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Asako Shiroki

yellow collar W15×H7×D15 (cm) Cherry 2009

#02 W74×H23×D3 (cm) Oak 2011

in the grid 01 W105×H52×D80 (cm) Cherry 2012

STATEMENTS FROM GALLERIES 2011: Replaying the World – The Understanding of Life Gallery 21yo-j, Tokyo, Japan

 Photo: Tadasu Yamamoto

a water vein W23×H234×D38 (cm) Cherry, Oak 2009

same as body temperature
/ pocket right side, pocket left side W130×H121×D15 (cm) Oak 2009

An Eversion of Space and Gravity

Before working with traditional carpentry techniques, the building process of wooden structures like furniture was something I had never thought of. But while better understanding the process, it occurred to me that the outside and inside of built objects can be reversed into the surrounding space and gravity; like turning a bag inside out. By exposing the internal structure, the normally hidden gets independent and creates new meaning in it’s own right, while the formerly exterior surface loses its affordant qualities. When objects with function and purpose are “reversed� like this beyond their own meanings, an non-visible presence sublimates from the solid object into a vapor. When the evaporated object touches the invisible spatial grid, the space becomes visible, gaining a sense of quality.

in the grid 02 W44×H23×D25 (cm) Ash 2012


Solo Exhibitions


Born in Tokyo,Japan


B .F.A. in Metal Carving, Tokyo University of the Arts


“STATEMENTS FROM GALLERIES 2011: Replaying the World – The Understanding of Life”, Gallery 21yo-j, Tokyo, Japan


M .F.A. in Woodworking, Tokyo University of the Arts

“Touching Uncertainty”, SKKY | iTohen, Osaka, Japan


P h.D. Tokyo University of The Arts


Lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts

Solo Exhibition, feel art zero 0, Nagoya, Japan 2009

“between here and there”, SAN-AI GALLERY +contemporary art, Tokyo, Japan

Lecturer at Chiba University

MARUZEN Nihonbashi shopwindow, Tokyo, Japan 2007 Fellowship and Residence


Grant from the Pola Art Foundation


Artist in Residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Germany

Guest artist at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

“Scenery of the fluctuation: Transparent complex”, GALLERY HANA, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012 Thesis

“Small Size Works - STATEMENTS FROM GALLERIES 2012”, Gallery 21yo-j, Tokyo, Japan “Faculty Exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts”, The Univer-


sity Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

“Scenery of Fluctuation”, Tokyo University of the Arts 2011

“IMMEDIATE ISSUE”, CSID showroom Medamothi, Switzerland “Small Size Works - STATEMENTS FROM GALLERIES 2011”,


Gallery NATSUKA b.p, Tokyo, Japan “Skin&Map II: Ways to approach Memory and Time”,


“Toyota Art Competition2010”, selected artist,

Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

“39ART Nezumi kou”, RED CUBE Project Room, Tokyo, Japan


“Salon de Printemps Prize”, Tokyo University of the Arts

“Hitotoki”, KAMIYA Denbe’s villa, Chiba City Museum of Art,


“The 6th Japan gold and silver creation exhibition encouragement prize”

Chiba, Japan 2010

“2010 Asia Art Fairnale”, HASLLA ART WORLD PROJECT, Korea “Tokyo Art Meeting: Transformation” Tokyo Geidai Trans Weeks, Tokyo, Japan


“Temporary Modern Art Museum”, Ibaraki, Japan “Small Size Works - STATEMENTS FROM GALLERIES 2010”,



“Making a Chair – A Place for Changing the World”,

Gallery NATSUKA b.p, Tokyo, Japan

Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo

“A chair taking shape, Chiba University, Chiba Japan

“Strike while the iron is hot”, Children Museum, Chiba,

“Toyota Art Competition2010, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan

Japan 2009

Nakanojo Biennale 2009, Gunma, Japan “message”, Wacoal Art Center / Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan “monochrome”, SHINSEIDO, Tokyo, Japan “red”, GALLERY SHOREWOOD, Tokyo, Japan “From ◯ to □”, Geidai Art Plaza, Tokyo, Japan


“The Doctoral Program Final Exhibition”, University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan “DAY BY DAY: daily・journey・dream”, Children Museum, Chiba,

Asako Shiroki

Japan 2006

“DIVISION − Related paragraph”, SAN-AI GALLERY +

contemporary art, Tokyo, Japan

International exhibition, Daegu University, Korea

Asako Shiroki Catalog 2012  

Asako Shiroki Catalog 2012

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