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Asahi Art Festival 2010 Art Tourism is the Way to Go

Asahi Art Festival is a network of art projects that takes place nationwide. Under the concept of operating “Art Festivals with sterical involvement of citizens”, The AAF was established with combined effort of Asahi Breweries Ltd., art-related NPOs, and citizen-based art groups in 2002. This year marks the 9th anniversary since its foundation, which will be celebrated with series of events taking place for around 3 months starting June19th to September 12th. It will be held under the longstanding Mecenat program organized and supported by the auspice of Asahi Breweries Ltd. and Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, involving 23 art projects selected out of public competitions ranging from Hokkaido to Okinawa. While opening arts to the wider society and providing local citizen-based artists opportunities to meet peers from other parts of the country to form networks, AAF is now gradually becoming more than a transient framework. It has now become a broad spectrum of constant art activities aiming to revitalize the local regions on a national basis. Please be keen about how the Asahi Art Festival will unfold, which employs unique perspectives of art, promoting regional development through art, and utilizing networks to mobilize NPOs and citizen groups together.

Overall information about Asahi Art Festival---------------------------------------------------------Asahi Art Festival 2010 Period of Festival : June 19th(Sat)- September 12th,(Sun)2010 Venue : near the Head Office building of Asahi Breweries Ltd. and sites all around the country, stretching from Hokkaido to Okinawa Organizer : Asahi Art Festival Executive Committee Special Sponsorship: Asahi Breweries Ltd. Fund and Aid : Asahi Beer Arts Foundation Tag Line : Art Tourism is the Way to Go For more information, please contact------------------------------------------------------------------the Secretariat of Asahi Art Festival Executive Committee P3 201 TH Samon-cho Bldg. 14, Samon-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0017 Tel: 03-3353-6866 Fax: 03-3353-6971 E-mail:


Projects High lights Among various programs running under AAF, let us introduce 6 programs under 2 themes.

Theme 1 : ”Projects Held in Local Islands” Year on year, more AAF programs are held in local islands. Islands all over the country are steadily getting ready for their events in places such as Awaji-shima ( Hyogo Prefecture), Okino Nishinoshima ( Shimane Prefecture), Koshikijima ( Kagoshima Prefecture), Shiraishi jima (an island of one of the Kasaoka Islands in the Seto Inland sea) let alone Okinawa. AAF is working closely with the locals facing rising issues of the aging and dwindling population to explore, reproduce and recreate arts and identities unique to the land in multifaceted ways.

Artlink Project 2010� Kotogotoku Mina Yoroshi(Anything Could be All Right) (At : Shiraishi jima, Kasaoka Islands, Souja City, Okayama Prefecture) The event is a trial of reconnecting the local resources from several aspects. They consist� of revisiting the thoughts of a local intellect Shinsen Ikegami who lived in this area� at the end of Edo period who worked to develop his community under the concept Anything Could be All Right which he formulated from ideas learnt at Kangien. Other activities�are series of art projects lead by citizens such as Ba wo Hiraku Procesu ni Kakawaru (Getting involved in the process of open relationship) , Yama ya Umi deno Ronkai (Discussions at mountains and ocean) , Natsu no Gasshuku (Overnight Summer Sessions) , Shima no Bunka-sai(Art shows at the Island). Venue : Residence of Shinsen Ikegami 491 Monden, Souja-shi, Okayama Prefecture/Kasaoka Islands(Shiraishi Islands etc. Kasaoka-shi, Okayama Prefecture) Date : June 26th(Sat) September 26th(Sun)

Koshikijima de Tsukuru (Creation in Koshikijima) KOSHIKI ART EXHIBITION 2010� (At : Satsumasendai-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture) The whole island will be displaying arts produced by young artists who will stay for a month in summer to work on their projects. They will work by utilizing abandoned residences in villages and make islanders and visitors aware of fading cultures and ways of living through the power of arts. Venue : Kamikoshiki・Nakakoshiki area, Sato-cho, Satsumasendai-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture Date : August 21st(Sat) August 29th(Sun)

Sotohama Matsuri(Festival) 2010 � (At : Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture) Sotohama Matsuri 2010 will focus on innovation through art, building on the potential areas observed back in 2009. This year, our Matsuri will be about Art of Food, Video Media Workshop, various exchange projects, Symposium, re-assessment of natural environment(part of the work to register Geo Park as UNESCO site) etc. The aim of this project is to cause chemical reactions to change the sense of values in people by involving islanders and supporters such as artists and experts from the mainland. Venue : Mita, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture Date : Main Program : September 19th(Sat)- September 20th(Sun)


Theme 2 : ”Projects Held at Schools” How to utilize abandoned schools and vacant classrooms are becoming more and more problematic nationwide. Against this backdrop, more AAF programs are making good use of both abandoned schools and those still in service. Please keep an eye on how schools could play a new role in a community.

