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without luggage to pick up some necessities. Also be sure to get together as a group and endeavor to share items where possible to help out those who are without. Both of these can go a long way toward soothing frustrations. If the luggage ends up being a permanent loss, help the participant/s make a claim with the airline. If it is solely a local airline, it is best to try to settle with the airlines before leaving the country. Be firm and use whatever clout you have i.e. size of group, future business, ties to local organizations, humanitarian mission etc. to try and recover what you can. If you are not satisfied, ask for the person in charge. Even if their policy says “no compensation for loss” the head person may choose to be compassionate. q

Lost Passport: Check to see if there may be any way to find the missing passport (i.e. was it left in the seat back of the airline, and is the plane still on the ground, or did the participant put their passport in a safe hiding place? Search thoroughly, then search again.) If, however, it is not recoverable, then pull out your copy of the participant’s passport, and work with in-country personnel to get a temporary travel permit going with the Embassy or Ambassador’s office so that you don’t have to leave this person behind. Unfortunately this process can take some time, sometimes a few days, so don’t procrastinate. Get the process going as soon as possible to avoid additional challenges later.


No hotel reservations are listed for the Ascend Travel group when you arrive at the hotel, or the reservation is listed, but does not show having been paid. This will generally never be a problem. Ascend Travel is also a travel agency, and Ascend Travel In-Country Staff will be with you in most instances to take care of all booking arrangement. However, if for some reason In-Country Staff is not present, simply pull out a copy of the contract. This generally solves all questions. However, if for some reason you do not have the contract, check to see if reservations may be listed under another name, i.e. your name or Ascend Travel Operations Manager name. If that does not work, ask for the manager. Provide whatever evidence you have of your booking, paid or unpaid. Figure out if it is possible to accommodate the group. Again, use whatever clout you can i.e. size of group, future business, ties to indigenous organizations, humanitarian mission etc. to try to work things out. If the space is still available and if you know that Ascend Travel made full payment for the hotel in advance, it is critical that you do everything possible to avoid additional payment, especially in cash, because we will never see the money again. Tell the manager that you know full payment has been made, and you will get a copy of the contract to verify it. If space for the group is truly not available, have the manager make phone calls to other clean hotels nearby to get the group accommodated. Try to keep the group together. Split up only if necessary.


Transportation does not arrive to pick up the group. Again, Ascend Travel is a travel agency. We work only with reliable transportation specialists and Ascend Travel In-Country Staff will generally resolve all transportation problems without 46

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

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