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Make Your Alliances Work

Let Vantage Partners Help Your Company Negotiate and Manage Critical Relationships Conventional advice about alliances has not reduced their dismal failure rate. By working with Vantage, companies maximize the performance of individual alliances, put under-performing alliances back on track, and ensure coordination and optimization of their entire alliance portfolio. Success requires shifting your focus to a complementary set of principles. To help companies address and find solutions to their specific alliance challenges, Vantage Partners offers a broad range of services: Develop Your Alliance Strategy ▶ Define (or refine) an alliance strategy that meets overall corporate strategy and business unit objectives Benchmark Your Alliance Management Capability ▶ Benchmark your alliance management capabilities relative to competitors Design and Implement Your Alliance Management Program ▶ Create an alliance program blueprint and implement a framework for improved alliance success rates and better business results Launch Your New Alliances ▶ We facilitate a carefully designed set of activities between partners Remediate and Relaunch Relationships ▶ We conduct comprehensive assessments of alliance performance and help revitalize faltering partnerships

Alliance Management Training Solutions ▶ Designing and Implementing Comprehensive Alliance Training Curriculum ▶ Designing and Implementing Alliance-Specific Team Training ▶ Training Alliance Management Groups

About Vantage Partners Vantage Partners, a spin-off of the Harvard Negotiation Project, is a management consulting firm that specializes in helping companies achieve breakthrough business results by transforming the way they negotiate, and manage relationships with, key business partners. To learn more about Vantage Partners, visit www.vantagepartners.com, call +1 617 354 6090, or e-mail info@vantagepartners.com.

Helping Companies Negotiate and Manage Critical Relationships

Check Out Our New Alliance Compendium Receive “Making Alliances Work,” our new collection of complimentary Vantage Partners Alliance Management publications—including some of Vantage’s most requested HBR articles, white papers and research findings on the topics of alliances, negotiation, relationship management, and change management. To request your copy of “Making Alliances Work,” visit www.vantagepartners.com/ASAPAllianceCompendium.aspx

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Strategic Alliance Magazine  

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals

Strategic Alliance Magazine  

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals