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Understanding the Responsibilities of Ascend Travel’s In-Country Staff As you meet with the In-Country Staff (ICS) to discuss the status of the service expedition and the project plans, be sure to understand the responsibilities that have been given to the ICS in relation to the expedition planning and organization process. Below is an outline that will help you understand your ICS’s responsibilities. The ICS is responsible for organizing the projects and working with the villagers to prepare the community for the expedition. The ICS will work with its staff, interns, and volunteers to see that the projects are established before the expedition team arrives. The ICS has the capacity to: Establish a relationship of trust among the villagers and their leadership Meet with villagers, discuss their development priorities and evaluate the feasibility, appropriateness, sustainability and potential impact of the project(s) they propose. Work with the villagers to identify and mobilize their own resources; identify additional resources which would be needed, and outline a budget for the proposed project(s). Evaluate the feasibility of involving volunteers, identify specific expertise that would be helpful, and outline roles for participants in general. Responsibilities prior to expedition departure: Field communications, beginning with working with the villagers to complete the Project Criteria information as outlined including the baseline info, project proposal, and budget – format in clear and legible and submit to Service Expedition Leader. Upon approval, work with villagers to prepare project plans in detail, mobilize local resources, and obtain government approval if necessary. Facilitate them getting the project underway. Work with villagers and/or in-country resources to arrange for the following as agreed by the Expedition Leader: translators, assistance with food preparation, scheduling health workers, contractors, and any other requests made by the Expedition Leader. Arrange for expedition transportation to/from village, housing arrangements and project logistics in the village. Also arrange for a vehicle and driver in the village, appropriate transport of health workers and contractors as required. Purchase additional materials for the project and supplies for the expedition itself, i.e. food, bottled water, soda, and arrange for cooking/serving supplies, tables, benches or chairs, lanterns, etc. (for camping expeditions) as agreed with the Expedition Leader. Arrange hotel accommodations and all in-country transport. 8

Ascend Travel Expedition Leadership Manual  

Ascend Travel's Service Expedition Leadership Manual to Cusco, Peru. All the tools you need to organize a Humanitarian Service Expedition wi...

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