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FINANCIALS FY 2015-FY 2017 REVENUE Federal Grants Other Government Grants Individual Donations and Private Grants Special Events Other Revenue TOTAL EXPENSES Programs Direct Services Case Management Prevention Oral Health Supporting Development Management and General TOTAL NET Total Net Assets


$10,256,395 $2,716,287 $5,095,056 $2,027,670 $358,045 $20,453,453

$4,223,600 $4,080,826 $3,417,942 $16,328,826 $1,586,819 $2,185,935 $3,772,754 $351,873

2017 REVENUE Individual Donations and Private Grants

Other Revenue Federal Grant Revenue

Special Events Other Government Grants


Oral Health

Management and General Prevention Direct Services Case Management























LETTER FROM LEADERSHIP This fall we officially opened the doors of the new ASA Moody Medical Clinic and began offering life-affirming care to Central Texans affected by HIV. The clinic’s opening serves as the culmination of ASA’s progress toward establishing a truly holistic patient-centered continuum of care and works toward the goal of an HIV-free generation. We are excited and energized to join with the city of Austin and our community partners in the goal of truly ending the AIDS epidemic in Austin and Central Texas. This summer Austin joined 96 other cities globally in signing the Paris Declaration to become a Fast-Track City and get to zero new HIV infections by 2030. As a Fast-Track City, ASA will work alongside other organizations and community leaders to reduce new HIV transmissions by 50%. This is a critically important milestone as we get to our long-term goal of getting to zero new HIV infections.

Paul E. Scott, CEO


The opening of the ASA Moody Medical Clinic reinforces our commitment to the Fast-Track City Initiative by increasing access to HIV Primary Care, treatment, and preventative care. The average wait in Austin for people newly diagnosed with HIV is up to 45 days. Our goal is to cut the wait down to 72 hours or less by expanding access and increasing care options in partnership with existing clinics.

Persons living with HIV today, who adhere to their medications, have the same life expectancy as persons living without HIV. We believe that anyone affected by HIV should be treated with dignity and respect, to receive lifeaffirming care. We believe that providing life-affirming care can be the difference between a patient surviving and a patient thriving. The ASA Moody Medical Clinic is special because it recognizes that barriers to long-term health do not begin and end with medical care. We know that housing instability, food scarcity, isolation, and stigma can undo even the best medical care. When a patient walks through the doors of our clinic, they enter a one-stop shop of fully integrated care that will take a team approach to helping them regain their health, their housing, and their sense of community. HIV is no longer a death sentence. As our clients age and continue living longer lives they are now dealing with comorbidities such as diabetes. At the same time a younger generation is increasingly impacted by new infection rates. In fact 65% of all new infections last year were people under 35 years old. The ASA Moody Medical Clinic will fully integrate into ASA’s existing programs and services, assist clients with navigating the complex health issues that come with aging with HIV, work on early intervention care for those newly infected, and provide tools like PrEP to those at risk.

Joah Spearman, 2018 Board Chair

We are increasing access to care centered around compassion and dignity. We are broadening access to PrEP and other critical prevention tools. We are continuing to provide innovative programs and services that range from insurance assistance and housing, to Mpowerment, and food and nutrition. Thank you so much for your commitment to our mission and to being a part of that goal, for celebrating the hard work and achievements that have led us here, and for your continued investment in AIDS Services of Austin. – Paul E. Scott, CEO and Joah Spearman, 2018 Board Chair 5

CASE MANAGEMENT In 2017, we assisted 311 clients in our Case Management Program. 88% of our case managed clients are Undetectable, which means Untransmittable.


Case Management

Case Management is a service which seeks to provide clients with the knowledge and resources to improve and maintain their health and basic living needs. Specifically, case management services help our clients build a foundation from which to become independent and thrive. Our Case Managers work with clients who have social service needs or specific barriers and challenges to overcome. This may include tackling issues like food insecurity or nutritional challenges, housing, transportation, legal matters, budgeting, family concerns, or cultural barriers.

Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management is designed to serve persons living with HIV who have multiple complex health-related needs. Our team assists clients with medication adherence, health literacy, prescription management, and the scheduling and accompaniment to doctors’ appointments. We also assist clients with medicine interaction and managing their comorbidities.


clienltity i eligib proof of

HIV positivity

most recent labs

copy of with CD4 and viral load counts proof of


proof of


proof of


proof of

household income

ASA has eligibility requirements to ensure we are excellent stewards of our resources and able to assist the most vulnerable populations affected by HIV.

HEALTH INSURANCE ASSISTANCE & CAALP ASA’s Health Insurance Assistance Program assisted 70 clients with

insurance premium payments in 2017. With the tremendous help


of Insure Central Texas, these clients were able to enroll in marketplace health plans that help cover the costs of them retaining their ongoing medical care.

Many of our clients were able to navigate the Marketplace system themselves, but our team also taught and walked 19 clients through the process during the 2017 Open Enrollment period.

The Capital Area AIDS Legal Project (CAALP) assisted

168 individual clients in 2017 with free legal advice, estate planning, name and gender marker changes, attorney referrals, and more.

Sheira Gentle and Maria Esquivel, Health Insurance Team





orders completed last year

3 bags per order on average


volunteer hours in Food Bank

In 2017, our staff and volunteers filled and distributed 13,413 nutritious and healthy bags of groceries.

HELPING HANDS FOOD BANK Our Helping Hands Food Bank provides supplemental food and nutritional services to people living with HIV who are at or below 150% of the federal poverty level, meaning they have an income of $20,000 or less annually on average. Clients select items from a menu including both groceries and personal or household hygiene items. Between our Food Bank and Medical Nutrition Therapy Program we served 398 people in 2017. Our Food Bank, which originally began out of a vehicle trunk in the 1980s, is run by only 2.5 staff members and heavily supplemented by volunteer labor. In 2017 alone, volunteers logged 3,412 service hours. Individual and group volunteers performed tasks from preparing client orders to receiving food and product deliveries from community partners like the Central Texas Food Bank, Urban Roots, HEB, Walgreens, and more.

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: JACK HARRINGTON Jack was the recipient of ASA’s 2016 Food Bank Volunteer of the Year award. He logged over 10% of the total number of volunteer hours completed in the calendar year. Not only did he win the 2016 award, but he has been volunteering in our Food Bank for 4 years and logged 395 hours in 2017 alone. He says, “I volunteer in the Food Bank because I feel a responsibility to do something constructive for society, the clients really need it, and I enjoy the comradery with all the other wonderful volunteers.” 8

HOUSING ASSISTANCE In 2017, we assisted our clients with more than $950,000 in housing related expenses. Our Housing Case Managers often explain our four Housing Assistance Programs by describing different parts of a house.

Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA)

Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) pays monthly rent and utilities. Short-Term Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance (STRMU) pays for rent, utilities, or mortgage payments. This is for clients in permanent housing, but at risk of losing it. This funding source helps them stay housed. P LU S O N E

Think of HOPWA as a first floor helping someone out of homelessness:

Short-Term Support of Housing (STSH) pays for someone who is homeless to move to transitional housing (~60 days). STSH is a pathway to housing. Permanent Housing Placement Services (PHPS) pays first month’s rent for clients so they can afford to pay deposits. PHPS is a doorway into housing.

$31,589.70 BSS+














*This dollar amount refers only to Paul Kirby Funds distributed specifically for housing and utility assistance in 2017.

Best Single Source Plus (BSS+) helps clients establish

predictable, affordable, sustainable, and safe housing. BSS+ is for those living at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Paul Kirby Fund is reserved

for clients having documented emergencies and no other funding options. It was established in 1986 and provides emergency financial assistance to HIV-positive Central Texans experiencing emergency situations. It is fueled by the passion and dedication of the Octopus Club and distributes funds to individuals on a case-by-case basis. In 2017, the Octopus Club raised $102,120 for the Paul Kirby Fund.

