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1) As an individual, you should not give any employee or contractor of Ascend Travel compensation. This undermines Ascend Travel policies and program ethics. You will be encouraging them to break policy and may even cause them to loose their job. 2) If you think that you would like to sponsor an Ascend Travel contractor’s or employee’s education, health or some family need, please discuss this with a member of Ascend Travel Management before you make any promises or give them any money, so that you do not tempt the employee or contractor to break policy. 3) If you determine that you wish to sponsor a specific villager’s education, health, or other family need, again please discuss this with a member of Ascend Travel Management before you make any promises, so that it does not create long-term problems for the Foundation. There are appropriate vehicles through which Ascend Travel is able to respond to financial requests and monitor the sponsorship of your donation. It also enables you to avoid breaking policy or government regulations and provides a helpful check and balance to make sure the request is appropriate and legitimate. Ascend Travel recommends the following: When an individual or group approaches you, suggest that the appropriate channel for requests is through Ascend Travel leadership. If you are in country when the request is made, this is the in-country coordinator. Let the requestor know that they should talk with the coordinator. You can also tell the director to expect their petition. If they have an appropriate proposal, it will be comfortable for them to discuss it with leadership. If their request is inappropriate, they will likely not pursue it further. If you are personally interested in helping to fund the proposal, assuming it is appropriate, let the coordinator know while you are in country. Your input is encouraged, particularly if you are interested in helping with the request. Ascend Travel staff will discuss whether existing programs and funding can facilitate the petition or whether it is appropriate to try to arrange special monitoring, funding, etc. Gift Giving: Approach Presents & Favors with Equal Care Ascend Travel feels very strongly that gifts and favors are appropriate only under certain circumstances. This will be discussed further in the briefing meetings, but please don't plan on bringing gifts except for the following: 1) Collecting and assembling humanitarian supplies that are listed in our Collections Policy document is an excellent, appropriate way to give. These items are provided as a part of our teaching, training, and/or treatment, and thus have a wonderful purpose, rather than just being a handout. 2) Small games or activities you can share with the children are wonderful. Ideas include teaching the children and playing with them i.e. hopscotch, tag, bubble blowing, playing catch with tennis balls or Frisbees, and playing soccer. Other ideas include taking buttons to repair their clothing, stringing beads, coloring, etc. Use your imagination! The idea is to share games and activities, rather than to give things that can create jealousy.


Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...