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2012-2013 Academic Catalog

Florida Dunnam Campus Welcome to the Asbury experience The Florida Dunnam Campus of Asbury Theological Seminary is committed to the faithful expression of the Asbury experience, which includes a community of worship, prayer, spiritual formation, chapel, small groups, student services, international students, tutorial assistance, publications, counseling resources, the Philippian fund, and the student council.

Office of Community Formation A full-time Director of Community and Global Formation provides ongoing ministry to all aspects of community formation, with special attention to the Christian Formation Program, chapel, local service opportunities, and global engagement. The Dean of the School of Urban Ministries and Director of Enrollment Management and Student Services also provide assistance with academic and financial dimensions to community life. The Director of Operations office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on selected evenings and Saturdays, offering assistance with business matters, health insurance and the Philippian fund. Beyond these particulars, every staff and faculty person is involved in the development of a formative environment where community life can flourish.

The student council Living out the vision of Christian conferencing as a means of grace, the student council functions as the student leadership team. Team members provide a special service called the new student welcome team. Additionally, they represent various aspects of community life, and also serve on designated Trustee, faculty and staff committees to keep the seminary apprised of student views and needs.

New student orientation One Saturday in August, determined from year to year, new students and spouses gather for orientation – a day which includes getting acquainted, worship and guidance into the Christian Formation Program as well as academic and enrollment management information. From that experience a variety of options emerge for becoming involved in the community.

The chapel Harold Best, in his book, “Unceasing Worship,� suggests that the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ is one that is steeped in worship and praise. Corporate worship then, is simply a continuation of this ongoing activity in the company of our brothers and sisters, where the power of community and mutual expressions of worship combine into a transformational experience. On the Florida Dunnam Campus, chapel services are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1 p.m. and provide the opportunity for the larger community to gather for creative and inspiring worship. Students, faculty and staff, along with guest speakers from the larger faith community provide substance and shape to worship, which engages and honors a variety of traditions and styles. Special chapel services are held at announced times during summer and winter breaks and during the semester in the evenings on Saturdays. In addition, an Episcopalian service of morning and evening prayer and Eucharist is held each Tuesday and Thursday. All students, faculty, staff and guests are encouraged and invited to participate in the Asbury Florida Dunnam worship experience.

Missions Theological education as a missiological environment has been part of the vision for the Florida Dunnam Campus from the beginning. Expressions of this commitment include the annual Kingdom Encounter, a connection between worship and missions, and short-term mission trips. The campus also emphasizes missiology through the Christian Formation Program, as well as through mission-related components found in a number of courses.

Academic Catalog  

The Academic Catalog of Asbury Theological Seminary 2012-2013

Academic Catalog  

The Academic Catalog of Asbury Theological Seminary 2012-2013