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ASBA's SUMMARY OF THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING Dr. Tim Ogle, Executive Director Janice Palmer, Director of Governmental Relations & Public Affairs Geoff Esposito, Governmental Relations Analyst

March 25, 2013 Vol. XIIII, No. 3

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Tyree, President; Greg Miller, Vice-President; John Huppenthal, Superintendent of Public Instruction; Jaime Molera, Public Member; Dr. Roger Jacks, Superintendent; Eileen Klein, Public Member; Diane Ortiz-Parsons, Public Member; Amy Hamilton, Classroom Teacher; Jacob Moore, Public Member; Dr. J.D. Rottweiler, Community College President; and Dr. Ann Hart, University President. BUSINESS REPORTS 1. President’s Report: Mr. Tyree talked about his testimony on HB 2047 at the Senate Education Committee’s informational hearing. 2. Superintendent’s Report: Supt. Huppenthal presented awards to the State finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. In addition, he talked about the Common Core standards and how the opposition is looking to inject chaos into the education system. Last, Supt. Huppenthal asked for assistance in ensuring ADE’s technology lease purchase plan is successful. 3. Board Member Reports: Mr. Molera stated that the Arizona Republic is looking at K-12 initiatives and future visions. He suggested that the Board be included in this and recommended anyone interested to contact the Arizona Republic as well. 4. Directors Report: Mr. Yanez stated that the Professional Practices Advisory Committee (PPAC) rules package will be brought to the Board in April for approval. CONSENT ITEMS: The Board approved the following consent items in the same motion. Included in the motion were: 1. Approved the Arizona State Board of Education minutes for January 28, 2013 and February 25, 2013 2. Approved the following Contract Abstracts: § Arizona Charter School Program Awards, Round II, Project Years 2014-16 § Arizona Agricultural Youth Organization Special Plate Fund § 2012-13 Migrant Education Program Mini Grant for Preschool Migratory Children § 2013 Migrant Education Summer School Program Allocate 3. Accepted funds for the 2013 Refugee School Impact grant and authorized expenditures with the terms of the award pursuant to A.R.S. §15-206 and 15-207 4. Granted one-year extensions for professional preparation programs currently approved pursuant to R7-2-604 and R7-2-604.01

5. Granted professional preparation program approvals for the Master of Arts in Teaching in Spanish Education submitted by Northern Arizona University, pursuant to R7-2-604 and R7-2604.01 6. Accepted the recommendations of the Career Ladder Advisory Committee and approved the Career Ladder programs of the following districts for FY13-14: § Payson Unified § Mesa Unified § Creighton Elementary § Peoria Unified § Santa Cruz Valley Union § Flowing Wells Unified § Sunnyside Unified § Dysart Unified § Pendergast Elementary § Tolleson Elementary § Apache Junction Unified § Chandler Unified § Amphitheater Unified § Litchfield Elementary § Patagonia Union § Ganado Unified § Cave Creek Unified 7. Approved additional monies for teacher compensation for Fiscal Year 2013-14 to districts that have submitted Statements of Assurance, pursuant to A.R.S. §15-952 and 15-537 8. Approved proposed achievement levels for the following assessments related to Board Examination Systems and the Grand Canyon Diploma: § ACT Quality Core Chemistry § Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry § Cambridge IGCSE American History § Cambridge IGCSE Coordinated Science § Cambridge IGCSE Fine Arts § Local Fine Arts 9. Approved trainers for the full Structured English Immersion Endorsement 10. Approved 2013 capital transportation adjustments for school districts, pursuant to A.R.S. §15-963 11. Accepted the voluntary surrender of the teaching certificates held by Jaime A. Castellano (Case # C-2012-092) 12. Permanently revoked any and all teacher certificates held by Francisco Javier Hernandez (Case # C-2012-039) CALL TO THE PUBLIC None. GENERAL SESSION

1. Mr. Yanez, SBE Executive Director and Ms. Susie Cannata, SBE Lobbyist (LaSota, Peters) discussed legislative affairs, including those bills that affect the State Board. 2. Ms. Christine Thompson, SBE Deputy Director, introduced newly-hired Cindy Daniels, who will serve as the Reading Director and manage the Move on When Reading (MOWR) program. In addition, Ms. Thompson stated that while 51 LEAs have not submitted plans, all MOWR literacy plans received have been reviewed and will be approved after this meeting. The Board unanimously approved the 32 LEA plans as presented, with monies to be released on April 1. 3. Dr. Carrie Giovannone, ADE Deputy Associate Superintendent of Research and Evaluation, presented 3 recommendations for adjustments to the A-F Letter Grade accountability system: § Small Schools model revisions – this is a pooling method change, with 3 consecutive years of Full Academic Year (FAY) students § Arizona Online Instruction (AOI) FAY policy – 75% of hours/minutes of instruction time § Additional Points for “Falls Far Below” reduction – Grade 3 reading or Grade 8 math to balance out for K-8 the high school dropout points 4. Mr. Charles Easaw, Chief Investigator, SBE Investigative Unit, presented, and the Board denied, the recommendation of the Professional Practices Advisory Committee (PPAC) to grant the application of certification for Scott Allen Gompert (Case # C-2012-066R) by a 5-6 vote 5. Mr. Easaw presented, and the Board approved, the recommendation of the PPAC to grant the application of certification for Mary Lowell (Case # C-2012-069-R). 6. Mr. Easaw presented, and the Board denied, the recommendation of the PPAC to accept the proposed settlement agreement to suspend with conditions the teaching certificate held by Ruthe J. Thursby (Case # C-2012-052). This case will go back to the PPAC. 7. Mr. Yanez presented Respondent James M. Houston’s Motion for the disqualification or recusal of Board Members Jaime Molera and Jacob Moore. The Board unanimously voted to deny the motion. 8. Mr. Easaw presented, and the Board accepted, the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and recommendation of the PPAC to revoke the certificate held by James M. Houston (Case #C2010-021). Next meeting of the State Board of Education will be April 22, 2013 at 9 a.m.