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Dear Friend, Volcano Coffee Express! aims to give you news periodically from one of the best coffee production micro region in the world: Poços de Caldas – Sul de Minas – Brazil. Here you will learn more about the coffee potentials and characteristics of the only micro region chosen by NESPRESSO as a supplier of its first “pure origin” among its Grand Crus.

An International Producer Stimulated by the title of Nespresso's official supplier, André Sanches Specialty Coffees starts the new strategy of making itself an international producer as well... (See our History)

Enjoy your reading, André Sanches Specialty Coffees Fazendas Boa Vista, Concórdia & Curitiba I and II

Poços de Caldas – Sul de Minas – Brazil


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Sources: Canal Rural, Revista Cafeicultura, BSCA – June 2012

In June 22nd, the Brazilian Specialty Coffees Association (BSCA) and the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion (ApexBrasil) have partnered

through the

Brazilian Specialty


Sustainable Coffees Project. The agreement was signed during

Member of:

Expocafé - biggest event of the Brazilian coffee industry - and aims to strengthen the dissemination of Brazilian specialty coffees in the international arena. Brazilian specialty coffees have been outstanding in recent years, winning demanding customers mainly from USA and Europe. However, although there is widespread international ignorance about the quality and different origins of Brazilian coffees.

Volcano Coffee Express PARTNER:

The southern region of Minas Gerais, known as Sul de Minas, is the main hub producer of high quality coffees in Brazil. So much that the first group within this project must land in Sul de Minas next month: americans




roasting, many for the first time in the country. Within the context of the signature of

Poços de Caldas Regional Coffee Growers Cooperative

the Brazilian Specialty and Sustainable Coffees

project, André

Sanches Specialty Coffees - family group producing high quality coffee in Pocos de Caldas, Sul de Minas - was contacted by some important national coffee industry media to symbolize the commitment of many producers in the business of production and export of specialty coffees: "We have invested heavily in quality and in the sustainability of our production, but also in actions to promote internationally our 'coffee terroir' – Poços de Caldas. We see international markets as a major incentive in appreciation of our coffees and consequent improvement of our business," - André Sanches Neto, International Development & Marketing at André Sanches Specialty Coffees. In accordance with BSCA, there is still much room for growth in exports of Brazilian specialty green coffees, reinforced by the drop in production in Colombia, a traditional exporter of high quality coffees. However, there is still a misconception in the perception of the consumer that the Colombian product is better than the Brazilians, a concept constructed by Colombia for four decades. Therefore it is important to disseminate the quality of Brazilian coffee - "We are on the same quality level of Colombian coffees," says Vanúsia Nogueira, executive director of BSCA. Sanches is aware of this moment for Brazilian high quality coffees and adds: "In Poços de Caldas, a prime area for quality coffees, we are strengthening the links among producers, municipal government, associations, organizations and leading companies in the sector. The main purpose is to offer, in an organized manner, many of the best Brazilian coffees to domestic and international markets.” An example of this effort is the Municipal Program of Specialty Coffee Production, fostered by the city government, which will draw the attention of the industry in September with the presentation event of the Poços de Caldas Coffee Quality Contest winners.

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Poços de Caldas, terroir do café

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