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Dentistry - It’s a Family Thing!

There’s no question -- the Busciglio family knows smiles! by cheryl Johnston

In fact, this knowledge has prompted orthodontists Dr. Derek Busciglio and his sister, Dr. Dana Busciglio, to open a fourth dental practice location. This one will serve the families of FishHawk. Anticipation is already building for the September 8, 2012 grand opening of Busciglio Smiles at FishHawk Ranch, because the members of this upbeat group know how to do one up right. They believe in “celebrating and sharing” their successes with the community. When the Busciglios learned the Moms Club of Lithia-Bevis desired to help Newsome High School’s Wolfpack Marching Band raise money for new uniforms, they decided to offer a complete Invisalign treatment from their Busciglio Smiles Orthodontic and Pediatric Dentistry group as a prize to one lucky ticketholder from the $10 raffle drawing. Talk about a grand prize! Invisalign uses clear aligners as a popular and aesthetic alternative to metal braces. So don’t miss this chance through September 7 to purchase a chance to win big and benefit both causes. In expression of their appreciation, the Wolfpack Marching Band will perform for the September 8 festivities at 16321 FishHawk Boulevard when the Invisalign winner will be selected. Since Dr. John and Mrs. Diana Busciglio opened the first office in Brandon in 1972, steady growth through patient referrals and a passion for promoting dental health has allowed the Busciglios to add offices in Plant City, Wesley Chapel and now FishHawk. Both Dr. Derek and Dr. Dana believe “dental office visits should be something patients look forward to because with proper care they can expect to have a healthy mouth for the rest of their lives.” The Busciglio Smiles Tooth Fairy promotes that message around, too. According to Dr. Derek’s wife Katie, “Children respond with such excitement to the dental hygiene teaching that our certified dental and orthodontic assistant Christine Freeman provides in her Tooth Fairy visits to schools and children’s parties.“ Kids are delighted also with the dental health goody bags that typically contain toothbrush, toothpaste, floss threader, toothbox (for treasured baby teeth), stickers and a bracelet. FOCUS MAGAZINE BRANDON SEPTEMBER 2012


During her visits, Freeman “sparkly sprinkles” willing children with “fairy dust.” She loves how they “really get into their own volunteer roles in the skits and games” presented by the Friendly Fairy and the Fearful Fairy. She added, “I can’t help but laugh when they ask: ‘Are you married? Do you have babies? Are you the only Tooth Fairy?’” In response she typically explains, “The Tooth Fairy has lots of friends, just like elves.” Freeman also gets a kick seeing the eager children rush to the window to watch the Tooth Fairy’s departure. It’s then she must explain, “I only fly at night when you are asleep. During the day, I drive a van.” As for the tooth fairy at home, Dr. Dana says, “Yes, absolutely, you should you have a tooth fairy at your house! Parents can never provide too much encouragement for their children to develop healthy habits that protect their teeth for a lifetime.” The brother and sister team takes pride in the family’s career camaraderie and in each other’s accomplishments. Dr. Derek explained, “We call Dana ‘the triple doctor.’ After 12 years of schooling, she has a Dental degree, a Pediatric Dental degree and an Orthodontic degree. There are only a handful of dual specialists in Florida with Pediatric and Orthodontic specialty certificates. Presently, she is one of only five dual-certified Pediatric Dentists/Orthodontists in our state.” He added, “Our patients and their families benefit from our expertise and the extra convenience. Many dentists practice orthodontics using braces and Invisalign, but they don’t necessarily have the additional 2-3 years of specialized training that a degreed and American Dental Association accredited orthodontist would have. Also, it’s always wise for parents to seek out orthodontists who can treat adults and their children.” Speaking of that extraordinary level of expertise, Dr. Dana is proud of her brother’s role as the Invisalign’s Sunshine Regional Educator. Busciglio Smiles is also the only “Elite provider” for Invisalign in eastern Hillsborough County. Explaining his passion for “what Invisalign can do for smiles at every age,” he said, “We have remarkable results with this most aesthetic option for straightening teeth. When it first entered the market in 1999, my dad was one of the first practitioners to use the system. Now we are taking Invisalign to the next level in terms of treatment types and results.” As to what has prompted Invisalign’s popularity, Dr. Derek said, “Typically the adults are those very interested in aesthetics. Now, with the new Invisalign Teen product, we’re treating more teenagers and we’re constantly amazed at how well they comply and respond. Patients wear the aligners all the time and remove them just to eat and to brush.”

