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Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT): Why It Works!


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Creighton Elementary  School  District •  The  Creighton  Elementary  School  District  is   headquartered  in  east  central  Phoenix  consists  of  nine   urban  schools  serving  6,616  students.    Demographics  for  the  district  include:   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

91% free  and  reduced  lunch    22%  English  Language  Learner  services   All  schools  are  Federal  Title  I   229  homeless  students   83%  Hispanic   5%  Black   4%  NaRve  American   1%  Asian  

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A Partnership and Process for Reform 1. 



A comprehensive  team-­‐based  approach  was  needed  to  ensure   improved  student  achievement.    District  Moving  Up  design  included   Ellis  –foundaRon  funder,  WestEd-­‐organizaRonal  expert  and   Creighton  –the  school  district   A  customized  approach  was  the  key  to  systemic  change.        •Phase  1:    Needs  assessment      •Phase  2:    AcRon  Plan  with  annual  review      •Phase  3:    ImplemenRng  and  Monitoring      •Phase  4:    EvaluaRon   Research  on  the  role  of  effecRve  implementaRon  and  pracRce  and   what  works  needed  to  be  addressed  at  the  outset.    Knowledge  of   the  stages  of  implementaRon  needed  to  be  addressed.  

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A Partnership and Process for Reform (continued) 4.  Professional development  and  coaching  were  key  to  improvement.   5.  All  components  of  the  educaRonal  system  needed  to  be  addressed,    including:    •  InstrucRonal  pracRces    •  Aligned  standards,  curriculum  and  assessment    •  Professional  development    •School  Leadership  development   •Data  systems  to  drive  decisions    •CriRcal  interfaces  between  early  childhood,  K-­‐8,  and  9-­‐12     communiRes    •Parental  and  community  engagement   6.  CommunicaRon  needs  to  be  ongoing  among  all  partners.     Arizona School Boards Association |


Districts Moving  Up  –     10  Principles  of  Highly  Performing  Districts 1.  Focus unwaveringly on good instruction that reflects sound research and best practices. 2.  Align standards, curriculum, assessment, and instruction. 3.  Analyze and use data effectively to make decisions at all levels. 4.  Develop and use effective common formative assessments at regular intervals throughout the school year to monitor progress and make adjustments accordingly. 5.  Use fiscal & human resources effectively to support student achievement. 6.  Build capacity by providing high-quality, ongoing, job-embedded professional development that helps all personnel acquire the knowledge & skills they need to perform their jobs effectively. 7.  Hold all people in the system appropriately accountable for improved student achievement. 8.  Develop effective leaders at all levels of the district who can implement and manage ongoing improvement. 9.  Gain active engagement from family, community, and all stakeholders at all levels of the educational system. 10.  Create safe and supportive school climates that enhance school connectedness and engage students in the learning. Arizona School Boards Association |


Engaging Parents in the Process

1.  When a process is intentional and is a component of the strategic plan, value is added. 2.  Parents’ effectiveness is ensured by support from the classroom teacher in the area of data sharing, communicating grade level expectations for the student and teaching parents effective strategies for supporting their student’s growth at that level. 3.  Creighton District staff committed to this process.

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What We know From Research Students who benefit from having highly engaged parents: •  Do better in school •  Have a positive attitude toward learning and achievement •  Enjoy greater academic socialization at home and in the community •  Possess more developed social skills •  Have higher rates of high school completion •  Are more likely to enroll in college and obtain a degree

Connecting Home and School Learning

10% School 33% Asleep

57% Away from school

Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT)

The story behind the development of APTT at Creighton

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Academic Parent-Teacher Teams

APTT is a classroom-based, systematic approach to parent–teacher collaboration focused on student academic development. Objective: Every parent acquires the necessary information, skills, and confidence to support student learning at home.

The APTT Model

Two Components 1. Three 75-minute team meetings (All parents in the class come together) 2. One 30-minute individual session (The teacher, the student, and the students’ family)

The APTT Process Team Meetings •  •  •  •  • 

Welcome and icebreaker Review foundational grade level skills Review student progress data Teacher demonstrates practice activities Parents practice activities and take home practice materials •  Parents set 60-day SMART goals

The APTT Process Individual Meetings •  Share student progress updates •  Collaborate on a student success plan •  Develop strong relationships

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Why APTT Works!

Personal invitations

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Why APTT Works!

Focus on foundational grade level skills

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Why APTT Works!

Driven by actionable student progress data

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Why APTT Works!

Teacher coaching builds family capacity to support student learning at home

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Why APTT Works!

Group meetings foster strong relationships

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Why APTT Works!

The role of the family is clearly defined

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What Schools Can Do To Engage Families •  Build the capacity of teachers and administrators to engage families •  Build the capacity of families to support student learning at home •  Connect family engagement to grade level student learning goals •  Create a system for parent-teacher communication and collaboration focused on student academic development Arizona School Boards Association |


APTT Impact to Date •  In three years, APTT has grown to include about 2,000 classroom and about 65,000 families in six states and Washington DC. •  APTT has set a new standard for sharing actionable student data with families •  APTT was used as a key resource in shaping the national Family Engagement Capacity Building Framework, released by USDE in 2012

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