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How to discover clarity in a confused disturbed world? Have you ever found yourself awakened with nothing to do with your life? Have you ever been thinking about getting bored with your own daily activity? Repetition in life is the most common problem we’ve ever face in every single of our life. You might get confused with your own world especially you have been thinking on what are you going to contribute before your life ended. Confusion might have lead into deep dark secret into our life but what have Confucius said that, ‘At first, we might fell into a trap but in the end we shall stand up together and bring our victory into us. What we’re trying to see here is a big gap of transition process between being a teenager and becoming into a grown adult. We as a teenager often think that life wouldn’t be complicated but the fact things would get worse as we started becoming like a grown adults. First thing that you’re going to face as a teenager is puberty. Puberty is part of the transition process where you are changing into a grown adult. Physically, our body has grown hair and our body is getting stronger. Mentally, our mind will also change on the way of how we think as an adult. Your hormone started to increase in size and heated up as we move through into this transition process. This is why during puberty some teenagers might be thinking negative and sensing negative on what we’re facing. This actually often happens in school between classmates and teachers. Primary school, they don’t really care about on how things are going and how things are done. Everything feels normal and casual between others. As a junior high school or high school students, we must have larger encouragement to teach our safe on how things simply are done. Besides on how the process is on going, we should continue to keep in touch with other classmate. We often as a teenager feel alone or not comfortable with other classmates due to uncertain condition of the environment. Though, our hormone started to heat up as follows our physical changes. This primary cause is because of envy between other classmates and another. We often feel jealous just because of simple thing such as not having conversation together or having lunch together. Despite the face of being sensitive, we as a teenager must be able to solve this problem without encountered massive difficult towards in the future especially for men. Men are supposed to be trained as a man of freedom, not a man to be slaved by someone’s other mind.

In conclude that we as every teenager must contain encouragement and fight fear together. Time is part of taking care stressed and mental sickness. Whatever you do, you just have to focus on the present, focuses on our main job. To relived and reduce stressed, you as a teenager must have a hobbies which you could use as part of your enjoyment in your lifetime. Within hobbies, you must also have a target in your life which you might achieved in certain time of your life. Without goals or targets, every teenager’s life would be useless. And even if these sensitiveness still bothers you, surf up the internet and try to look for inspirational or motivational quotes or sentences that would spice up your life a while. However, the most important element that needs to be caution and avoid is don’t let someone have ever tried to conquer your sense of feeling and thinking. If so, your life might be in threatened or danger due to the person that is seeking for benefit or chances. Life shall go on but must take care with precaution.


How to discover clarity in a confused disturb world?

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