“Dental office visits should be something patients look forward to because with proper care they can expect to have a healthy mouth for the rest of their lives.” 12

september 2012

He added, “The cost is comparable to the traditional braces we do, but the Invisalign is what we’re most excited about. There are virtually no ‘emergency appointments,’ which saves both time and money for our patients. And the treatment time with Invisalign averages 12-15 months, as compared to the 18-24 months required for regular braces.” To prove this passion, Busciglio Smiles provides a free consultation with photo comparisons to potential clients. Dr. Derek challenges, “If you’ve been told Invisalign won’t work for you, come see us.” As to what differentiates their practice from others, Dr. Derek explained, “First thing I’d say is family, then training. Aside from our own family, we also have several long-term staff members. We require our assistants to add what we call ‘expanded functions, training’ for orthodontics to their initial qualifications. It’s important enough that we invest time and money so they have that added knowledge and expertise. We want them to be the best for themselves and our patients.” Many FishHawk residents have been traveling to the Brandon location for appointments and according to Dr. Dana, “They will enjoy the convenience and the great atmosphere of our newest location. Our state-of-the-art facilities house the most current technology and we use paperless chart files and digital x-rays, which mean less exposure to radiation.” Dr. Derek’s artistically talented wife Katie shares in the camaraderie by coordinating the practice’s community outreach efforts and public relations. She explained, “Because we live

here, we are determined to be involved. We have learned and appreciate that supporting the communities we serve is our responsibility. We must help each other.”

tell the child what you’re going to do, then show him what you’re going to do, and then you do it. What’s important to me is that there are no surprises for the child.”

Katie Busciglio serves on the board of Vine to Wine, a venue that benefits A Kid’s Place (serving abused, abandoned and neglected children). To date, she has personally raised more than $20,000. Soon she and Derek will hit the dance floor again for a great cause. Katie explained, “Derek and I are super excited to take lessons together for the “Dancing with the Locals” fundraiser to benefit charitable organizations in Plant City.”

“Thankfully,” she added, “the interactive approach to dental care works beautifully.”

Together, the energetic Busciglio Smiles team is sure to bring a new level of dental health awareness and care to folks of all ages in FishHawk. Everyone, from infants and children to teens and adults, can take comfort in the team’s experience and in their commitment to community. Both Dr. Dana and Dr. Derek earned degrees and trained at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. When the English/Spanish bi-lingual Dana realized during her pediatrics rotation that working with children came naturally to her and that they responded well to her care, she completed specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and the prestigious Miami Children’s Hospital before becoming Board Certified. After working three years with her father, Dr. John Busciglio, she completed specialty training in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, also at NSU. What Dr. Dana appreciates about her dual certification is that Busciglio Smiles patients benefit most. “Doing both offers our patients the best of both worlds,” she explained. “When we begin seeing them at an early age, children become very comfortable in our offices. They have no fear and they’re excited about their dental health. It’s also nice to be the one-stop provider.” Pediatric Dentistry involves learning dentistry of small teeth along with learning behavior management with children. Dr. Dana offered, “Basically it combines the art of distraction and three basic steps: You

So, how soon should parents seek dental health care for their children? Dr. Dana follows the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines that recommend children have their first dental health visit with a Pediatric Dentist by the age of one. This establishes a “dental home” for the child so proper oral care can be started at an early age and so parents have a dentist in case of an emergency. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first visit to an Orthodontist by seven years of age. According to Dr. Derek, “That’s a good time to look at potential developmental problems, because early treatments for cross-bites and impacted teeth are invaluable in those cases. Between the ages of 7-12, children experience a lot of growth and if there is a cross-bite, the jaw will begin to grow off center and perhaps produce skeletal abnormalities. Those are things you want to correct early.” He continued, “We also treat a lot of adults, probably 30 percent of our practice. When they tell us, ‘I never wore my retainers and my teeth have shifted,’ that’s when we start talking about Invisalign.” The close-knit brother and sister duo admittedly “love working together as colleagues and mentors.” Dr. Dana added, “We’re especially excited now about the opportunity to serve the families of FishHawk.” Busciglio Smiles is now scheduling new patient exams for Pediatric Dentistry and free Orthodontic consultation at the FishHawk office at 16321 FishHawk Boulevard next to Walgreen’s and across the street from the sports complex. Call 813-759-9474 today for a consultation appointment. Feel free also to invite the Tooth Fairy to visit your student’s school or celebration.

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