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B. Meet with team leaders before you depart to train them as to how they can help prevent problems such as missing people, tickets, luggage, etc. C. During the expedition, the following procedures should prove helpful: 1) Use information on the confirmation letter copies to reconfirm all reservations 24 hours in advance including flights, hotels and ground transport. Plan ahead and ask the Ascend Travel In-Country Staff to help you assign someone to facilitate this – particularly for those confirmations, which must take place while the group in is the village. 2) As you leave any place where the group has been – airplanes, buses, hotels, restaurants, etc. make sure your team leaders remind their teammates to double check that they don’t leave anything behind—particularly airline tickets, passports, valuables, etc. 3) Repeatedly remind participants to look out for each other and be much more cautious with cleanliness and safety issues than they are accustomed to being. HANDLING THE UNEXPECTED Keep your composure, good humor, and stay positive about finding solutions. Remember that although nobody likes to deal with problems, things will work out if you persist. Prepare and remind your group to expect the unexpected and make “down” time as fun and productive as possible – thank participants for their patience. Get your team leaders involved in helping work through the process of establishing Plan B – and keeping participants upbeat. Pull out your packet of helpful information (including this document) to provide ideas for establishing a Plan B. A few examples of some problems previously encountered and possible solutions follow: q

Lost Airline Ticket(s): Check to see if there may be any way to find the missing ticket(s) (i.e. were they left in the seat back of the airplane, and is the plane still on the ground). If they are not recoverable, then pull out your list of participant ticket numbers, identify the lost ticket number, find a supervisor from the airline and see if you can get it replaced A.S.A.P. Remember to explain clearly the urgency involved, particularly if it is a connecting flight. Generally, they will require full payment for the replacement ticket – which should be refunded at a later time when no one uses the ticket. Recommend to the participant that he/she put it on his/her credit card.


A participant finds out that he/she has a problem which must be addressed before he/she can continue on to the expedition destination: 44

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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