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A Search for Home 4 or 5

10-20 mins

Introduction The Earth have been destroyed by hostile aliens, and the players each take the role of spaceship captains, trying to save the remnants of humanity by escaping from the Aliens and finding a new place to live. A Search for Home is a cooperational game with no traitors.

Components 33 Space cards: 15 Ambush cards 3 Blue matter cards 3 Brodersen singularity cards 3 Deep space cards 1 Elysium card 4 Fuel deposit cards 2 Red matter cards 2 Space station cards 1 Terra Nova card 1 Stalker card X Defense cards X Attack cards 9 Blue matter tokens 5 Red matter tokens 8 White matter tokens 17 Scouting tokens 5 Sleeping masks Game Overview The goal of the game is to find Terra Nova, while avoiding being found by the alien fleet. The players must navigate through space represented by a pyramid of cards on the table in order to reach their destination. Some cards will give the Page 1 of 5

players resources while other will initiate an ambush, that might end the game. In this game communication is the central element, but the communication is very limited, since the players will have to be silent most of the game. Only one player is active at any given time, while all others will be quiet and blinded by a sleeping mask. Music and breathing exercises is a recommended part of the game play in order to give the felling of being alone in space, and making the down-time more interesting. Instead of speaking the players will have to communicate by placing differently colored tokens on the cards, using them to signal to the other players which cards are safe and which aren't. However, since the players are not allowed to make any agreements before play on what the tokens mean, and even more important they have a limited amount of tokens to signal with, communicating won't be easy. During a turn a player must perform one of two possible actions, either initiating a jump or scouting ahead. Jumping will allow the player to progress the game, but possibly by being ambushed which will lead to a possibly game ending combat. Scouting will allow the player to peek at a card and then place one or more colored tokens on that card signaling something to the other players. After the player has taken one of these actions, they pass the turn on to the next player and put on their sleeping mask again. It is recommended that you play a couple of games in a row with the same playgroup in order to develop your skills together.

Set-up First, place 3 scouting tokens, 3 blue tokens, 2 white tokens and 1 red token in your supply. These are your starting resources. Then shuffle the defense cards, and deal out 3 defense cards to each player. Place the rest of the defense cards somewhere central. Shuffle the attack cards and place them somewhere central. You will also need a timing device, like most phones. Place this somewhere central, and be sure that everyone understands how it works. Now you need to create a pyramid of the space cards, consisting of 22 cards in 4 rows, the 1st row containing 4 cards, and then adding one card to each row. In order to do this probably follow the instructions very carefully.

Shuffle each pile individually, and then remove two cards from each pile, placing them sideways on the table in 4 different piles of 2 cards each. Now add the Elysium card to the 3rd pile, and Terra Nova to the 4th pile. This should leave you with 4 piles (excluding the 4 piles of 2 cards you already removed), of 4, 5, 6 and 7 cards. Shuffle each pile and place them in a pyramid shape next to the corresponding piles of 2 cards. See the picture for details. This should insure that the 1st row will have between 0 and 2 ambushes hidden in the rows 4 cards. The 2nd row will have between 1 and 3 ambushes in 5 cards. The 3rd row will always have Elysium and between 2 and 4 ambushes in 6 cards. And the 4th row will always have Terra Nova and between 1 and 3 ambushes in 7 cards.

Find the 33 space cards (with purple backs), and remove the Elysium card, the Terra Nova card and all the 15 Ambush cards. Shuffle the 15 ambush cards and remove 3 of them at random. Now make 4 piles with the reaming ambush cards, 1st pile with 2 cards, 2nd pile with 3 cards, 3rd pile with 4 cards and 4th pile with 3 cards. Take the rest of the 16 space cards, not including Elysium nor Terra Nova. Shuffle these and then add 4 cards to the 1st pile, for a total of 6 cards, add 4 cards to the 2nd pile for at total of 7 cards, add 3 cards to the 3rd pile for a total of 7 cards and add 5 cards to the 4th pile for a total of 8 cards. Page 2 of 5

When it is your turn Initiate Jump


Pick any card within range and flip it, then resolves its effects. Leave any matter tokens on the card.

Send out scouts

In order to use this action, you will have to spend 1 scouting token from the supply. If there are no scouting tokens, you cannot perform this action, and you will be force to initiate a jump instead.

The 1st row is always within range, but in order to come within range of the other rows, you need to flip some cards. Whenever a row only have two or less face-down cards (not counting the 2 cards put aside), you can jump into the next row. So you will need to initiate at least two jumps, flipping two cards, in order to be within range of the 2nd row.

