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232 Advanced Research Course Descriptions

2012-2013 Academic Catalog

MH955 Historical-Theological Seminar: Theories and Models of Mission (3) This doctoral seminar examines the ways Christian mission has been understood historically, with particular focus on Evangelical, ecumenical and Roman Catholic approaches to mission during the twentieth century. Attention is given especially to the interrelationships of gospel, Church and culture in theologies of mission.

MH980 Postmodern Mission (3) Carries on the Asbury tradition that was foundational in 1923; that is, the critique of modernism. The postmodern critique invites us to examine modern mission from a variety of perspectives, especially the concerns for modernity’s entanglement with power, materialism and individualism. This course also asks how mission must change to reach post-modern people. May meet with MS781.

MH960 Seminar in Mission History (3) Students conduct and share research in selected topics in mission history. Typically a particular issue forms the integrating focus of the course (such as mission structures, concepts of the Church, theologies of mission, or leadership development). Assigned readings which explore this issue historically supplement the students’ particular research. May meet with MS760.

MH990 Historical and Theological Perspectives on Contemporary Missiology (3) Teaches historical and theological analysis. The professor begins by choosing an issue in contemporary missiology and demonstrating how to better understand the issue through a methodology of historical and theological analysis. Then, each student will be given an issue which he or she will present to the class and demonstrate growing competency using this method. May meet with MS790.

MH973 Contemporary Cults and New Religious Movements (3) A study of cults and new religious movements in contemporary America and the Two-Thirds World, tracing their emergence from historical and religious perspectives, with interpretation of their theological significance. May meet with MS673 . MH975 Christian Mission, Globalization, and Cultural Trends (3) An examination of the trends and currents shaping emerging global culture and an exploration of the challenges and opportunities these provide for authentic Christian witness. Developments in science, technology, economics, philosophy and popular culture are examined for their world view implications, and the positive and negative aspects of postmodernity are assessed. May meet with MS675. MH977 Historical-Theological Seminar: Christian Witness and Other Religions (3) Surveys key issues in the encounter between Christianity and other religions. Looks at some historical precedents as well as contemporary trends including pluralism, relativism, theology of religions, and comparative theology. Students develop a theology and theory of religious encounter. MH978 Comparative Missiology (3) Examines how the religions of the world self advocate, that is, promote themselves to their children and to those in other religious traditions and to those with no religion. After studies of how other religions do mission, students consider the Christian missiological implications of the way other religions are promoting themselves in the world. May meet with MS678.

MH998 Practicum in Historical-Theological Studies (3, 6, 9) Integrates formal research with experiential learning, making connections between confessed and lived beliefs, presuppositions, theories, and the everyday contexts in which people live all around the world: discovering points of linkage, disconnect, and creatively offering new solutions. The practicum focuses upon three areas of experiential learning – integration, transformation, and cooperation – that directly relate to three core SLO’s. Students will engage in a “contract learning” agreement with a faculty member, making sure to meet the stipulated “student learning outcomes” (SLO’s) during the entire tenure of the practicum experience (which often includes pre-field, field, and post-field readings/assignments. May meet with MS798. MH999 Independent Study in Historical-Theological Studies (1-3) Guided independent research for advanced students. See the academic information section of this catalog for academic policy and procedure. By contract. Credit only. May be repeated.

NT New Testament NT901 Research Methods in New Testament Interpretation (3) Participants explore through readings, practice, and critical discussion the range of methods employed in contemporary New Testament study. The entire research process—from getting into the conversation and specifying a thesis to the presentation of one’s research is discussed, modeled and practiced.

Academic Catalog  

The Academic Catalog of Asbury Theological Seminary 2012-2013

Academic Catalog  

The Academic Catalog of Asbury Theological Seminary 2012-2013