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The Hidden Truth is a literary and arts magazine featuring work from AS220 Youth members, students at the Rhode Island Training School (R.I.T.S.) and the Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program (UCAP) middle school. While AS220 has an uncensored, unjuried policy our partnership with the Rhode Island Training School requires us to edit. We cannot print work that glorifies crime, drug use or violence. We also have to stay away from graphic sexual content and excessive foul language. We believe that we have attained a balance between AS220’s “anything goes” philosophy and DCYF’s pro-social goals. In the pages of The Hidden Truth, you’ll find the voices of young people --as diverse as they come--in their truest form.


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fresh faces JORGE, 17 -

“I always knew about AS220 because my friends came here. They did a lot of art stuff that I liked, so i just came here and gave it a shot. I now take classes in sculpture, screen-printing, graphic design and sketch up. Right now I’m making a television out of a cardboard box, a frame and foursticks. It looks like one of those old tvs with the antennas and it’s going to have discovery channel.”


Christopher came to AS220 Youth to be part of the performance program. “I am the beat making-est beat maker”, he says of his music. “I am part of a group called The Residents, we are the next Wu-Tang! We are trying to record a mix tape. If you guys wanna know anything about me I’m here every Monday, just look for the guy with the cool hat. Or the guy in the polo jacket. I will always be here.” Check back with Christopher in April when The Residents mix tape drops!

WILMER, 17 -

“I got introduced to AS220 by my older brother Anthony. Hes been here since 2008…I think. I signed up for classes because I needed to start building my portfolio for school. So I’m taking photo mem and screen printing and a bunch of other interesting stuff. “


album review

Article by Greg

United ‘s Self–Titled Demo is an album by a young and upcoming group of music artists from Providence, Rhode Island. These 6 artists Robert, Dioriz, Chrismel, Beverly, Jesus & Shondi are all students in UCAP in Providence. Their primary goal is to express not only what they feel through music but also their experiences. They choose to use their musical gifts to promote social change, justice and to unite people around the world.

Ashner Alexis I said I’m white but I’m made of cinderblock I done seen a couple people come thru when the drama start seen a couple juveniles makin dey bed and then another group of residents acting out what they read from the books on they desk times got loud to the point where I thought I was deaf sometimes I listen to the portable being used or the staff peepin doors just checking on you plus I heard the buzzin so you better check your door heard couple niggas rap about “its a stick upget, get on the floor!” “It’s refreshing to hear good, conscious come from such young artists.” And its like sometimes I gottahip-hop hold my nose Cause its gets a little ronchy from dem dirty clothes “TheyBut are on a vibrant performers happy to work with.” da flipgroup sideofsmells kina who goodI’m onvery a saturday morning “TheyAnd are wise beyond years.“ I easily feeltheir tension like the pressure you get when your recording “They’re young and full of talent for social change” niggaz tryna have there court pushed back so they stallin United’s current home base is AS220 where they also come to design artistic

projects, and take their ideas to another level. United also Performed at places such as the Atrium gallery, Providence City Hall, East Providence City Hall and AS220. If you see or hear this review just know United is on their way.

IF COULD Imagine if the very walls around us overheard our conversations. Imagine if they saw us on our worst and best of days or could feel what we were feeling. Imagine if walls could smell the aroma of candles burning or taste the dreams and aspirations of the people who live within them? Imagine, IF WALLS COULD TALK.

If only walls could talk and understand what we go thru I can imagine what they gon’ do Looking at what we been thru If only walls could talk and understand what we go thru I can imagine what they gon’ do Looking at what we been thru


I got 4 walls, 2 double door, 7 jordans on the floor an He was in his bed snorin, brother on the floor drawin His TV blastin, he look over n he laughin he get up n he smack em n then they start scrappin

Angle 8

WALLS TALK I said I’m white but I’m made of cinderblock I done seen a couple people come through when the drama start Seen a couple juveniles makin dey bed and then another group of residents acting out what they read From the books on they desk times got loud to the point where I thought I was deaf Sometimes I listen to the portable being used or the staff peepin doors just checking on you Plus I heard the buzzin so you better check your door Heard couple niggas rap about “It’s a stick up, get on the floor!” And it’s like sometimes I gotta hold my nose Cause it gets a little raunchy from dem dirty clothes But on da flip side smells kina good on a Saturday morning And I easily feel tension like the pressure you get when your recording Niggaz tryna have there court pushed back so they stallin

