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ATA 2012

A Cultural potpourri

We live in the age of glocalised spaces! Last mile connectivity and cross cultural symposiums are what we abide by! In this convergence, the American Telugu Association has renewed zeal and vigor to further assist and promote literary, cultural, educational, religious, social, economic, health and community activities of the people of Telugu origin. Through Vedakulu we try to bridge the cultural musings of both American Telugus and Telugus residing here. We also take up concerns both communities face and take a leap towards a responsible, sustainable future that endears relationships and progress!

ATA 2012

The genesis

The idea of starting a national organization of Telugu speaking people in USA was under consideration by concerned persons of people of Telugu origin for about 2 - 3 years (1988-90). Finally, in early part of 1990 about two dozen likeminded individuals from various parts of USA gathered for an informal meeting in Chicago and discussed various aspects related to Telugu people of USA and India. The organization was then formally registered in Illinois as a not-for-profit organization in September 1990 and also received tax exempt status at the same time.

A constitution committee was formed to formulate the articles and by laws for ATA under the chairmanship of Dr. Susarala Viswanatham. The draft constitution was presented in the first ATA General Body Meeting held in Chicago during the first ATA conference. This inaugural conference was very well received and about 1500 people attended this first ATA event.Â

ATA Will & Estate Planning Seminar

Our solemn beliefs and aims • •

To serve the people of Telugu origin in North America. To promote exchange programs for students, scientists, and professionals of Telugu origin between the United States of America, Canada and India, as well as other countries.

• •

To perpetuate, preserve and maintain the heritage of the people. To assist and promote literary, cultural, educational, religious, social, economic, health and community activities.

To invite distinguished Telugu scholars, artists, artisans and statesmen to America for lectures, seminars and congregations.

To solicit, raise and disburse funds for charitable purposes, cultural, religious and educational activities directly or in cooperation with other not-for-profit organizations of America to meet the aforementioned.

To assist people of Telugu origin in need and aid Telugu’s who have recently arrived to settle in America.

To organize periodic Telugu literary, educational, youth and cultural conferences, either independently or in cooperation with Telugu or other associations.

ATA TAMPA Batukamma Festival 2013

Our fulcrums are many!

The key people at ATA constitute of various legal bodies within the organization. Over the years ATA formed various committee bodies namely Board of Trustees They are the elected people or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of the entire organization. Executive Committee They are the group of Directors who act on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them by the Board of Trustees.

ATA Board Meeting - Washington

Advisory Committee This constitutes the members who act as ATA’s counseling and recommendations body. Standing Committee They constitute the permanent and regular committee of ATA that meet from time to time to deal with specified subjects/issues relevant to the organization. Regional Coordinators These are key people appointed to handle ATA operations and activities in various regional states across America.

ATA Board Meeting - Washington

Step by step we leap!

ATA came into being with the sole purpose to assist and promote literary, cultural, educational, religious, social, economic, health and community activities of the people of Telugu origin as well as to promote exchange programs for students, scientists, and professionals of Telugu origin between the United States of America, Canada, India and other countries.Â

ATA held its first World Telugu Conference and the 2nd ATA conference in New York during July 1992. These events were a smashing success. Over time ATA has held several Conferences, Youth Conventions and the Millennia Telugu Conference which have contributed in developing elaborate conference guidelines (organizational structure and administrative plan along with business-financial plan) for future events.

ATA Vedakulu: Celebrating the society, Enabling awareness!

ATA Vedakulu 2013 is a realization of one of ATA’s visions- bridging cultural gaps between the Telugu people in USA and India. Its sole purpose is to unite all Telugu’s in the light of social causes. In effect since 2011, ATA Vedakulu adopts a different series of social causes each year to ignite oneness and awareness among the Telugu public. It also aims at encouraging realization of opportunities available both in India and abroad.

ATA Vedukalu at Ravindra Bharathi

This year ATA Vedakulu has adopted 3 causes – Women Empowerment, Educational Opportunities and Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights/ Anti-Piracy Awareness. These causes will be observed in the following ways – seminars, forum discussions and also in the unique form of 5k runs.

ATA Vedukalu at Ravindra Bharathi

A thought is the first step to progressive change! dheera In light of recent years’ attack on women throughout India, the issue of women safety is now at risk more than ever. ATA Vedakulu 2013 has taken this up with the objective to stand up against brutal attacks on women and to spread awareness of various safety measures that can be taken to protect oneself.

The entire Women Empowerment cause is now known as dheera. The activities that will be held under dheera are 5k run for Women Health and Breast Cancer awareness 5k run for Women Safety and Domestic Violence Awareness, Women Live Care Cell Awareness Seminar on Women Empowerment


They say Education is a world of endless possibilities. Pragathi is all about helping you realize those possibilities and grab those opportunities. This event under ATA Vedakulu 2013 aims at broadening one’s perspective. Activities that will be held are

5k run for Anti-Piracy Awareness To stop unauthorized use or reproduction of copyrighted/ patented material. Seminar on Education Seminar on abroad education opportunities and selection criteria of good schools and courses in USA.

Partners Platinum Partners

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

Communication Partner

Dheera 5K Run for the heart, from the heart! Dec 1st, Necklace Road

Pragathi 5K Run for innovation, against violation/piracy Dec 1st, Necklace Road

5K Run for safety, run with grit! Dec 1st, Necklace Road

Seminar on education abroad Dec 7th, Shilparamam

Women’s Forum Seminar Dec 7th, Shilparamam

Other Events Cultural activities inaugurating ATA 2013 Conference Dec 7th, Shilpakalavedika

Charity Activities & Programmes Dec 2nd to Dec 6th

The way forward

ATA Vedakulu is an annual event and will continue to be. It is all about Innovation, Empowerment and Togetherness. With each year, we will try to bring about awareness on various causes in the best possible ways. But that is not all. Our story has more chapters than celebration. With each passing year we will keep building and strengthening our community by the sheer event of bringing everyone together on a platform towards a thought! Taking up burning concerns, we will celebrate awareness and elevated thinking, all the time ensuring shared spaces between American Telugus and Telugus living in India. Through proper communication and forthcoming events, we will continue to strive towards this unanimous mission!

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