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Quarter 2, 2011

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals

in this issue 36 n ALLIANCE IN PRACTICE

Guiding Alliances Through Biopharma Consolidations

Mergers and Acquisitions Pose Critical Challenges—But Good Alliance Programs Already Have the Skills and Processes Needed to Cope with Change | By John DeWitt and Jon Lavietes


When companies acquire or merge, it inevitably impacts alliances on both sides of the transaction. Moreover, the quiet period between announcement and consummation of public deals can trigger concern and restlessness, leaving alliance personnel on all sides feeling in limbo. The solution: involve alliance managers early, communicate proactively with partners— and know your partnership agreements thoroughly so you’re prepared for inevitable change. n SPECIAL FOCUS: BIOPHARMA

Survey: Alliance Teams’ Influence Depends on Success in Handling Increasing Responsibilities

New Study Reveals Alliance Management Teams Reach a Crossroads as Portfolios Grow | By Jon Lavietes

CEOs’ Perceptions of Alliance Management

Percent of Respondents

100% As alliance portfolios 80% grow, alliance management 60% teams do not. Consequently, 40% many alliance management 20% responsibilities get pushed 0% Essential to achieving Important tactical Expendable to non–alliance managecorporate strategy team members function Less than 3 years 3 to 5 years More than 5 years ment personnel. Realigning resources and ensuring a smooth transition when integrating alliance management teams with other parts of the company are critical to the success of alliance portfolios.

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The Human Factor: A Key Determinant of Alliance Success The Neglected Role of Behavioral Dynamics By Curtis R. Sprouse

While companies concentrate on alliances’ contract structure, governance, conflict resolution, and general business processes, they are neglecting the most critical determining factor of an alliance’s success: behavioral dynamics. Guest contributor Curtis Sprouse says poor behaviors and dysfunctional relationships are the root cause of most failed alliances. Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Strategic Alliance Magazine  

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals

Strategic Alliance Magazine  

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals