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A 100 DAY PLAN TO ORGANIZE AND PRIORITIZE EFFORTS Transition from negotiation Resource internal team and prepare for launch

Build joint understanding of the alliance mission and contract

Staffed alliance team Internal negotiation debrief PR/Communication plans Communication guide

Joint negotiation debrief Commitment tracking mechanism IT infrastructure

Document detailed joint business plans Build a resilient relationship Create individual/ functional and integrated project plans

Define the alliance evaluation process

Alliance vision

Joint alliance scorecard

Functional & Integrated project plans

Process for evaluating and adjusting the alliance

Operationalize governance structures and processes

Identify and plan for how to deal with differences

Defined governance structure Charters for committees and teams Aligned decision-making rights and responsibilities Joint escalation methodology

Business cultural assessment Guiding principles Working together protocols Skill building plan

Source: Mark Wingertzahn, CA-AM | April 2011

relevant personnel identify risks to both partners, set up a governance committee, and distribute authority, assigning roles and responsibilities to people in both organizations. During this period, a risk assessment evaluates: – The two partners’ possibly different strategies or “strategic intent” (i.e., what they hope to gain from the alliance, which might be different for each) – Each company’s experience with partnering – The impact of any competitive products on the alliance – The capabilities and resources each partner brings to the table – The business ethics and operating philosophy of each partner In terms of governance, consultants and alliance managers say, the key elements are: – Composition of governance committees: who is involved? – Decision-making authority: who is responsible? – Escalation of conflicts: how are differences and other issues and problems to be communicated and rectified? – Understanding of contract terms: alliance managers need to have a thorough understanding of the contract; other relevant personnel may need just a summary of its key terms – Determination and definition of milestones and timeline for their execution – Mutual understanding of any intellectual property involved Next, in the Planning and Launch phase, the important features include: 10

– Initiating relevant teams and establishing a schedule of regular meetings among them and between the alliance managers – Communication: coordinated, scheduled, mutual – Common understanding of priorities, especially in the short term – Kickoff/launch meeting – An alliance management plan

Culture Shock Differences in corporate cultures between two partners are a common reality that can be factored into the alliance start-up via planning and communication— or can derail the potential success of an alliance if not dealt with from the start of the process. These company differences can take various forms, and if not faced openly and explicitly from the beginning can cause “culture shock” that impedes the forward momentum of an alliance, or even brings it to a skidding halt. “Often one company tries to be the ‘alpha company,’ even though it’s not in everyone’s interest,” said Jewell. For example, “you’ve got pharma companies that are basically marketing companies—they just end-license [products], they don’t do any development. They find a product, grab the product, take it and say to the partner, ‘Thank you, have a nice day.’ That company just wants to run, and may do a marketing campaign that’s contrary to yours in the rest of the world.” Corporate culture shock and mixed messages can arise if communications are not transparent or coordinated properly, Jewell said. High-level executives thus need to talk early to establish each company’s goals and anticipate issues that could potentially be contentious down the road. Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Strategic Alliance Magazine  

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals

Strategic Alliance Magazine  

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals