-2 rolls of plastic to cover tables) 32. 2 Small chalk boards and chalk (or dry erase board and markers) 33. 500 Sandwich size Ziplocs 48

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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