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eCommerce Best Practice Posted by Jane Mama Saffa in eCommerce Best Practices on Oct 23, 2013 6:21:00 AM

Hello everybody in MSOE community! Here In This Article You will find-out the best yet proven way to stand on top of eCommerce sites. I am an eCommerce instructor and I am teaching people on how to start online stores and how to stand on top of their competitors and avoid falling down to financial storm. so lets begin: We all know that starting an online store business is a hard work to be done by a single person so you need a team to start-up it can be started by one person but it is better to be more than one in order to solve problems together like you can see in the image bellow

The second thing that you have to decide is whether you design your shop your self or you will let others do it for you like in this article about how to create online shop it tells you what you need to do if you are a designer or you are interested for others to do it for you and how to overcome problems in first hand.

The third thing you should consider is a Good Domain Name for Your Site Try to have a good research on best domain names or if you have money find out the best premium domain names and etc.

The fourth thing that you should consider is choosing best online store builder to over come the features solution like there are lots of shopping carts as eCommerce Best, Pinnacle Cart, and etc Try to have a research on each of them for start-up and then chose the one with most SEO features because with no SEO you will not get any sales. Or for a full Guide Read Starting An Online Store Business See picture bellow for list of shopping carts.

The Yummy Secret: Here is what makes you a successful store owner and avoid money loss: If you start an online shop you may face lots of problems selling online because in the first days you will not get enough traffic, But some shopping carts like Pinnacle Cart have a feature that it will automatically syndicate your products to major eCommerce sites like eBay, ShopZilla, Amazon and etc that it will give you enough sales in order to become a successful store owner and increase ROI. - See more at:

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