Nagano Art Project 2010

Gakko wo Bijyutsukan ni Shiyou(Turn School into an Art Museum)

(At : Chikuma-shi, Nagano Prefecture) Under the key word of Gakko wo Bijutsukan ni Shiyou, junior high school children will act as curators to create an unique art museum by collaborating with artists and the local community. The school will change into a museum flavored by the sense of the children. Venue : Kamiyamada Junior Municipal High School, Chikuma-shi, Nagano Prefecture (2500�Tokura, Ooaza, Chikuma-shi, Nagano Prefecture) Date : October 10th(Sun)

Kareizawa Art ICHIBA(Market) � (At : Aomori-shi, Aomori Prefecture) Kareizawa could hardly be pronounced and written correctly by those who are not familiar with the name. It comes from a diner that used to relieve the tired traveling the old trail pass from the Tsugaru Plain to Mutsu Port. The project will take place at an abandoned school which used to be Kareizawa Elementary School. There, arts, architecture, locally produced food and space, will all blended in to realize a community-like space tantamount to market and exhibition. The aim of this project is to create a NO.1 residence program , that is, to create a sustainable and self sufficient food chain by producing and purchasing all foods locally. Venue : Former Kareizawa Municipal Elementary School (1-18 Kareizawa, Kareizawa Aza, Namioka, Aomori-shi) Date : September10th(Fri) �September 20th(Mon)

Yatsuo Slow Art Show

Chiiki to Art to Gakko to (the Community, Art& School)

(At : Toyama-shi, Toyama Prefecture) An elementary school still serving the community will be the center of the project. There, children will act as main actors to draw in local people including their parents. We wish that this school building built of wood will turn into a place where people hold dear to. An active elementary school is meaningful because it exists in the community: based on this strong belief, making people aware of this fact is our immediate task. Venue : Kashio Municipal Elementary School and, the surrounding the school, Toyama 17, Kashio, Yatsuo-cho, Toyama-shi, Toyama Prefecture Date : July 1 st(Thurs)̶December 31st(Fri)


List of Participant Programs 23 Programs from north to Hokkaido to the southern island of Okinawa is now under way. AAF organizers and special supporters will deliver other programs besides the ones enlisted below. They will mainly be held in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. Listed by the order of Project Name and Venue

【Programs throughout Japan】 ※selected widely from citizen groups 1. Iwamizawa Art Project ZAWORLDⅡ 2.����Kareizawa Art ICHIBA(Market) � 3. Hachinohe Yokocho Art Project Yopparai ni Aio (Love to the Drunkards) 2010 The Enkai(The Drinking Party) 4. Sennen Touji (Millenary Hot Spring Care) Aratana Paradaise he (Towards a new Paradise)� 5. Ikiru (To Live) Museum 2010� 6. Yokohama Shitamachi Paradaise Matsuri(Festival)2010� 7. Kofu no Machi (City of Kofu) Art Festival 2010 8. Nagano Art Project2010 Gakko o bijyutsukan ni shiyou (Turn School into an Art Museum)� 9. Trial at the Takeshi Bunka Center(Culture Center) – Welfare Facility 10. Yatsuo Slow Art Show 2010 Chiiki to Art to Gakko to (the Community, Art& School) 11. Mikuni Minato no Michi 2010�(The road of Mikuni Minato) 12. YUI-GON (Last Words) ( Oumi Hachiman Multi Media Project2010 13. Art to Machi ga Deatta toki ni (When Art and Town encounters each other) Kamagasaki Art Projecto ni Mukete (Preparation of the Kamagasaki Art Project � 14. Machi Souzou Project (Creating the Town Project) Maizuru RB � 15. Awajishima Art Festival 2010 Kurashippuri Awajishima (Way of Life in Awajishima) � 16. Art Link Project Kotogotoku Mina Yoroshi (Anything Could be All Right) 17. Kajico wo Tsukuru Project (Create Kajico Project) 18. Sotohama Matsuri (Festival)2010

19. Kamiyama Artist in Residence 2010 20. Shimanto Gawa Kokusai Ongaku Sai (Shimanto River International Music Festival)2010 21. Otona no Zukou Jikan (Art and Craft Time for Grownups)�the Land School 2010-2015 22. Koshikijima de Tsukuru (Creation in Koshikijima) KOSHIKI ART EXHIBITION 2010 23. Dochaku Gendai Art Festival (Indigenous Modern) Koza Crossing 2010 【Organized or Specially sponsored programs etc. by Asahi Breweries Ltd. and Asahi Beer Arts Foundation】 A.��Sumida Gawa (Sumida River) Art Project2010 A-1. Ichiro Endo : Sumida Gawa Ima Mirai Kyodo Shiryou-kan (Sumida River Current-Past History Museum) �A-2. The 113th Asahi Beer Lobby Concert First Section: Yume no Sumida Gawa (Ideal Sumida River: By Shouichi Ozazwa) Second Section: Special Live by Rajasthan Roots (Indian performer group) �A-3.『SUPER JULY』 �A-4.『AAS Partnership Project2010』��� �A-5.『Azumabashi Dance Xing (Dance Crossing)』 �A-6.『Asahi Café Night』 AAF Gakko (AAF School) AAF Café Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art Oyamazaki Villa Collection 2010 Celebrating the Centenary of Shotaro Kaga s Reaching the Summit of Mt. Jungfrau


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