Move 1 scouting token from your supply and to the gamebox. Then you may choose any space card and peek at it. Then put it back in the same space and place any number of matter tokens from your supply in the center of the card. If you have no matter tokens, you will not be able to leave any matter tokens on the card, so scouting might be a waste.

Each cards effect is explained later in this rulebook, and you will also find a summary on the player aid card. Pass the turn by putting on your sleeping mask and grabbing the hands of the players besides you.

When it is not your turn Hold hands Hold hands with anyone except the player taking his turn. Relax in your hands. Only break this contact when it is your turn or when you're being ambushed. When the player before you is letting go, that means it is their turn to act. When they reconnect that means it is your turn to act.

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Control your breathing

Listen to your own breath and notice its rhythm. Count to four in your head while breathing in, and while breathing out, forcing your rhythm to change, probably slow it down. Focus on this and listen to the music. Feel the silence.

Space Cards Ambush When you jump into an Ambush first of all do not say anything yet! Look at the left side of the card and count the number of red symbols. Draw 1 card from the top of the attack card stack for each symbol depicted. Place them apart and face-up somewhere central. Then find the timing device and set it to 15 seconds. As you start the timer, loudly say Alarm! or something fitting. You are not allowed to participate in the combat, and it is your job to keep track of the timer and stop the combat when the time have run out. See the combat section for details on how to survive an ambush. Blue Matter When you jump into blue matter add 2 blue matter tokens from the gamebox to your supply.

Elysium When you jump to Elysium first of all draw 2 defense cards and add them to your hand and then find the timer and set it to 45 seconds. Then as you start it proclaim that you have found Elysium. During the 30 seconds you are free to talk and exchange cards, but as soon as the timer runs out, you will have to go silent again and return to the turn order. Please make sure that the next player starts their turn, maybe by squeezing their hand and then letting go. Fuel Deposit When you jump to a fuel deposit add 2 scouting tokens from the gamebox to the supply. Red Matter When you jump into red matter add 1 red matter token from the gamebox to the supply. Space Station When you jump to a space staiton add 1 red matter and 1 scouting token to the supply and draw 1 defense card and add it to your hand.

Brodersen Singularity When you jump into a Brodersen singularity you must take a random card from the piles beside the current row and treat it as if you have jump to that card instead.

Terra Nova When you jump into Terra Nova first of all do not say anything yet!

Deep Space When you jump into deep space nothing happens.

Before you have won the game you will have to face The Stalker. Set-up as if you were ambushed, using The Stalker cards red symbol to determine the number of attack cards. Start the timer, call out Alarm! and beat the last enemy before victory.

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Combat In order to deal with enemy ships you will have to respond to a number of attack cards before the timer runs out. You will have 15 seconds. As long as you are in combat, you may talk freely. In fact you will probably need it. Each attack card have 3 symbols printed on it. Each of your defense cards have the same symbols printed on them, 2 on each card. In order to deal with an attack card, you will have to match all three symbols with 3 defense cards. Each defense card can only use one of its symbols. To further complicate this process, the defense cards must be played in a specific order. Yellow cards must be played first, then green, blue and red. For instance, once someone have placed a green card on an attack card, no yellow cards may be placed on that attack card. This color order is specific to each individual attack card, so even thou someone have played a red card on one attack card, it is still allowed to play a blue card on another attack card, provided that no one played any yellow cards there. During the 15 seconds it is allowed to draw cards from the defense card deck, but each time you do this you must follow up by immediately discarding another defense card. When the defense card deck is empty you shuffle the discard pile in order to create a new deck, but this is done after combat have finished. You will need to deal with all of the attack cards in the 15 seconds in order to be successful. If that is not the case, you have lost the game and humanity have become extinct.

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The person who set-up the ambush is not allowed to participate in the combat, and that players only job is to keep track of the time. They are allowed to tell the other players how much time is left. Example: An attack card have printed . Playing defense cards with / and / and / will fail, since only one symbol from each card can be applied.

Silence It is not allowed to talk during the game, unless the rules states so, like during combat, or when in Elysium. If this rule is broken, you will be ambushed by The Stalker, and the one who broke the silence will be responsible for setting up the assault, as if you were ambushed. Playtesters Thomas Mørch Pedersen Peter Brodersen Kasper Lapp Jakob Kjær Zimmermann Micheal Maimann Erik Schou Pontoppidan Lasse Arnsdorft Pedersen Christian Nislev Monica Hjort Traxl Morten Barklund Ole Palnatoke Andersen Jost L. Hansen Nis Halle Baggersen Dan Kierkegaard Søren Besenbacher Kjeldsen and probably more, my memory fails me...

A Search for Home rulebook v 1.1  
A Search for Home rulebook v 1.1