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THE LIGHT’S MISSION STATEMENT: Chief Editor: Blossom Nwaneri; Co-Editor Kevin Mungai

The Light’s mission is to educate and inform about positives of the African Diaspora. We hope to shine light on the variation of humanity contained therein, through stories that reflect the ingenuity, complexity, and beauty of the continent; as well as those whom represent it around the globe. We hope to foster greater understanding of African peoples, through introspection as well as acknowledgement that we are not simply a plague continent or helpless, but rather we are always hopeful. African Student Association was created decades ago. It is a student group that strives to integrate and educate the University of Missouri community about African culture, politics and economics. Each year, we strive to create an atmosphere conducive to the success of the students within the club. We create that atmosphere through careful attention to the needs of the students— whether scholastic or personal. In addition to meeting the needs of our members, we plan events. Our events are geared towards increasing the understanding of African issues that are not immediately visible to the campus community. Some of our past recent events include the World Cup, several lecture series as well as Africa Week. One of the new event series we are planning, starting 2007 is the Taste of Africa. This event focuses on a particular African country and those in attendance learn about the various aspects of that nation— culture, tradition, politics, food, art and music.

Africa Week 2010 MONDAY APRIL 26 “TASTE OF AFRICA” Location: Stotler Lounge Time: 7:30pm-9:00pm Start the week off by enjoying tasteful cuisine of the Motherland! You will also have the chance to see moving poetic pieces by famous African poets that will make you feel a connection to Africa that you may have never felt before! TUESDAY APRIL 27 “LET’S TALK AFRICA” Location: Chambers Auditorium Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm We invite you to come and learn about different cultural and societal issues currently dealt with in Africa, as well as educational facts of the wonderful continent THURSDAY APRIL 29 COMMUNITY SERVICE Location: Meet at Black Culture Center Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm Come hang out with ASA and help volunteer at the Food Bank of Central Missouri Friday APRIL 30 “MOVIE NIGHT” $1 showing of Invictus Location: Jesse Wrench Auditorium Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

The Light  

African Student Association-Mizzou yearly newsletter

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