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Restaurant & Bar Activation Packet & Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear Restaurateurs,

Don’t miss Dining Out For Life® Tampa Bay 2012. Join Tampa Bay’s most generous Restaurants, Cafe’s, Coffee Houses, Lounges and Bars in the fight against AIDS. Be part of this international event by signing up today! √ Increase Sales √ Attract new loyal customers √ Demonstrate your dedication to the community √ Take part in an international media campaign

I am pleased to invite you to participate in Dining Out for Life® Tampa Bay. On April 26, 2012, over 3,500 restaurant and bars in more than 65 cities across the U.S. and Canada will stand together and raise more than $4,000,000.00 to fight HIV/AIDS. This event is not only an amazing charitable opportunity but also an excellent marketing and promotional tool for your business. By joining other top restaurants and bars around the United States and Canada, you will increase your sales, attract new and loyal customers, gain critical media exposure, demonstrate your commitment to the community and support a great cause. The strategy and goal are simple: with the support of ASAP’s donors, volunteers and staff – accompanied by your in-house promotion and support – we will significantly increase the number of diners coming to your restaurant on Thursday, April 26, 2012! Here’s how to participate: • Provide a minimum donation to ASAP of 25% of that day’s total receipts of at least one meal or defined serving period. The dinner shift is strongly suggested. •

Return the agreed upon proceeds to ASAP by no later than Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Optionally, honor “20% Off Tuesday Card” for one calendar year. It is a concept from the national organization and is a great opportunity for you to see new/returning customers driven by your involvement in Dining Out for Life® Tampa Bay. By participating in this program, you will also receive special recognition on the website and in marketing materials.

√ Support a great cause √ Know you made a difference The only commitment you need to make is to donate at least 25% of food and beverage sales on the last Thursday in April to AIDS Service Association of Pinellas, Inc. (ASAP). In exchange, ASAP will direct diners to your restaurant for Dining Out For Life® Tampa Bay!

“It’s a no, win. Not only did our business spike, but we saw a lot of new visitors to both locations.” - Owner Nicole Longo

Benefits include: • Exposure in an extensive media campaign, including billboards, television advertisements, newspaper and magazine ads, a mobile web app and social media. •

Listing on the Dining Out for Life® International website as well as inclusion in a new, location aware, mobile web app for the remainder of the year. This allows tourists visiting our area to find your socially responsible restaurant more easily all year long.

If you have questions about this program, please contact me. My information is listed on the last page of this packet. Thank you for your consideration and potential participation. It is through your support that our organization can continue providing life sustaining services to those in need in our community. Ready to Dine Out For Life? Register your location now by visiting Eat, drink and be caring!

The Cupcake Spot Owner Nicole Longo

J. Aller Resource Development Manager, ASAP

10 Reasons Dining Out for Life® is Great for Business 1) Participation is easy and will contribute to your bottom line. Our dedicated Ambassadors’ sole responsibility is to act as your PR/marketing arm, and they will utilize their own personal contacts (and friends!) to fill your reservation books for Thursday, April 26, 2012. 2) Dining Out for Life® has international appeal and has proven to be effective in over 60 cities in attracting guests who are willing to spend more because they know it will benefit people living with HIV/AIDS. Dining Out for Life® brings new guests into your restaurant. 3) It’s great for raising your profile and extending your reach within the community. Your restaurant’s name will be included in advertising, printed on posters and included on direct mail postcards that will be mailed to ASAP supporters - this database includes over 3,000 households in the Tampa Bay Area. 4) The press loves it. 5) The restaurant community has lost many great chefs, servers, managers and others to AIDS. This event allows your restaurant a visible and meaningful way to express compassion and support for people living with AIDS. 6) It’s an international success, and it’s growing! The event raised more than $4 million dollars for AIDS services and prevention organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2011. 7) It’s fun. Dining Out for Life® creates an exciting atmosphere in your restaurant, as guests gather to support a familiar cause. Your guests will remember your participation and will come back! 8) It’s a great cause. ASAP is committed to spreading the message that AIDS is preventable. Help us to spread this message and save lives by taking part in this event. 9) It’s the perfect way to demonstrate community support for HIV/AIDS and to increase sales! 10) Your guests will love it!