if only walls could talk matter of fact ima let dat beat spark Ashner


When they moved into the crib he was just a lil kid Early in life just wandering This room downstairs was just a room they did laundry in Now lets move on to when his step dad moved on in He be smoking so this room became the smokin room They didn’t let him go in cuz they didn’t want him to inhale the smoke too When he tried to go in he always ran into a locked door But eventually he got in and the room became a lot more He got older, lotta things on his shoulders Moved out the crib to his grandfathers Around that time he became a smoker When he went to see his mom and his step father He’d smoke bogies in the downstairs room when he came over Fast forward he moved back to the crib Just doin what he do n times were changing He needed a new space so he moved to the basement A new spot were he could bring hunnies under the blanket Then when he’s done go to the next room and take a hit In this room where he smokes his greenery He said “there’s a lot this room means to me” Its not about the scenery just the fact it brings peace to me” Sometimes he’d be in here with his homies and hunnies hitten Ls But sometimes he’d be by himself And there’d be this vibe in the room When I heard his rhymes I could feel his mood I could feel him just let go N when I would hear him spittin verses I’d reply with an echo Paul


Day they came and did their time Couple wins loses off courses Had them feeling kinda cursed Like they stuck up in a herse It’s better than doing time in the dirt Couple people getting hurt from da crime dat they did Now they stuck up ina cell with an 8 month bid Man they sick, times got hard Heard him spit couple bars It was fire like standing on mars Pause- heard his heart thumpin through his chest Thoughts running through his head like why I let the slug touch his flesh Shaquille Allyene Will the judge say yes or make him stay Can’t wait till the day that they let him out Ayefeeling I’m crazy thr walls Had him like aifquitter causeare he talking been dropped out bout to spark this L can hear dogsout is barking If only walls could talk I woulda been shout without a warrant them fedz just barge in Whats all this bout man can’t you stay free!? it looks bad but its worse if ya dark skinned Its hell in the hood, brothers burning to the 3rd degree the toilet malfunctions so I’ll flush it in portions If onlythem wallsguys couldwanna talk lock us up its worse than extortion

If you give em a lump sum narcs you don’t run from the scales in the bathroom but fish we don’tAshner have one tryna fix the toilet cuz I gotta flush the last one if not a jail sentence I’ll catch one the bathroom wall is tellin me it seen it allan eye witness to false probable cause


I seen a lot of you of young men get shot and having sex while they smoking pot Yeah just the stuff never stops Peguro the cops is always locking them up

I got 4 walls, 2 double door, 7 jordans on the floor an He was in his bed snorin, brother on the floor drawin Anonymous His TV blastin, he look over n he laughin he get up n he smack em n the they start scrappin


SWAGG by Betty

Swag is what you have but not what you got How you carry yourself not what you bought Swag is acceptance and accepting yourself Accepting everybody else not judging by wealth Swag is originality, no matter your sexuality boy, girl, straight, gay don’t care what you have to say Cause if you’re not accepting then you can get the steppin’



One day I was on my way home from getting my hair cut right, and

this guy was in the back singing (what will you do for a klondike bar), and he said “I’ll give you all my teeth.” So he was taking them out one by one, well I feel bad for him, he has to eat that ice cream with no teeth, his new name is Gummy Bear No Teeth.

So this family went to a travel agency to get four tickets to LA, so

they get there, and there is an old man there who looked like he hadn’t bathed in years so they ask for their tickets and he started singing “I got one ticket to paradise”, then the Dad says “But sir we need four tickets”, and he started singing “I got one ticket to paradise.” “When can we leave?” the dad says. The man said (sings) “Pack your bags we can leave tonight.” The dad said “Dear I’m a go ok you stay with the kids and cook OK, I’ll let you know how it was.”

So back on the bus and I was still going home cuz for some reason

the bus driver was going (2mph) and had the doors open, so we was slowly passing a store so I got off the bus and went in the store to get one of those almond joy to see if the trees will appear when I open it up. I ask the clerk how much was it he said free, I was like really he goes yeah we don’t support no damn George Zimmerman, I was like OK. I go outside and look, there is my bus going 2mph with the doors open so I get back on, open the almond joy — BOOM Sunset Blvd on the RIPTA bus then I wake up and go, damn it figures, Mike’s Tales.