Plus One Program helps clients unable to pay Austin Energy bills. PLUS ONE keeps water and power on. 9



In 2017 ASA’s Testing and Linkage to Care programs provided 5,323 free HIV/STI tests to the community and identified 37 new HIV-positive cases. Additionally, they provided 2,988 free syphilis tests and 80 Hepatitis C tests.


2,182 HIV tested 37 positives found

The Q Austin

ETHNICITY white 4498

black 1173

hispanic 2778

other 769

AGE Under 18 50

18-24 6066

25-34 1964

35-44 621

45-55 357

Over 55 161

GENDER Male 7069


Female 1989

Transgender 162

The Q Austin is specifically designed The Q Austin participants at The Red Party. to assist young queer, gay, bisexual, and trans individuals most at risk of contracting HIV. The Q regularly hosts events, outreach, T E ST I N G and testing open to all with the mission of educating and reducing HIV transmission amongst young men LO C AT I O N S 18-29 years old. HOME PRIDE VISIT

The Q hosted an event called The Red Party on World AIDS Day 2017 to reduce stigma and raise awareness surrounding ASA’s programs and services, specifically focused on prevention. 250 attendees packed the venue and wore red to celebrate the event.




THE WOMEN RISING PROJECT & CONDOM DISTRIBUTION NETWORK Charlotte was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2015. She found community and emotional support through the Women Rising Project and helps lead the group today as a peer advocate. She has utilized many services & programs at ASA helping her to not only survive in Austin but also thrive as a community leader. She overcame obstacles in her path and uses her experience to help other women understand their diagnosis, go to the doctor, and fight negative stigmas. Charlotte is the mother of two, grandmother of three, and also a cancer survivor. Jokingly she says, “I just look good, honey!” ASA’s integrated care model gave Charlotte access to the social support and direct services that continue to help her thrive in Austin.”

“Over the years, ASA has helped me with Case Management and food, and The Women Rising Project has saved my life.”

Charlotte Simms, Peer Advocate for The Women Rising Project

Women Rising participants volunteered and made 3,540 condom packets in 2017! 11

JACK SANSING DENTAL CLINIC $1,503,604 (full fee) dentistry provided to our community

$1,016,199 sliding fee discounts provided to our community (ie. dentistry we donated) 2017 Oral Health & HIV Symposium


17 clinic staff 1,028 patients seen 12

6% increase in new patients YTD Nov 2017 when compared to the same period in 2016

50% increase in the provision of non-surgical

periodontal therapy (gum disease treatments- most public health clinics do not provide this service)

dental implants

We continue to place for the retention of dentures (most public health clinics do not provide this service)


Provided Oral Health/HIV education to dental professionals at HIV/Oral Health Symposium led by ASA Director of Dental Services Jeannie Nelson

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHTS The recipient of ASA’s 2017 Sandy Bartlett Volunteer of the Year Award is Derrek Millett. Derrek has been volunteering with ASA for over three and a half years. Beyond his heart and his giving spirit, Derrek is receiving this award for all that he has contributed across multiple programs. He has donated his time and energy to our Mpowerment Project The Q Austin, our Condom Distribution Network, the Helping Hands Food Bank, and is always there to support us during our largest annual community awareness and fundraiser AIDS Walk Austin. Derrek is rare in this way in that he wants to give as much as possible in as many diverse ways as possible. Derrek Millett, 2017 Volunteer of the Year

11,458 total volunteer hours logged by 600+ volunteers in 2017!

2017 Volunteer Awards & Recipients: • • • • • • • •

Volunteer of the Year Sandy Bartlett Award: Derrek Millett Most hours given: Kelly Alexander Mission Moments Award: Kelly LaPlante Count on Me Award: UTAMSA UT American Medical Student Association Dream Team Award (corporate group): MAC Cosmetics Prevention Works Award: Rodolfo Reyna-Govea WRP Child Care Advocate Award: Daniel Bradford Dental Clinic Award: Michael Hefelrich

Thanks to our largest corporate volunteer groups in 2017: 1. Wells Fargo 2. Tableau 3. MAC Cosmetics 13

EVENTS ASA’s Annual Building Healthy Futures Luncheon

$51,000 raised!

