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Syria is a country in the Middle East, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the West, Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, and Israel to the southwest.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan!! (Language of Syria)

ETYMOLOGY . . . The name Syria is derived from the ancient Greek name for Syrians: Σύριοι, Sýrioi, or Σύροι, Sýroi. 1. How many people died in Syria? United Nations (UN) allocates over 7.500 people have been killed since the anti-Assad. Mortality rate actually difficult to obtain because the amount given by various sources is totally different. However, two sets of main activists, Human Rights Watch Center based in Britain actually put the figure at more than 8,000 people.

protests across the country recommended collection of activists in the country. The anti-Assad movement initially take


place safely but ended after troops exchanged vicious act using force.

3. Why do they oppose the Assad regime? Resurrection of the people was not only against the government but the Assad dynasty.

2. Who are the rebels in the country? Set of rebels in Syria are not arranged in an orderly, he composed rather than Force Free

His father, Hafez Assad contribute famous for his cruelty towards political uprising. In 1982, Assad's father had suppressed the

Syria Army (FSA) and a unified set differed only

rebellion waged by the Muslim Brotherhood in

to topple the Assad regime.

Hama airport, causing about 20,000 people

She participated along with tens of


thousands of people who never gave up holding


It was not until the year 1967, when instability in the Middle East was great, that Syria won its independence as a nation free from any empire’s grasp.


4. How the conflict started? After the revolution triumphed popular uprising to overthrow the kingdom of Tunisia and Egypt, the protests began in the southern port. and some protestor who suddenly abducted and makes people angry


In Syria

There are some picture of Syria Condition


What is the reaction of the other countries to stop the syria conflict? Other countries' efforts to help the

During the first negotiations, the president refused to hold any political dialogue because indict 'collection of forces' are still many conflict in the country.

conflict in Syria to no avail. Matlamat Annan is Cuba arrange a Arab League action last November

truce and get passes for humanitarian

also failed because the kingdom Assad still do not want to agree about peace

agencies to distribute humanitarian aid to Syria is in turmoil.

Backup Safety UN also can not be

He helped organize a meeting with

implemented as it gets rebuttal from

several leaders including the head of

Russia and China.

the rebels set Alignment dissident, Hassan Abdulazim.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are planning to give military assistance but

In one reality, Abdulazim assert any

America and other countries do not

effort to resolve the crisis in Syria

agree when to provide weapons to the rebels because conditions will be

should be done after the prisoners were released and ended malignancy.

worse However, during the two-day Syria is surrounded by his deep

mission to Damascus that failed to

devotion to the complex network of Hezbollah and Iran in the collection of

stop the killings to the common people especially women and children in the

the shoreline.


After various efforts at a stalemate,

Conversely the number of victims

the Arab League decided to to hold talks between the former General Kofi

continues to rise, forcing hundreds of residents to flee to Turkey since last

Annan and Assad.


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Humanity Syria


Humanity Syria