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Arizona School Boards Association BARBARA ROBEY Lifetime Achievement Award In 2007, the Arizona School Boards Association established the Barbara Robey ASBA Lifetime Achievement Award. The award honors the service of Mrs. Robey who, for more than three decades, has been a tireless servant leader and advocate Arizona public education and the children of our state during her tenure as an ASBA employee and through her ongoing volunteerism. Mrs. Robey was the first recipient of the award. Since 2008, the ASBA Board of Directors has bestowed the award annually on an individual who, like Mrs. Robey, has made outstanding contributions in support of public education and who has worked towards fulfilling ASBA’s mission through servant leadership over an extended period of time. CRITERIA Each nominee will be judged, first and foremost, on the impact of his or her service on public education throughout Arizona. The outstanding service performed must have significantly benefitted the students and/or employees of ASBA member districts over time. The nominee’s public image and character will be of paramount consideration, as well. Nominees may have been the recipient of other awards presented by ASBA in past years. Questions concerning procedure should be directed to the executive director of ASBA. NOMINATIONS Nominations will be accepted from individuals representing any area of Arizona education including, but not limited to board members, administrators, teachers, volunteers, support staff, and elected and appointed office holders. Nominations must be submitted on official forms and received by the association by the second Monday in September. SELECTION A committee will be appointed annually to evaluate and present nominations to the executive director. The executive director shall present the finalist to the ASBA Board of Directors. A majority vote of the board shall serve to select the Barbara Robey ASBA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. NOTIFICATION & PRESENTATION The recipient will be notified and, within fourteen (14) working days, must formally agree to accept the award. A publicity photo and resume of the recipient will be requested. The Barbara Robey ASBA Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented at the ASBA-ASA Annual Conference. Notice of the presentation ceremony will be provided to Annual Conference attendees, the ASBA Board of Directors, the family of the honoree, appropriate members of the media and other professional organizations. The recipient will also be featured in ASBA’s quarterly member magazine, the ASBA Journal, and other publications. Funds shall be appropriated by the Board to pay for costs for the award and for costs incurred by the recipient for transportation and room and board during the annual conference.

TIMELINE July: Call for nominations Second Monday in September: Completed nomination packets due to ASBA Late September: Finalist presented at Board of Directors’ meeting for approval Mid-December: Barbara Robey ASBA Lifetime Achievement Award presented at annual meeting and announced.