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Find out/estimate how much time the problem will take to solve i.e. if it is a passport/visa problem then phone the Embassy, etc. Crosscheck the time needed with available flights. Make the appropriate reservation for the later flight. Decide if the participant can handle this on his/her own, or if someone needs to stay to help. If an overnight will be involved, help them find a clean economy hotel close to the airport. Establish a rendezvous plan, based on when the later flight will arrive. Exchange phone and/or fax numbers and information: where the group is going (#, address, contact) and # where the “left behind participant” will be staying, possible the Embassy # (if applicable), airport #, supervisor name (if still having problems with ticket), or any other information which may be helpful in maintaining contact. Make certain all parties involved understand the plan clearly and what to do if the plan breaks down. q

Looks like you will miss your connecting flight or other transportation: If you know while you are on the airplane or other form of transport that your connection is extremely tight, ask the attendants or driver if they can assist you i.e. radio ahead to alert the crew of your connecting flight/transport that you are running behind, but want to make sure you can still make the connection. (Remember there is power in numbers! If there are 20 of you – they may hold the plane/train/bus!) Whether or not they radio ahead to help you, work with your team leaders to get organized for a quick transfer: collect every ones tickets for the forthcoming connection, establish the number of pieces of luggage to be checked (for airline) and organize the luggage loading/transfer process including having a team leader take care of your luggage. Be the first one to check in; go immediately to find a transportation agent who can help. Show your tickets. Tell them the passengers are just behind you to check in. Plead. Try not to take no for an answer. Ask for the manager/supervisor. If you still miss the connection, regroup. Be positive. Find the next possible alternative. Alert the necessary parties who will be influenced by your delayed arrival at the next airport.


Lost Luggage: Sometimes the luggage is just slow in making it to the bag claim area. So, first of all, find someone who can tell you if all luggage has arrived that is coming. If it is in fact missing, go to the airline baggage claim and find out what information is needed to file a missing report. Usually they will want a description of the missing luggage with bad claim #s and where the luggage is to be forwarded, phone #, contact, etc. Also, get complete information on who to check back with to make certain the luggage is found i.e. name, phone #, etc. Be sure to clearly communicate the urgency of the situation-for example that the group will be leaving to go to a remote rural area, and needs the luggage before departing for the village. Don’t hesitate to ask for a manager/supervisor. One final note: If the lost luggage becomes a significant issue i.e. it is missing for more than one day, then don’t hesitate to ask for compensation for those who are inconvenienced. Depending on the duration of inconvenience, request a $50-$100 payment to allow those 45

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