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Governmental Relations Dr. Tim Ogle, Executive Director Janice Palmer, Director of Governmental Relations Geoff Esposito, Governmental Relations Analyst

Summary of the State Board of Education Meeting April 22, 2013

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Tyree, President; Greg Miller, Vice-President; John Huppenthal, Superintendent of Public Instruction; Dr. Roger Jacks, Superintendent; Eileen Klein, Public Member; Diane Ortiz-Parsons, Public Member; and Jacob Moore, Public Member. Members Absent: Dr. Ann Hart, University President; Amy Hamilton, Classroom Teacher; Dr. James Rottweiler, Community College President; Jaime Molera, Public Member BUSINESS REPORTS 1. President’s Report: President Tyree focused his comments around the fact that this would be Jacob Moore's last meeting. He and the whole board wanted to recognize his service, and his long-standing support of Arizona and its public education system. As such, President Tyree presented him with a plaque. Eileen Klein added her personal thanks, specifically mentioning his work on Race to the Top. 2. Superintendent’s Report: Supt. Huppenthal echoed the praise of Jacob Moore, highlighted his excellent work on Native American issues, and his work on the WestEd board. He discussed efforts to promote and defend Common Core, to demonstrate that they are OUR standards, and that foremost we value the Arizona tradition of local control. 3. Board Member Reports: Jacob Moore spoke, thanked everyone for making his 6 years so very special, and pledged to remain involved in these critical issues. He also expressed gratitude for the flexibility and encouragement he was given to work on Native American education issues. He mentioned that he will be actively involved in WestEd for the next 3 years and updated the board on their last meeting, which included some new funding for our region. 4. Directors Report: Mr. Yanez reported that they had received notice on the Craven lawsuit; granting the state's motion on summary judgment. The court found that the school finance formula is constitutional. Also, he mentioned they will be reconvening stakeholders on the teacher and principal evaluation framework for federal waivers, with a recommendation being brought to the board in May. CONSENT ITEMS: The Board approved the following consent items in the same motion. Included in the motion were: 1. Approved the Arizona State Board of Education minutes for March 25, 2013 2. Approved the Contract Abstract for Mathematics and Science Partnerships Subgrant Award 3. Accepted funds for Arizona’s Participation in the State Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA) Project to authorize expenditures in accordance with the terms of the award pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-206 and 15-207 4. Approved the Move On When Reading (MOWR) LEA literacy plans which have been reviewed for release of K-3 Reading Base Support funds 5. Granted one year extensions for Professional Preparation Programs currently approved pursuant to R7-2-604 and R7-2-604.01 6. Approved additional monies for teacher compensation for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 to districts that have submitted Statements of Assurance, pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-952


and 15-537 7. Adopted the National Evaluation Systems (NES) Physical Education Subject Knowledge Exam pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-533(A) 8. Accepted and approved the optional Performance Incentive Program and Budget for Fiscal Year 2013-2014 for the following school districts pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-919: Joseph City Unified School District and Sedona-Oak Creek Joint Unified School District 9. Accepted and approved the Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) Annual Report for FY 2011-2012 10. Accepted the findings of fact conclusions of law and recommendation of the Professional Practices Advisory Committee to grant the applications for certification for the following individuals: 1. Rachael Lynn Quattro (Smith) (Case No. C-2012-064R) 2. Katherine McGlynn (Case No. C-2012-088R) 11. Accepted the voluntary surrender of the teaching certificates held by Stephanie Rose Schaar (Haugen) (Case No. C-2010-137)

CALL TO THE PUBLIC Phyllis Olen addressed the board to discuss school calendars and asked them to move start dates later to accommodate for the hot summer months. GENERAL SESSION 1. Legislative Update- Ms. Cannata, SBE Lobbyist (LaSota & Peters): There have been 125 signed bills and 6 vetoed; however, the lack of agreement on Medicaid expansion has stalled the budget. In addition, the budget process has stalled the movement of bills. She discussed HB2425, the ELL task force repeal and AIMS phase out, and informed the board that it was signed on March 28th. HB2571, which allows electronic payment of fees, was signed into law as well. Mr. Yanez mentioned that this will be incredibly beneficial to teachers and ADE. HB2496 - Regulatory exemption, opens petition process up to charters. SB1293- The board has to create a competitive application process for a simulated, performance funding pilot program. SB1421- Epipen administration. The Board has to adopt rules by January 1 of 2014. Awaiting action by the full house. SB1446 - Student level data, transfers AELAS from SBE to JLBC, an amendment was added to restore that authority to SBE. Awaits full house. SB1450 FERPA, a person can file a state-level complaint if they think there is a FERPA violation. Amendment in house removed the board as the adjudicator in these complaints. For more information on these bills, please view our Daly Updates and Comprehensive Legislative Brief. 2. AIMS Transition Plan Update – Mr. Yanez, SBE Executive Director: This was an informational item only. Mr. Yanez explained the process of how this AIMS transition legislation became law this session. Even though by law there will be no AIMS requirement next year, it is still a board rule and won't impact the implementation plan they agreed on. The norm-reference testing (NRT) requirement can still be maintained through board policy as well. 3. AELAS Update – Mr. Masterson, Chief Information Officer: The ADE IT department presented a progress report including the third party report from Gartner Research.


Concerns were raised by the Board there wasn't a quorum at the Data Governance Commission to approve these changes. Normally, the commission makes a recommendation and SBE approves them. Without the quorum there was no recommendation, so Mr. Yanez asked Mr. Masterson to come up with their own proposal to present to the Board to continue to move forward. They moved to approve the $800k to continue their upgrades, and it passed unanimously 4. PARCC Update – Dr. Williams, Associate Superintendent of Accountability and Assessment, presented on a recently released assessment administration capacity planning tool, including assessment administrative guidance and a communications timeline. Draft grade and subject specific performance level descriptors were sent out to stakeholders and LEAs for public comment. This past week, the accommodation manual was made public as well, which includes a parent communication document and a policymaker communication document. She also showed the board examples of what these various tools look like and how they work. 5. A-F Letter Grade Models – Dr. Giovannone, Deputy Associate Superintendent of Research and Evaluation: ADE is working to incorporate Higher Education institutions into the discussions on A-F systems. Dr. Giovannone showed the pooled example of the small schools model. In total, there are 220 small schools in the model. Of these 122 small schools had more than the 30 test records needed to create a statistically significant sample, but were pooled anyway. They can resolve this issue by limiting the pooling to only extremely small schools, if the board approves. She also showed examples of the College and Career Readiness Index framework draft. The board made a motion to accept the changes to the small schools model, and to move forward on creation and implementation of CCRI. It passed unanimously. Next meeting of the State Board of Education will be May 20, 2013 at 9 a.m.



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