ASA’s annual Luncheon was “touching” according to Michael Barnes of the Austin American-Statesman. Raising $78,787 in the room for the programs and services that help clients get on their feet, to build healthy futures, and thrive in the Austin community. Graduated clients David and Tashana shared their stories of how ASA has helped them lay a foundation and build a future undefined by HIV. The 2017 luncheon Garrett C. Higley; Carol was co-chaired by Carol Adams and Garrett C. Higley.” Adams; and Paul E. Scott, David; Lane Strickland, Development Manager; and Tashana at the 2017 Building Healthy Futures Luncheon


8 raised for ASA!

$81,465 raised! 14

CEO, at the 2017 Building Healthy Futures Luncheon


ASA’s 30th Anniversary Gala

For our 30th Anniversary ASA held a special milestone celebration. Speakers included Cleve Jones (community advocate and activist), Kirk Rice, ASA staff and Board members. Austin’s own Shakey Graves performed at the after party and $202,120 was raised to support the launching of ASA’s new patient-centered medical clinic. Additionally, at the 30th we instituted ASA’s Patrons Circle (listed on page 16). The Patrons Circle recognizes and honors those who have selflessly given their time, energy, and treasure to ensure that AIDS Services of Austin is able to fulfill its mission and build a healthier Central Texas for those affected by HIV and AIDS. We were proud to announce the Founding Members of ASA’s Patrons Circle in November of 2017. The individuals have been instrumental in the evolution or ASA programs and services, and have helped build healthier lives for ASA Clients and the community of people affected by HIV.

AIDS Walk Austin 2017

The 30th Annual AIDS Walk Austin was one of the best yet with 1,000 participants, yoga in the park, music by The Nightowls, beer garden, and more! The community banded together and walked to the Texas Capital and back to Republic Square to honor those we’ve lost and celebrate how far we have come since the AIDS epidemic began in the 1980s. Top AIDS Walk Teams: Prime Timers: $14,724 ASA Troops $5,825 Team SXSW $5,111 ABGB Hell Yes Project $4,580 Marriott Austin $3,856 Highland Lounge $3,645 Rainbows and Unicorns $3,505 Austin Gears $3,300 Team Waterloo $2,985 Team Bastrop Cares $1,920 Right: Stephanie Guerra at the 2017 AIDS Walk Austin balloon arch Left: Susan Campion, Kirk Rice, and Desiree Asher, Kevin Witcher, Julie Birdsong, and Joah Spearman at ASA’s 30th Anniversary Gala


$10,000+ 16

Lew Aldridge* Alori Properties Desiree Asher* Austin Community Foundation Jason Berkowitz & Matt Smith* Bill R. Dickson* Estate of John Dennis Westbrook Terry Eaton and Robert Williams* Gilead Sciences H-E-B Hill Country Ride For AIDS IBM Employee Donations Local Independent Charities Of Texas Jim A. Lommori* The M.A.C. AIDS Fund Maxwell, Locke, and Ritter, LLP The Moody Foundation of Galveston North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance Octopus Club Oilcan Harry’s P.Terry’s Burger Stand Ride Austin Joah Spearman* St. David’s Community Health Foundation Uber Walgreens

ASA’S PATRONS CIRCLE Lew Aldridge Tana & Joe Christie Gary Cooper & Richard Hartgrove Robert F. Dailey William R. Dickson Rep. Glen Maxey Lee Manford & Casey Blass Ross Moody Kirk Rice Janna Zumbrun

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT 107 ASA clients benefited from our 2017 Holiday Sponsorship program, receiving customized gifts. Thank you! *individual giving at our Star Partner level or above.

