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Asaghost’s photoblog#year002 Random pictures...anywhere, anytime...

Asaghost’s photoblog#year002 Random pictures...anywhere, anytime...

200raey#golbotohp s’tsohgasA ...emityna ,erehwyna...serutcip modnaR

Shooted from 1995 to 2012, A new selection of things and people I saw, hat’s all about feelings... Asaghost, elsewhere, year two... april, 2014

THIN STREETS, BIG PLACE, Hong Kong, China. February 2011. City’s veins, from or crossing arteries. Humans and mechanics low, the blood.


February 2011. Earth’s veins, giving life to cities, Sea low, the blood is blue.

GHOSTS, Hong Kong, China. February 2009. Always questions about the human low in a builded area... We do not decide anything....

THE FALL, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California August 2012. he Truth behind every victory...

BLUE ANGKOR, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 35mm Expired films. March 2009. Forget all about the power of time...Magic ic exists...

BEFORE THE SUN GOES, Cap Ferret, France, 120mm Expired films. Septembre, 2010. Totems...

END OF A DAY II, Hong Kong, China, 35mm films. February 2009. he meaning of lights... Leading to what ?

A LONG TIME AGO, Bordeaux, France, 35mm films. Destructions and chaos are rebirths... In a certain meaning. Seat down, And think about the future.

BEHIND THE DRIVER, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. March 2009. Trust him...He knows...

April 2009. Urban palimpsest....Growing in all directions.



April 2009. Motorbike ride around an exotic island ?...Gimme more !.

EVENINGS, Cairns, Australia.

June 2009. he Magic Hour. Every Day. Everywhere. Lucky we are.

BABY’S FIRST STEP, Jaipur, India. A human.. A little bit hairy...

Lost ?

APPROACHING PARADISES, Tikehau, Rangiroa, Fakarava, Franch Polynesia.

LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS, Leaving Manilla, Palawan, Pilipinas. 35mm Films December 1998. Dreams are loating all around us...

GHOST FORT, Turttle Island, Florida, USA..

his old jail became a new place of freedom...Time does strangee changes...sometime. chang

EVENINGS, Palolem, Goa, India. Crossing at the end of a day, Every human has his own way.

IN THE DEEP OF RUSSIAN MARKET, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. March 2009. Perfect to test his own senses.

BEFORE THE TRICKS, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA, USA

WALLS ARE WAITING, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA, USA

All things have a soul.

March 2013. Never alone ?

PROMISCUITY, Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

July 2012. A childhood myth.... My irst real Board, Jeff Grosso deck, Santa Cruz ....early 90’s.

RIDE PLEASE, Santa Cruz, California, USA.

May 2009. A long journey there...peace in its most perfect Art...

STREETS LEAD TO THE BEACH, Palolem, Goa, India, 120mm Old films.

BEAUTIFUL HANDS, Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

March 2013. Chain reaction...

ON THE DOCKS OF THE BAY, Koh Kuht, Thaîland.

February 2013. here is always, everywhere, a dock to take the plunge.

July 2012. Manhattan is full of giants, looking at you , impassive and charismatic.

CAN’T TOUCH THE SKY, Manhattan, New York, USA.

CITY STRIPS, Montreal, QuĂŠbec, 35mm films.

RANDOM, ALl around the iland, Crete. 35mm Films.

June 1998. What pictures do not show : An incredible mortorbike ride, nights under the stars, clear water beaches and so much beers when the moon wants to be part of the show.

FRESH ?, Barreges, France. 35mm Films.

February 2004. Water everywhere... ...dressed in white.

FRESH FOOD, La Conche, Cap Ferret, France. 35mm Films. July 1996. Seasonal work... ...No comment. Who lived it knows...

WELCOME, Sausalito, San Francisco, California, USA

July 2012. Do not enter ? hat’s a good reason to do it...

WHEN THE NIGHT COMES, Koh Kut, Tha誰land.

February 2013. Ater the last swim, Returning to the bungalow, Near the beach and palmtrees, No worries...

LOST BOARDS, Venice Beach, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, CA, USA. July- August 2012. Every deck is a work of art.

WOKE UP IN NYC, Manhattan, New York, USA July 2012. I heard a beat. One for the trebble, Two for the bass...

HUNGRY, Bordeaux, France, 35mm Films.

Winter 1999. In the belly of the beast...

PHARMACY, Los Angeles, California, USA.

A August 2013.. Medication was good...I very quickly felt better... M

TIME TO CLEAN MY PANTS AND MY SOCKS, Winnipeg, California, USA. July 2012.. Ready-made work of art ? hat day, deinitely...

WALLS, Manhattan, NYC, USA.

July 2012.. Canvas everywhere !

FOODS, Bordeaux, Cap Ferret, France, 35mm Films.

1997-2000. Backstages.

SIGNS, Montreal, Quebec, 35mm Films.

August 2004. Riding streets as a ghost, Do you see the signs.. all along your quest...

EVENING, Sausalito, San Francisco, CA, USA. July 2012. Quiet houses, Certainly some humans with incredible stories...


July 2012. “...look at them..It looks like a tribe...” A.P.

PRAYERS, Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China Ceremonials....? Let’s pray for my dreams : Forces of Nature are all the Gods...

GREEN SAMPLES, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China.

March 2011. Flying to Big Buddha, Above the return path, A wire in the green.

Asaghost’s photoblog#year002 Edited in April 2014.

Asaghost's photoblog#year002  

Asaghost Photoblog's full second year. Digital and analogic pictures from many travels since 1995.

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