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ver. June 13 2011

Asahi Art Festival 2011 Art Tourism is the Way to Go Announcement: Asahi Art Festival 2011(AAF2011) Press Conference Date and Time:

June 18th(Sat)17:30∼19:00 (door opens at 17:00)


Asahi Art Square(4F, Super Dry Hall 1-23-1 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

After the AAF2011 presentation, Minami Sanriku-cho (Miyagi Pref.): a participant organization of the AAF and Iwaki-city (Fukushima Pref.): a participant of AAF network will be invited to the stage.

Minami Sanriku Kiriko Workshop (Kiriko: traditional paper cutwork) Time: 15:00-17:00, Prior to the Press Conference Venue: At the Lobby of Asahi Breweries Head Office (1-23-1Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo) At the venue, “Kiriko to Encourage”, an activity to cheer up the residents in Sanriku-cho will be held. Another activity “Personal Kiriko” will also take place. Here, participants will be asked to cut out their personal memories and treasures using the Kiriko technique, which will be sent to Minami Sanriku-cho.

AAF10th Anniversary “Great Tohoku Party” Time: 19:15-21:15, After the Press Conference Representatives of participating projects nationwide will gather in one place to celebrate the opening of AAF 2011. “Jangara Nenbutsu Odori” (ritual dance) will be performed by residents of Iwaki-shi, Fukushima Pref. Local foods will be served at the venue, such as Kareizawa Curry (Aomori Pref.), Senbei-Jiru(Hachinohe), and Octopus, a rare catch from Minami Sanriku-cho. Gourmet cuisine of the Tohoku area and variety of drinks and foods will be prepared. We look forward in seeing you there.

Event Information Event Title: Asahi Art Festival 2011 Duration of Festival:June18th(Sat) -September 11th(Sun) Venue: Near the Head Office building of Asahi Breweries Ltd. and sites nationwide Organizer:Asahi Art Festival Executive Committee Special Sponsorship: Asahi Breweries Ltd. Fund and Aid: Asahi Beer Arts Foundation Tag Line: Art Tourism is the Way to Go

For more information, please contact: Secretariat of Asahi Art Festival Executive Committee P3 201 TH Samon-cho Bldg. 14, Samon-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0017 Tel: 03-3353-6866 Fax: 03-3353-6971 E-mail:


Beyond the Earthquake Disaster and to the World Asahi Art Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Over the last decade, there were changes in AAF’s organization. What once used to be run under an integrated director system is now run by committee members from all parts of the nation, making it a flat organization. Other changes are the way of selecting projects. Since 2005, AAF started choosing projects from among the public, resulting in wider range of projects aiming to revitalize regions of the country through art. Every spring, the representatives of the projects chosen for the year gather in Tokyo. This is to strengthen the network of the nationwide art projects, which itself is the exceptional characteristic of the AAF. There were some first encounters and reunions this spring too. The Great East Japan Earthquake shook the Tohoku region Five days after the gathering. Among the projects were towns like Sanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, which was expected to play a major role in a project, being totally wiped away by the massive tsunami leaving the town in total ruins. Committee members who were able to gather after the quake immediately declared to provide support to the devastated area, which led to the launch of Fund Raising to Support the AAF Network Activities. Since March 23rd the start of the fund, we have already transferred funds to support as much as 5 art projects. The crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant clearly revealed the overconcentration and a distorted nation. We are the ones who recognize the irreplaceable art that only takes root in its own respective land. During the last 10 years, we were able to recognize and feel sure about what new outcomes could arise from different and faraway regions resonating with each other. Taking this 10th year anniversary as an occasion, we are starting to inform the world about the unique achievement of the AAF, which is seen nowhere in the world. We are daring to connect with the overseas, because our country is now facing difficulties. We aspire to link directly with various people in diverse regions who are planners of art projects just like ourselves. With them, we would like to discuss arts and its future, and widen the potential of people and arts. We are going to take a big step forward this year. Count on what AAF will do this year.

Fund Raising to Support the AAF Network Activities The AAF Network was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake which took place on March 11th 2011. AAF launched a Fund Raising Project to Support the AAF Network Activities starting March 23rd and is providing series of assistance to Art NPOs, Citizen Groups suffering great damages by the quake. Citizens and artists involved in arts are now starting to take actions to rebuild and restore the Tohoku region in various ways. Asahi Art Festival (AAF) Ask for your cooperation to supportive fund-raising for AAF Network!

AAFネットワーク活動支援募金 集まった募金は、AAFネットワークの被災地での

活動支援金として活用いたします。 Main Prizes Awarded to Asahi Arts Festival (including participating programs and individuals) この活動へご協力いただきますよう、 ‣ 2004: won “Mecenat Award for Contemporary Composite Arts” of the Japan Mecenat Awards, organized by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts (KMK: Kigyo Mecenat Kyogikai). ‣ よろしくお願い申し上げます。 ‣ 2008: Asahi Beer Arts Foundation Secretary General Taneo Kato won “Art Encouragement Prizes” and “The Minister of Education Award” of アサヒ アート ・フェステ ィバル the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology for planning, organizing etc. of ・ the Asahi Art Festival. ‣ Mr. Junya Yamaide won “The Minister of Education Art Encouragement Prize” for the BEPPU PROJECT, one of the projects of the AAF. ‣ 2009: AAF Festival Production Team (Website Creation) won the “Encouragement Prize” in the ‣ Entertainment Division by the Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee <co-sponsored by ‣ Agency of Cultural Affairs, the National Arts Center, CG Arts> at the 13th Japan Media Arts ‣ Festival. ‣ 2009: the incorporate NPO Green Valley, one of the participating organization of the AAF2010 won the “Global Citizenship Prize” of the Japan Foundation.



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