$2,500 - $9,999

Carol Smith Adams & Chris Adams* Anonymous Avita Drugs, LLC Raymond L. Beaumont* Benevity Community Impact Fund Russell Bridges & Ralph Salinas* Francesca Brockett & Jim Pedicano* Heidi Burns* James Carlisle* James Carswell* Cbrewer Investments Charles Maund Toyota Charles L. Curry* Bob Dailey* Dell Employee Donations Donald D. Hammill Foundation Michael Donnelly & Garry Olney* Frank J. Garrahan, III* Jeffrey God* Richard Hartgrove & Gary Cooper* Robert P. Higley + The Hon. Laura Higley* Terrance Hines & Jarrett Urban* Curtis & Judy Hitt* Dan Huffine* Interactive Life Forms Dr. Noel Landuyt + Gary Schumann* Michael L. Magee* Maudie’s Tex-Mex Tom Mays & Orlando Zayas* Ann N. McGinley*

Meals On Wheels Association of America Midtown Office of Independence Title Andy Miller + Brian Stephens* Ross R. Moody* Nordstrom NXP Forrest Preece & Linda Ball* Quest Diagnostics Kirk A. Rice* Patrick Roth & Wade Holmes* Anna Marie Sanchez & Katrina Pruitt* Paul E. Scott & Scott Simons* Seton Health Care Justin & Amy Siegel* Piper Stege Nelson* Studio Innerspace, Inc. Fred Sultan IV & Don Meek* Truist United Way for Greater Austin UT Kinesiology and Health Education Velocity Credit Union Vintage IT Services Wells Fargo Foundation Whole Foods Market Dr. David Wright & Sheri Wright*


$500 - $2,499 18

38th Street Pharmacy Christopher Acocella Albertsons Safeway ALC Steaks Jason Aldridge & Diane Hanson Aldridge Dan Allen & Jory Edmunds AM Pharmacy Amy’s Ice Creams, Inc Paula Angerstein & Paul Grosso* Applied Matierials Employee Donations AT&T Employee Donations Austin Bar Association Austin Gamblers Bowling League Austin Regional Clinic Tim Bahr David Bandas Greg Barbutti & Mike McElhaney Patrick Bauman* Becky Beaver, Atty. Dr. Hans Bengtson Jay T. Billig & Chris Seals Vicki & Steven Blachman Pamela Bossert Bouldin Creek Cafe Bread and Butter, Inc. Judith Bryant Susan Campion & Candis Guidry* Jeremy Capello* Cenote Faye Chandler* Janet Chandler Karen and Greg Chanon Rhonda Chapman* Tamara K. Chauncey Cherrywood Coffeehouse Donna Clay* Craig Cobb William E. Coll* Patricia Connelly Continental General Agency Eric Copper Morgan Cox James Crocker

Cotter Cunningham Marla Curtis Beverly Dale* Allen & Alison Darnell Brendan Day* Henry DeAngelis Jr.* Betty & Jeffrey DeLargy Bill Demoss Malisa L. DiGiacomo* David Dison Miller Michael Dobbs Lynne Dobson* Douglas Duke Ebay Employee Donations John J. Egan El Chile Group Elliot Naishtat Campaign Daniel Esquival Amos Ewing & Bill Cary Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Joshua Finto & Bradford Smith* Stephen J. Fleckenstein* Steve Flores & David Thibodeaux* Tecumseh Foundation Bradley Franklin* Bradley G. Frey* Galaxy Cafe Galaxy Cafe Mesa Galaxy Cafe West Lynn Kirk Garza Thomas M. Gilliland Give With Liberty Employee Donations GlaxoSmithKline Dan Graham + Lisa Graham Diane Y Greene Damian Green-Moore* Raechele Greenwald Sam & Patricia Griswold Guero’s Taco Bar Mark Guerrero* Charlotte & Bill Hale Christopher Hamilton Susan B. Hammer*

