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Expedition Budgeting & Finances Expedition Leaders for Ascend Travel are volunteers and thus receive no direct compensation. However, travel expenses – for ground transport and accommodations – for one leader per expedition of 15 or more participants is calculated into the budget of each Ascend Travel Service Expedition, as per expedition policy. An expedition leader may choose to pay his/her own travel expenses, thus making additional funds available for project materials. For details, refer to Expedition Policy in Section 1. Budgets and Expenses The EXL is expected to keep accurate records of all funds advanced to him/her and how those funds are expended, and to return any remaining contingency cash to Ascend Travel. The actual recording need not be elaborate, but will need to be submitted so that it can be appropriately recorded in the Ascend Travel system. The Ascend Travel accountant will print out a blank expense form, at the request of the expedition leader. (A sample expense form follows the budget.) Receipts should be kept and submitted to Ascend Travel with the expense ledger. We recognize that receipting in developing countries is not always standard procedure. But please always ask for a receipt, and if the vendor does not have his own receipt book, use the one provided by Ascend Travel. Participant Fees, Donations and Forms Follow Up: When an individual expresses interest in going on an expedition, the EXL should call them, answer questions and make sure the prospect understands application procedures. Applications are filled out online and deposit is handled electronically. Cash donations or payment by check is not possible unless a collaborating institution is able to handle these types of transactions. All payments made to Ascend Travel will be done securely via our website ( Participants Raising Funds for Their Expedition Expenses: Expedition costs can be covered through fundraising done by the participant, as long as the funds are submitted by payment deadlines. Participants need to submit their personal payment to meet deadlines while they finish additional fundraising. Carrying Cash on Expeditions: Circumstances generally require that some cash be carried with the expedition, even if it is only contingency funding. The EXL is responsible for whatever amount has been approved to be carried with the expedition. It is Ascend Travel policy that no one person – even the Expedition Leader – should carry more than $1,000 in cash or traveler’s checks. Ascend Travel In-Country Staff will always manage the majority of the funds for the expedition. 23

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...