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Quarter 3, 2011

The magazine of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals


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High Risk to High Reward

How to Dig In, Solve Problems, and Create a Valued Alliance Management Function By David Thompson, CA-AM, and Steven Twait, CSAP

In the high-stakes, high-risk world of biopharmaceutical partnerships, the number and value of alliances are at historical peaks. Under intense pressure to fill pipelines, lower development costs, and bring products to market more quickly, pharma and biotech companies are coming together in increasingly complex ways, all of which require strategic will and tactical excellence to succeed. In response to this escalating trend, almost all major pharmaceutical companies have initiated some form of alliance management function within their organizations. But not all programs have developed at the same pace—or achieved the same results. Sponsored by Eli Lilly & Co.



Disruptive Forces

How Technologies Like Cloud Computing, Mobility, and Social Media Are Changing Alliance Strategy, Selection, and Formation—Maybe for the Better | By Jon Lavietes

The speed and complexity of business in the IT world has increased significantly due to the “consumerization of IT.” As tech companies evaluate how to incorporate cloud computing, social media, and mobility into their value proposition, they are finding they need alliance management leadership more than ever to help chart their strategic direction. Brendan Ward, Administrative Support 781-562-1630 ext. 200 bward@strategic-alliances.org Diane Lemkin Accounting Manager 781-562-1630 Ext 206 dianel@strategic-alliances.org




Collaborative Selling: Getting Sales Reps to Leverage the Power of an Alliance

How to Persuade the “Lone Wolf” to Advance the Pack Toward Alliance Success | By Jon Lavietes

Salespeople oftentimes are ambivalent about teaming up with a partner to reach their quotas. It is difficult for many to give up control of an account, delegate critical action items in pursuit of a prospect, or even share credit for a win. One of the alliance manager’s most important responsibilities is to instill a collaborative mindset— something that is in many ways unnatural to the sales department culture.

Strategic Alliance Magazine

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Strategic Alliance Magazine  

Non ASAP Member Limited Edition, Q3, 2011

Strategic Alliance Magazine  

Non ASAP Member Limited Edition, Q3, 2011