Greg Hand & Rory Reich* Robert L. Hardgrave, Ph.D.* Dr. James R. Haws & Catherine McCoy David & Xenia Hennington Kathleen Marie Higgins & Robert Solomon Garrett C. Higley* Kris Hill* Ryan Hill* Housing Authority of the City of Austin Nikki Hudman David M. Hugin Laura Ellen Hurst R. Gordon Huth* Steven Hutto Anthony Incalcatera Selena Infante Intergalactic Top Notch Intergalactic Triangle, LLC Dan Jackson Ronald Jernigan Chris Jimmerson & Dr. Wayne Bockmon Kermit Johns & Able Billheimer Celia Johnson Toby Johnson + Kip Dollar Mickey & Catalina Johnson Mary Jones Dilworth Madeleine Kadas Amy & Debbie Kane Brian Kieley* Kelly Kline* Dr. Ervin Knezek Kohl’s Kome Sushi Kitchen Steven Krueger Carole H. Lake Law Offices of Robert B. Luther Richard Leczynski Dr. Larry J. Lee Legendary White Swan LLC Javier Lemus James Levin Tobin Levy Wayne Liebl*

Dennis Lind Light Aesthetics Bernie J. Lofaso Jr.* Christopher Long & David Smith* Sylvia J. Lopez Dr. Donald E. Lovering* Rick Luisi & Erik Wilson Karen Macko Duane Mailman* Lee Manford & Casey Blass* Dr. John Manning Manor Pharmacy Andrew Martin & Lev Baesh Catherine A Mauzy, Attorney at Law Peter Flagg Maxson & Jack Taylor* Joe McAdams Toby McClellan Laura Merritt & JP Kloninger Craig Mesenbrink David Dison Miller Dana Mills Tonya Mills Tracy Mills Wade Minche Michael W. Mitchell* Kristin E. Mondy & R. Mohan Balachandran* Daniel C. Montoya* Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill Cicely Moore Gilbert Moreno Jr. Meeta & Robert Morrison

$500 - $2,499

National Instuments Employee Donations Terry M. Neal* Larry Dwain Neal Network For Good David E. Nielsen Nomad Sound North By Northwest Carolyn & Joe Osborn Hannah & Jed Peters PhRMA Joe & Janis Pinnelli Marilyn Polston & Cindy Ponce Susan Pratt Jean & James Presnal Jeffrey Price Prosperity Bank Rain on 4th Ernest Reyes & Matthew Petrone* James Rock Roppolo’s Pizzeria Gregg Rossi Amy & Kirk Rudy* Linda Ryder Monica Saavedra Salesforce.org Matching Grants Shelli Sanford Scanlan, Buckle & Young, P.C. Jody J. Scheske* Schwab Charitable Curt Schwake* Eugene Sepulveda & Steven Tomlinson* Shake Well Creative Sister Genie Inna-Tuaca Bottle Stephen Skaggs & Jay Kleine* Bruce Smith L. G. Skip Smith Mark Smith Brandon Southern Leeann Sparks Subaru of Austin Roland Swenson SXSW Mary H. Tally + Rusty Tally*

Steven Tamayo Texas Health Action John M. Thomason Karen Thompson* UT Division of Diversity and Community Engagement Wade Utley Scott & Ryan Van Horn William Van Pelt Via 313 Patricia Vojack James R Wadley Rick Wadley Jennifer Walker Gates Barry C. Waller* Robert Weier Ingrid Weigand Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Bert K. Wenker Jr.* Aisha White, M.D. & Anthony Hall* Becky L. Willard* Clarence P. Williams Neil Wilson Amy Wilson-Janice* Leslie Wingo* Jaron Winston Andrew Wisner* Leslie Wolff Eva and Marvin Womack Janson Woodlee* Wordworks Herb Wright* Robert Young Tim E. Young James Zachary Zocalo Cafe - Taquiera Fresca Janna Zumbrun & Jeanne Minnich Julie Zuniga



to our Major supporters for Helping Us Build Healthy Futures for Central Texas.


Profile for AIDS Services of Austin

2017 Community Impact Report  

2017 Community Impact Report  

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