Café Alma Owner & Chef Scott Vogel Owner Kristine Vogel

“I challenge every restaurant to stand with us in the fight against HIV/AIDS in our local community. Sure, we see more than the normal amount of patrons the night of Dining Out for Life, but more importantly, it’s for a worthwhile cause that affects our industry, maybe more than we even know.” - Owner Kristine Vogel Awesome Ambassadors! All participating restaurants are assigned a volunteer “Ambassador” for Dining Out for Life®. Ambassadors are assigned to locations of their choice. They in turn invite everyone they know: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and classmates, to dine during their shift at your restaurant. In addition to welcoming and thanking guests, Ambassadors encourage diners to make an additional donation to ASAP by entering a drawing for an opportunity to win some great prizes.

Register your location today at

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Presenting Sponsor: $10,000 • • • • • •

Your company logo will appear in all promotional materials (posters, table tents, postcards, etc.) for Dining Out For Life® Tampa Bay Your company logo will be included in all printed advertisements for Dining Out for Life® Tampa Bay Your company logo will appear on the Dining Out for Life® International website with a link to your company’s website Your company will be included in e-mail promotions that reach thousands of ASAP clients and donors Your company will be mentioned during any live television or radio interviews about the event Your company name will appear in all press releases related to the event

Platinum Sponsor: $5,000 • • • •

Your company logo will appear in all promotional materials (posters, table tents, postcards, etc.) for Dining Out For Life ®Tampa Bay Your company logo will be included in all printed advertisements for Dining Out for Life® Tampa Bay Your company logo will appear on the Dining Out for Life® International website Your company name will appear in all press releases related to the event

Gold Sponsor: $2,500 • •

Your company logo will appear in all promotional materials (posters, table tents, postcards, etc.) for Dining Out For Life® Tampa Bay Your company logo will appear on the Dining Out for Life® International website

Silver Sponsor: $1,500 • •

The Gift of Life Have you ever thought, “How can I help just one person living with HIV/AIDS get the support and service that they need?” By participating in The Gift of Life sponsorship, you can do just that. This program gives you the opportunity to donate money that will directly help one ASAP client. Your donation of $2,000 will assist one qualified, employed HIV positive client in covering the cost of his or her co-payments for HIV/AIDS medications for one year. By making this donation, you will help one person get critical, life sustaining support. You will give that person The Gift of Life. Since all of your donation goes directly to an ASAP client, your benefit is knowing that you have made a difference in the life of a specific person living with HIV/AIDS in our community. If it is not in your budget for this event, you can provide The Gift of Life through sponsorship at future ASAP fundraising events, such as the Red Ribbon Dance, AIDS Walk St. Petersburg or the Santa Speedo Run.


Your company name will be listed in local promotional materials (posters and restaurant guide) Your company logo will appear on the Dining Out for Life® International website

Bronze Sponsor: $1,000 • •

Your company name will be listed on the printed restaurant guide Your company name will be listed on the Dining Out for Life® International website

Friends of the Red Ribbon: $500 •

Your company name will be listed on the Dining Out for Life® International website

Media Partner Level 1**

Must provide print, television or AM/FM/XM radio, digital & social media advertising • Permission to photograph and publish event • Your company will receive all of the benefits of the Presenting Sponsor

Media Partner Level 2**

Must provide digital & social media advertising • Permission to photograph and publish event • Your company will receive all of the benefits of the Platinum Sponsor Other Media and In-Kind** Partnerships are available. Contact J. Aller for more opportunities. **All Media and In-Kind Partners must provide a detailed invoice showing the value of services provided. This requirement allows for in-kind partners to receive proper IRS tax recognition. There will be 2 runs of printed material. The first run of printed material will not include sponsors other than the Presenting Sponsor, if applicable. The second run will occur 3 weeks before the event and will includes sponsors with executed contracts up to that point. Any sponsor contracting after the second printing will be included in as much material as possible, but no guarantee is made.

datz Executive Chef Andy King

“Community involvement is extremely important to Datz. We are thrilled to be part of Dining Out for Life in the Tampa Bay area.” - Executive Chef Andy King

Become a sponsor today at



1. Contribute a minimum of 25%, 35%, 50%, 75% or 100%, as indicated above, of gross food and beverage sales on Thursday, April 26, 2012, or make a single contribution of $750 or more. 2. Promote the event by displaying and/or distributing materials on or before April 12, 2012. 3. Permit ASAP to place an Ambassador on the day of the event in the restaurant to facilitate the event and collect additional donations from restaurant patrons. 4. Complete the Online Restaurant Information form within five (5) business days of entering into this agreement. Visit to fill out the online form. If the form is not completed, your restaurant may be excluded from promotional material and online listings. 5. Send a check, to the address listed on the back page of this packet, made payable to ASAP for your agreed upon donation as indicated above no later than Thursday, May 10, 2012*.


1. Produce, utilize and distribute promotional materials including posters, postcards, table tents, napkins and drink coasters. 2. Coordinate a publicity campaign to promote the event, which may included local radio, television, print media, Internet and social media networks. 3. List your restaurant, address and phone number on the national Dining Out For Life® website for the remainder of the year*. 4. Maintain communication with your restaurant regarding Dining Out For Life® Tampa Bay. 5. Recruit volunteers to serve as Ambassadors to your restaurant during the event. These volunteer Ambassadors will work to invite potential customers to the restaurant for the event, using materials provided to them by ASAP, including training sessions and other promotional materials.


There will be two printings of marketing materials. The first run will include general information, such as save the date cards. The second printing will include restaurant names. To ensure that your restaurant takes full advantage of the advertising campaign ASAP will be running, you must have this form completed and returned to J. Aller no later than March 26, 2012. * Failure to submit donation will result in removal from the public, active restaurant database.


20% Off Tuesdays!

Choose to opt-in for this exciting opportunity! Enjoy a dedicated customer base throughout the year by enrolling in 20% off Tuesdays! Participating locations that select this option agree to offer a 20% discount on the check for any table presenting a “20% Off Tuesdays” card on Tuesday evenings throughout the continuing year, excluding holidays and not to be combined with other offers. Participation will be highlighted in Dining Out for Life® 2012 materials, advertising and on the website.


Dining Out for Life® Tampa Bay’s 20% Off Tuesdays Card will be awarded to patrons who make an additional donation of $25 or more to AIDS Service Association of Pinellas on Thursday, April 26, 2012 and as a thank you to event sponsors and volunteers. Cards will be valid from Tuesday, June 5, 2012 through Tuesday, May 14, 2013.

2011 FACTS & FIGURES $40,000


Ambassadors & Patron Donations


Restaurants & Bars Donation Checks

13 Locations (listed below) made donations totalling $500 or more to ASAP. 5 made donations over $1,000! (in bold) Backfin Blue Café Café Alma Casa Tina’s Clear Skyz Beachside Café Country Skillet Flamingo Resort Friendly Fisherman

Georgies Alibi Hamburger Mary’s Pan y Vino Parkshore Grill The Frog Pond The Refinery

Register your location today at

Since 1987 AIDS Service Association of Pinellas has been providing hands on service to our HIV/AIDS population in Pinellas County

There are 33.3 MILLION people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, 1.2 MILLION nationally

OUR CLIENTS are 45 or older



are trans-gender


are female


$37,111 average household income in Pinellas


98% of our clients have an annual income less than


are male





Federal Poverty Level-$10,890

are minorities



of our clients live at or below the Federal Poverty Level


Based on FY 2011 `

of every dollar donated goes to client care

Average number of clients served by our Food & Personal Needs Pantry monthly

300 Number of children in our youth program affected by HIV/AIDS


Number of backpacks provided to children in our youth program filled with back-to-school supplies like crayons to graphing calculators

people at a sell out game at Raymond James Stadium®




1 in 220 people are infected in the Tampa Bay Area or about equivalent to

Average number of clients served through medical case management

Number of lives touched through our programs, events and outreach




HIV tests performed



were HIV positive - that’s more than 2 times greater than the national average

Sources: AIDS Service Association of Pinellas, Inc., Center For Desease Control, Pinellas County Department of Health, US Census Bureau, Tampa Sports Authority.

ASAP provides a myriad of support services and referrals for the HIV/AIDS community. Services in Pinellas County include: case management, food and personal needs pantry, children’s program, prevention, testing and counseling, monthly client dinners, annual client retreat, limited emergency financial assistance and much more. In Pinellas and surrounding counties, our CDC funded Suncoast Project provides testing and prevention education for the MSM community (in-house and mobile unit).


ASAP is proud to host the Medical Co-pay Assistance Program. The Alfred T. May Food & Personal Needs Pantry supplements ASAP clients with basic food and personal hygiene products. The first Tuesday of each month we co-sponsor a collaborative fellowship dinner. The ASAP Community Program Team is also responsible for the development and marketing of ASAP special events and fundraising. These events include AIDS Walk St. Petersburg, Dining Out For Life, Red Ribbon Dance, World AIDS Day Observance, Santa Speedo Run and a presence at community festivals. Main Office


Broadly defined, case management is a range of client-centered services that link clients to resources in the community to help maintain a stable and healthy environment – including health care, psycho-social needs and other day-to-day basics.


Infected mother, father or child, family case management serves the whole family, including services for young people age 13 to 24. Referral services are available to all affected members living in the household. Service is provided for HIV positive pregnant women and their unborn babies.


The Suncoast Project is a rapid HIV testing, counseling and referral program for Men Loving Men. Rapid testing gives results in as little as 20 minutes. The program also includes referrals for men who need substance abuse or mental health counseling.


The Prevention, Education and Testing program is the longest running program of its kind in Pinellas County. HIV/AIDS prevention and education programs are provided for Pinellas County students, local organizations and businesses.


The goal of this program is to increase healthy behaviors of individuals with HIV by helping them access community resources. Individuals graduate from the program once they have reported changes in at least five behaviors based on written client self-assessments completed during the course of their prevention case management.


This program is designed to provide services for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Assistance is offered to disenfranchised families to aid them in meeting basic needs. Special events impact children’s quality of life. These events include back-to-school backpacks filled with supplies, holiday meal packages, Community Holiday Gift Program and a spring picnic with egg hunt. ASAP MAIN OFFICE: 3050 1st Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712 p.727.328.3260

SUNCOAST PROJECT: 4601 34th St. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33711 p.727.321.7600

ASAP NORTH OFFICE: 1214 Cleveland St. Clearwater, FL 33755 p.727.449.2437 “Like” Us on Facebook

Corporate Sponsors*


Register your location or become a sponsor today Staff Coordinator J. Aller

ASAP’s Mission:

To provide high quality, culturally competent, compassionate services to persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS by offering a comprehensive continuum of care, and to influence the health and human services community in the care of all people who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS by participating on a local, regional, national and international level.

Suncoast Hospice Foundation Resource Development Manager AIDS Service Association of Pinellas p.727.523.2439 c.727.487.2727 f.727.523.3396 Remit Donation Address AIDS Service Association of Pinellas Attn: J. Aller 5771 Roosevelt Blvd Clearwater, FL 33760

Copyright © 2011 AIDS Service Association of Pinellas, Inc. A copy of the official registration (#CH3696) and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling Toll-Free 1-800-435-7352 within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. AIDS Service Association of Pinellas, Inc. does not engage paid solicitors. *Listed corporate sponsors may be from 2011 or the current 2012 event. Sponsor information available inside this packet. Sponsor Deadline March 26, 2012 to be included in print material.

Dining Out For Life Tampa Bay Activation Packet  

The Dining Out For Life Tampa Bay Restaurant and Sponsor Activation Packet. Dining Out For Life raises money for HIV AIDS Education and Sup...

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