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INSURANCE Ascend Travel requires travel insurance for each service expeditioner. Once registered, we will send a list of different options so you can choose the plan that best suits you. MONEY MATTERS The expenses for the Expedition include sharing project expenses, training materials, in-country transportation, communications, food and water in the village, lodging during in-country transit and recuperation, and other pertinent expedition expenses. Out-of-Pocket Expenses, Sightseeing & Departure Taxes Sightseeing is not included nor is extended stay travel or hotels (unless you pay for an extended cultural tour which may be facilitated by Ascend Travel). Meals and entrance fees on sightseeing and transit days are not covered by expedition contributions and are the responsibility of each participant, as are departure taxes. Please bring clean U.S. currency (unworn and no rips). Peruvian currency exchanges will not accept bills in poor condition. You may also need or want pocket money for shopping, souvenirs, film, tipping, taxis, etc. Generally $250 for traveling, in addition to departure taxes, will be adequate for extra expenses, unless you want to spend more on gifts/souvenirs. Always keep your cash out of sight and on your person if possible. A money belt or neck pouch which fits under your clothes is ideal. FOOD AND WATER Ascend Travel purchases food and purified water and takes it to the village. Some villagers may work with us to prepare meals, but we will oversee food preparation so as to ensure sanitary protocols of cooking, cleaning and preparing. The menu will be local cuisine and/or familiar camping fare. You will be well fed, but you may still enjoy taking some of your own snacks as well. Water You will need your own plastic water bottle (start with it full). Local water is likely to be contaminated unless it is purified and bottled with its seal intact. Although Ascend Travel will provide purified water in the village. Don't drink water, even in the cities, unless you are absolutely sure it has been purified-including ice. When in doubt, ask project leaders for advice. You may be offered a bottled soft drink, which is fine. It is wise to wash off the top with clean water or a baby wipe before drinking. Eating in Restaurants Be careful, your stay is short. Make sure you stay healthy by being strict about what you eat. If you have no control over how food is prepared then be extra cautious that the food is clean or hot. Watch out for salads. Lettuce is very difficult to clean properly! When eating in a fine restaurant, generally speaking, the food itself is safe.


Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...