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2012-2013 Academic Catalog

Advanced Research Course Descriptions 229

MD970 Missional Leadership Perspectives (3) This doctoral seminar examines leadership through the integrative lenses of mission, witness, Church and worldview. Participants locate leadership concepts, theories and practices within a biblical theology of mission. Managerial leadership literatures, those with and beyond the world Christian movement, are critically engaged to gain both bibliographic familiarity and research readiness. Special emphasis is given to matters of agency, strategy, organizational behavior and cultural variability in matters related to missional leadership. May meet with MS770.

ME Evangelization Studies

MD980 Research Methods in Missiology (3) An introduction to the approaches to research design and the research methods typically employed in missiological research. Required of all doctoral students. Credit only.

ME914 Theology of Evangelism (3) Examines various theologies of evangelism in light of both their historical and contemporary expressions. Course seeks to clarify the basic gospel message and aid students in their design of theologically appropriate methods and motivations for its communication. Required for evangelization studies major. May meet with MS714.

MD985 The Church Abroad (3) A visit to a developing country to observe the Church in a specific cultural setting. Aspects of culture, mission, church relations, and ministry issues will be studied. Travel costs in addition to tuition. Usually offered during the January term. May be repeated up to a total of six credit hours. May meet with MS685. MD998 Practicum in Development Studies (3, 6, 9) Integrates formal research with experiential learning, making connections between confessed and lived beliefs, presuppositions, theories, and the everyday contexts in which people live all around the world: discovering points of linkage, disconnect, and creatively offering new solutions. The practicum focuses upon three areas of experiential learning – integration, transformation, and cooperation – that directly relate to three core SLO’s. Students will engage in a “contract learning” agreement with a faculty member, making sure to meet the stipulated “student learning outcomes” (SLO’s) during the entire tenure of the practicum experience (which often includes pre-field, field, and post-field readings/assignments. May meet with MS798. MD999 Independent Study in Development Studies (1-3) Guided independent research for advanced students. See the Academic Information section of this catalog for academic policy and procedure. By contract. Credit only. May be repeated.

ME905 Global Urbanization and Church Planting (3) Offers advanced research students an opportunity for critical and creative reflection on church planting in worldclass cities. Via case studies and site visits, participants study a variety of urban church plant strategies and ministries in settings ranging from slums to high tech corridors. Conducted in the U.S. odd-numbered years and a major world city in even numbered years. May meet with MS705.

ME915 Principles of Church Growth (3) The foundational principles and strategies of the Church Growth Movement seen as one approach to the issues in mission strategy and evangelization and as a means to inform congregational outreach and expansion. Draws from the apostolic vision and legacy of Donald McGavran. Focuses on both Western and Two-Thirds World case studies. Required for evangelization studies major. May meet with MS615. ME920 Leadership of the Church for the Unchurched (3) Studies in organization leadership, especially the leadership of change, applied to the contemporary challenge of helping local churches move from tradition to mission and become effective apostolic churches. Fulfils the United Methodist ordination requirement in evangelism. May meet with MS620. ME921 Mission Biography Seminar (3) Teaches a biographical approach to mission history, including an introduction to historiography and writing scholarly biography. Students prepare a biographical prospectus and profiles of mission figures for presentation and discussion. May meet with MS721. ME925 Dynamics of Interpersonal Evangelism (3) A survey of concepts, models, techniques and training methods employed in interpersonal evangelism. Some apologetic aspects for intellectual non-believers and follow-up ministries for new believers considered. May meet with MS625.

Academic Catalog  

The Academic Catalog of Asbury Theological Seminary 2012-2013

Academic Catalog  

The Academic Catalog of Asbury Theological Seminary 2012-2013