Mike’s Tales: Fee Fi Foh Fum Fee fi foh fum, who lives in that bean stalk? Wally and his dollys. So there are three tall people by the name of Gnam (mom), Mike (brother) and Wally (brother). Gnam’s son Wally had an obsession with dolls. Wally (sings): Dollys dollys I’m playin with my dollys! Mike (laugh): Your such a sissy man, you might as well wear a skirt — ha ha ha! Gnam (slap): What I tell you about talkin like that! Where’d you learn that from, huh? Mike: From the streets of New York, me and Wally walk them at night and hear things mom, sorry!!! (as he cries) Gnam: Never go down there, I said you will get killed if you’re caught — SO STAY!!! Mike: OK mom (still crying) Gnam: What in the world did I tell you about goin down there!? If I catch you playin with another doll, I’ll beat you with em! I know you got them from being in the dump street down there. So Gnam walks away… Mike: How you get Barbie dolls, sissy? Wally: From walkin in the streets of New York with you, wimpy punk boy! Mike: Whatever loser! So later that day… Wally (sings): Dolly, dolly, I’m playin with my dolly! Mike: Ewww, mom, Wally’s playin with Barbie dolls! Gnam (slaps Mike): Stop tellin all the time boy! Mike: Where in the heck are you getting these dolls from? Wally: My closet (with a sad face) Gnam goes in the closet and sees (uh oh)… Gnam: How in the world do you have 25yrs of Barbie dolls?! So as Gnam beats Wally in the head, Mike laughs and Wally finally screams and Manny (Miguel) wakes up scared and surprised. Manny (Miguel): Whoa, what a dream. Sheesh, it figures, Mike’s Tales. (End)


What If Is My Question BY D-REX

What if the meteor strikes planet Earth? What If the article is all true? People will call it Bad News. All I know is that world won’t end in 2012. In my opinion, It’s all fake. I knew it very well. People shouldn’t believe it, man. Some of them will. Sometime, they just brainless. Scared to get killed. Seriously, a lot of people need to wake up. If they don’t, things will get worst. It’ll be dangerous. It’s like believing the bad guy. Everything he wrote is a lie. Cause he made up stuff to make people believing. Don’t trust this guy. What if the army use missiles to destroy the falling objects? What if their weapon is so effective against them? We’ll be save seisa. What If I’m the guardian of the universe? What If people change opinion about this event? Answers will be heard.

What If God exists in real life? What If He can help me and the people? That will be polite. What If angels come to the real world to talk to me? What If they give me wings to fly? I’ll be amp, g. What If Jesus comes to us and guides our path? What If he gives us a positive power and brings peace back? What If we turn the world into freedom? What if the good can stop all the non-sense and violence? What If God brings my uncle back to life? Wish he came to graduation and be proud, right? What If I help Africa and donate for Education? What If it’s people’s struggles help them learn without hesitation? What If the fallen musician came back and made a new album? What If they restarted their journey without any problems? What If My success made people showing me more respect? What If My process helped me succeed and finish my project? What If My country was filled with happiness and joy? What If the government made laws for bullying? I’d be glad, boy. What If pollution hits New England and the whole country? Is it gonna give people bacteria and end their lives? But We’ll see.






Hello People “Hello people, my name is Uriah. I love Hello people, my name is Uriah. I love drawing and painting and also graffiti. That’s what I love doing. drawing and painting and also graffiti. I started when I was 11. I used to watch my brother drawing and I was interested wanteddoing. to do something that waswhen cool for me. That’s whatandI I love I started I My art is about my life. What I see and do, I draw it. Also I draw my was I used watch myI dobrother dream.11. For real When I feel weak anything that comes in my mind. and I was interested and I wanted drawing When I’m drawing I like telling stories that come in my mind. to dotosomething that was cool forpeople art I want sell my art and get money. I want to show so that they know about me. I want people to ask me to draw for them. Whenart I’m drawing I use bright My is about my colors. life. What I see and When I’m drawing I use a lot of characters and also I put scenes do, I draw it. Also I draw my dreams. For in it. When I’m drawing I like using the whole canvas real thought. When I feel weakto make it full with a lot of different characters. IWhen do I’m anything comes my drawing on that the canvas I maketo a background to make the picture look like itsI’m popping up. mind.When drawing I like When I’m drawing I do my own style. That way, people will recogtelling that come to my nize that it stories was my drawing.



“I want to sell my art and get money. I want to show people my art so that they know about me. I want people to ask me to draw for them. When I’m drawing I use bright colors. When I’m drawing I use a lot of characters and also I put scenes in it.When I’m drawing I like using the whole canvas to make it full with a lot of different characters. When I’m drawing on the canvas I make a background to make the picture look like its popping up. When I’m drawing I do my own style. That way, people will recognize that it was my drawing. “


Simile By Joel

I’m like an owl always out at night, Dont like the morning cause I ain’t too bright, I’m like the NBA always askin for a shot, Speakin of all the thoughts I got memories don’t have a lot, They treated me like a disc flipped n flopped, So I’m feeling like the fall cause I always been dropped, False lies currupted the mind of true, I’m like the maker of Hip Hop cause I’m always feelin blue, I always wanted to picture myself on top, But I’m like a pressured ballon they wanna make me pop, I’m like an orange only one compares a rhyme, Feelin like MJ all I say is foul lines, I put my thumb up cause I always need a lift, Silent willing important facts tips they call me swift, Livin in the fast lane but I seem to shift, But I’m like Christmas every line is a gift,


By Edwin

Gunshots and Lullabies By Chrismel

I was raised in the ghetto all my boys dying Looking to the left and all the mamas crying These thugs sticking people up haven’t done enough Knocking on the door tryna steal, yeah its rough I thought it couldn’t be real always saying stop, By the time I said it my brother dropped They were all gone, me believing life goes on These feelings are so strong, all of this seems so wrong Yeah I seen em fight gang vs gang, it ain’t right Gunshots were my lullaby at night I seen my people in the struggle, so many hustle All these people with bloody knuckles Just tryna get by but their kids are getting high With all these drive by bullets on the block everyone not tryna get shot I couldn’t go & play around you can’t be chillen on this side of town I lost people I love but my heads up I’ve had enough



IF WALLS COULD TALK By Justin Q Livin’ in a journey Livin’ home where there is no peace


A MOMENT TO SAY I LOVE YOU When we’re by ourselves, I want to say that you mean the world to me and that I never want to let you go. When the moon comes out and smiles at me, it motivates me to smile and say I love you. When we’re in front of everyone, I want to say how I feel about you no matter what happens. A moment to say I love you is all I need to celebrate everything we’ve been through and to appreciate all the love and dedication from you to me. Thank you baby. 24


Comic by Ken

THINGS THAT I’VE LEARNED BY D-REX VERSE 1 I worked successfully. My family was proud of me Cause I did what I suppose to do. I made honors, G When I was a freshman, I focused on my own work I know Math, Languages, and stuff. That’s good enough. When I was in science class. I learned about velocity It’s means speed. That’s the definition, you see? So I watched the thing going fast. It has too much speed power. As the bell ring, I went to math class to solve problems. I figured out what the answer is. So I got em. For example, 7XK=21. K is gonna be number 3. That’s the answer ,son. I made my teacher so proud. That’s why I’m smart. Because I pay good attention. I was a star. So I pass the test with an A. A stands for Accurate. I was a proud student after all. So don’t hate. As for history, the teacher told me about Egypt. So I look at the book. It has a picture of statues. I read an article about the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was constructed over 20 years. I tried to teach ya. It was finished in 1300. It has 3 different classes. There were Leaders, Scribes, and Farmers. I said fast. Plus, Pharaohs were Egyptian Kings. They ruled each place. They also married their queens. When the teacher asked the question. I raised my hand. I said the answer out loud. I was confident, man. Then I pass the final exam. So I moved on to the next level. These are the things that I’ve learned, getting good grades is what I deserved. CHORUS Things that I’ve learn are still in my brain. I keep memorizing them. But I’m insane. Math is easy, History is challenging. But I tried my best. I passed every single class. But I finished my test.


VERSE 2 I got Chemistry class in my senior year. It’s similar to science, dude. Here’s the news. I went to the wrong class. But there was a history teacher. She told me to go to the other room. So I resumed. I was in the right class. I was ready to work. The teacher knew I was prepared you heard. So I learned more about the atom and compounds. I’m gonna tell the info about them both. Here we go. There are 3 parts of atoms. I’ll name them for you. There are Neutrons, Electrons, and Protons. An Electron is a negative charge. A proton is a positive charge. Neutron is the center of an atom. I got aim. Two atoms combines into a covalent compound. It’s also made of Molecules. It’s the fact, Black It’s shares electrons. So they have to be equal. They’ll go to each side. But you gotta realize. Like the teacher gave me the sheet of paper. I made two atoms. Then put two electrons in between them. It was easy, G. After I finish, I showed my teacher my work. She said, ”Good job, D-Rex.” I asked, “ What’s next?” Then she said, “You can take a break.” Then I received an A D-Rex is like, “ Yes, I did it.” In my mind, I said, “Hooray.” As you can see, I’m just an awesome students. I did all my project, activities, and I had good improvement. I made 4 honor rolls, dogs. I’m a straight up beast. Cause I got all As and Bs on my report card, I tried hard. I’m an intelligent being graduated with honors. It was a very good ending. But I’m ready to move on, son. Oh yeah, Class of 2011, Baby! D-Rex!!!




Keep It Real By Ricky Keep it real is, real. Expressing how you really feel. Keep it real is, straight up. Even when wrong saying enough is enough. Keep it real is, not hiding tears, But it’s letting it all show it’s relieving fears . Keep it real is, keeping your word And not changing it I’m talking to the boys and girls. How do I keep it real? I read my bible and simply chill.

Sanity By Betty Sanity is being same and keeping your mind right, Making sure you stay focused and keeping your hindsight. No matter how much they push you never fall off You be staying dormant, you don’t pop off. Sanity is you, your always so chill. Unlike others when something happens they’re ready to kill. Bill call it kill bill call it feel real always still. Call it SANE while yous bombin’ like Baine. You insane in the membrane, life ain’t a game. Keep your mind straight keep it tame, Always so mellow calm, Yeah I got the world in my palm.



LIKE A PANTHER By Greg I’m like a panther, very rare. I’m like a boxer, jabbin’ at your soul. I’m pure as water, original . I’m paradise, like big dreamer. I’m as deep as your guiltiness. I’m like an a capella, never beated . I’m like the color blue, a sign of emotion. I’m like Ray with Kim, I just wanna stick it in. I’m like Christmas, what you always wanted.

I’m like a lion I lounge from afar. I zone in on you like a linebacker. I’m like chocolate I melt in your mouth, not in your hand. Cold as the winter. Deep as the feeling during a kiss. Poppin my collar louder than rap. As cold as a snow blue. Infamous like OJ. Making it snow like christmas.


WHERE I’M FROM A COLLECTION OF POEMS FROM UCAP MIDDLE SCHOOL Andrew I’m from where people trying to make money always End up getting locked up I’m from where people always getting robbed I’m from where people get smoked for no reason I’m from when you walk out side all you smell is weed I’m from where you have no real friends Jaziel I am from rice, beans, chicken and soda I am from Spanish music I am also from listening to Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chains I am from watching the Redsox

Chris I’m from cops harassing people I’m from trees being sold more than food I’m from where you run your mouth, better run your legs I’m from people throwing fireworks at people when driving by then blowing up like an Illuminati puppet career I’m from you hear them sirens you run and never look back, never stop I’m from where smoking is a daily routine

Odalys I’m from too much lemonade will kill your blood cells I’m from an annoying brother, yapping all the time I’m from “turn it down or you’ll go deaf” I’m from tired mornings, and busy nights I’m from my mom saying, “Look what I got” I’m from I love you, to go upstairs


Jahmol I’m from underground rap I’m from corner stores and drug dealers I’m from rice, beans, potatoes and meat I’m from crime scenes and broken glass I’m from art drawings I’m from family fights every time I’m from red, blue and Weswelker I’m from Koolaid I’m from car chases and stabbings I’m from touch downs to the flips and Rob Dyrdeck

Neslie I’m from a strong mother who takes care of my lazy brother and me I’m from a young child and a mother who struggles to give a good life to my daughter I’m from crazy Spanish, Puerto Rican, partying family I’m from delicious rice with beans and chicken, alcapuria and pastels I’m from la Isla de Puerto Rico I’m from pinchos, pastelitos, carne, arroz, pernil, arroz con dulce, arroz con leche and all about that Puerto Rican food I’m from beaches, lakes, rivers and bathing suits I’m from a live, hype and crazy family I’m from Hennessey, Brugal, Long Islands and party to midnight, and not leaving out, I’m from hookah! Manny I am from loud church mornings I’m from a dead end and racism I am from white schools and Asian students I am from rice, beans, chicken and plantains I am from parties and street races on Saturday nights I’m from gangs and haters I’m from family fights and dominos


Mission statement of As220 Youth AS220 Youth is a free arts education progam serving young people ages 14 - 21, with a special focus on those in the care and custody of the state. Our goal is to engage youth in a creative process that will lead to positive social, educational and vacational outcomes.

mission statement of the Ri Youth Development CenteR Our mission is to ensure that our students develop the knowledge, skills, and values that will prepare them to succeed in school, work and the community.



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The Hidden Truth is a literary and arts magazine featuring work from AS220 Youth members, students at the Rhode Island Training School (R.I....

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