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Participant Guidelines AMBASSADORS-AT-LARGE AND EXEMPLARY CONDUCT When overseas, you are viewed as ambassadors of this country. Courtesy, respect and responsibility are important. Customs, clearance, and government approval are critical for continuing our outreach activities in foreign nations. Possession of illegal drugs or artifacts by one team member would jeopardize the entire mission of this and future expeditions. Each year more governments close their doors to foreign programs. Your maturity and general demeanor, under the watchful eyes of host countries, are important to Ascend Travel and to all development specialists who will follow you. It is likely that you will be exposed to aspects of a different culture not accessible to tourists. It is this added dimension that makes your mission exciting but at the same time requires extra sensitivity, discretion and adaptability. Smoking and drinking at the project site is not acceptable. If you must smoke, then it must be done discreetly, not in view of the community members. One of the important statements we make is our example in regard to healthy living. Smoking and drinking can be a real problem in some areas— wasting the very limited resources of a family and community. Importance of Unity and Acceptance of Varied Religious, Political and Social Backgrounds Ascend Travel provides services to those in need without regard to religion, race, nationality, age, gender or political affiliation. Ascend Travel supporters and volunteers come from all walks of life and a variety of religious beliefs and political backgrounds. We often collaborate and work side by side with religious and civic groups; but we promote none, and we require allegiance to none. We view the world as a global community wherein we are all members of the human family and have a duty to serve and support each other. Ascend Travel encourages the sharing of insights among group members and recognizes that due to the spiritual nature of service, sharing will naturally be close to the heart and spirit. However, please be aware that such sharing should not be done in an exclusionary, offensive way. Please be sensitive to the importance of including all members of the group and avoid all inappropriate religious or political actions or comments. Appropriate Responses to Requests—Please Handle with Great Care!! Being an Ambassador from America also means that those from poor countries will assume you have great financial resources. It is not uncommon for you to be approached during or after the expedition for various types of assistance. Most of these requests will be sincere and well intended and it is your individual prerogative to respond as you discern appropriate—AS LONG AS YOU ABIDE BY INCOUNTRY GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS AND ESTABLISHED ASCEND TRAVEL POLICIES. Therefore, it is very important that you understand the following in-country regulations and Ascend Travel policies:


Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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