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Police Auctions in Phoenix: Making the Most of Your Experience

POLICE AUCTIONS IN PHOENIX • Police auctions in Phoenix are a great place for anyone to pick up deals on items from computers to sporting goods. • In fact, you never know what you’ll find at these auctions and winning bids can often be for less than half the market value! • Police auctions in Phoenix get property from a couple of sources. • A large amount of property auctioned is seized during crimes. • The most common examples involve drug trafficking, theft and tax evasion.   • But, property can be seized during the commission of any crime under two conditions:  if it’s used in conjunction with the crime or;  it’s purchased with money that was derived from commission of a crime.

POLICE AUCTIONS IN PHOENIX • As you can imagine, law enforcement collects quite a bit of property on a regular basis. • This property tends to be of good quality and quite varied. • Because government agencies can’t use or pay to store all this merchandise, they auction it and use the proceeds to support their efforts. • It’s a win-win-win situation for the department, the taxpayers and the high bidder at police auctions in Phoenix. • Another source of items for police auctions in Phoenix is abandoned property that hasn’t been claimed. • Sometimes these items are found and turned in to police. • After being held for a period of time, they’re auctioned if they can’t find the original owner or nobody appears to claim them.

POLICE AUCTIONS IN PHOENIX How to Score a Good Deal •Whether you want to buy something under market value for yourself or flip a purchase to earn extra cash, buying items at police auctions in Phoenix can be a lot of fun. •First, you need to find out when these auctions are scheduled. Local law enforcement agencies typically contract with outside auction houses to manage the auctions on their behalf. •By doing an online search for local auction houses and also visiting police websites, you can narrow down the companies managing police auctions in Phoenix. •The auction service will have the schedule, event details and inventory list. You can read a description along with notes on an item’s condition.  

POLICE AUCTIONS IN PHOENIX How to Score a Good Deal •Interested bidders register at the auction house’s website to begin bidding at police auctions in Phoenix. •If the auction is held online, you can place bids when the auction begins. •However, you should inspect any items prior to bidding. •The auction house will note inspection times and dates for all police auctions in Phoenix. •During these times, you can physically inspect any item of interest prior to placing a bid. This step is critical in determining the true market value of any item. •Although the auction house makes every attempt to accurately describe items, you’re responsible for verifying all information.

POLICE AUCTIONS IN PHOENIX How to Score a Good Deal •To recap: Carefully read the description of any item of interest. Note any remarks about the item’s condition. Then, do some research on the item’s retail value. Inspect the item during the scheduled inspection times. •After inspection, use all the information you collected to determine the item’s current market value. •Decide what you want to pay as a maximum price for the item, obviously not going above the item’s current market value. Include any amount you’ll have to pay at check-out as well. Set your maximum bid there – and stick to it!


•When searching online for police auctions in Phoenix, you may come across services that want you to pay in return for telling you where you can find these auctions. •You can find this information for free with some simple searching as noted previously. •You’ll either locate schedules at law enforcement websites or local auction house websites that work on behalf of the police departments.  

•Because the auction service will most likely conduct these auctions on a regular basis, you can expect ongoing opportunities to attend police auctions in Phoenix. •You should never run out of top-notch, one-of-a-kind items to consider. And you’ll snag your share of amazing deals while having an enjoyable time.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Deb Weidenhamer is President of Auctions Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in auctions and professional appraisals. Visit us at or call 800-801-8880 for more information about Police Auctions in Phoenix.

Police Auctions in Phoenix: Making the Most of Your Experience