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EASING THE BURDEN OF WATER DATA DISCOVERY AND ACCESS Liza Brazil, Jonathan Pollak, and Jerad Bales Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. Too often environmental and water data are collected, used one time, and then buried on a local computer, or worse, in a field notebook where the data remain undiscovered and widely unused. Data archival and dissemination is a challenging task for scientists and engineers, and if not done properly, hinders discovery of data applicable to an ongoing project. Scientists and engineers must discover applicable data, reformat multiple sources of data to perform analyses, and then, identify a mechanism to publish derived data products. CUAHSI (the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science Inc.) offers free data tools to simplify and accelerate project and scientific workflows from data collection to data reuse. CUAHSI supports a diverse community that includes grant-funded researchers looking to fulfill a required data management plan, watershed and community organizations archiving and distributing data to their stakeholders, engineers searching for data applicable to specific projects, and agencies seeking approaches to increase the discoverability of their data. A recent example of the application of CUAHSI’s data services involved the IBM Corporate Service Corps. This group participated in a one-month pro-bono assignment to serve the SEREMI MMA, (translated from Spanish it means Administrative Regional Agency Ministry of Environment of Atacama), which is a local division of the Chilean Ministry of Environment that works on a High Andean wetland monitoring project. SEREMI MMA Atacama wanted a platform to archive their collected data and to make the data available to the public to create a better sense of transparency regarding environmental conditions in the region. CUAHSI staff collaborated with SEREMI MMA Atacama and the IBM team to format and upload their monitoring data so that the data and data products are available through CUAHSI’s suite of tools. SEREMI MMA Atacama’s data, like millions of other data sets published with CUAHSI, are available through CUAHSI’s Catalog using HydroClient. HydroClient is a free web application that enables users to discover, view, and download time series data from multiple organizations. The data come back from the multiple sources to the user in a common format, so that the sometimes-tedious task of re-formatting is

To the left: a screenshot of the HydroClient-produced map displaying the data published by the SEREMI MMA • EWRI Currents • Volume 19, Number 3 • Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Currents  
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