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Matiana “Matiana is one of the first names of Goreme district in Cappadocia, where the Matiana Travel was born. The story of “Matiana” name is; “Once upon a time, an old Orthodox-Christian lady lived in Goreme district, who was very famous for her holy personality. She was always optimistic and everyone who had a question, used to ask for her optimistic advises. Her name was “Mati” and people used to call her Mati-ana, which means “Mother Mati”; because she was kind hearted to everyone just like all mothers. Her big embracing heart and positive energy became so popular that whenever people were going to visit this neighborhood, they responded to people who asked “Where are you going to?” as “I am going to Mati-ana.” This name remained as a name of the district.” Today, Matiana Travel Team’s motive is to keep her legacy alive. We serve well to our guests, take care of their requests and find the best solutions; just like she did.”


About us...


“You will give joy to the people if you enjoy yourself ” Matiana Team is a group of people who have agreed on above statement. Matiana Travel is a part of Indigo Group of Companies. Matiana Team’s aim is to bring you high quality services. Innovation, development and seeking differences are the key words of Matiana Team. We have been following these principles successfully for over a decade. Boutique is one of our projects. It is a world-wide web chain for luxury boutique travel agencies. It allows us to create combination programs with member countries. We are always aware of our responsibilities as a member of ‘Sustainable Travel Agencies International’ while we are creating new programs and finding new destinations. Not only we provide accommodation or tours but also represent Modern Turkey and its rich history. Matiana Travels priority, as a responsible team, is to introduce you the cultures in Turkey and protect them including the nature. Matiana Travel provides luxury services to all guests regarding their needs. High quality services, accommodations and vehicles are presented along with elegant concierge services. We all are reachable for 24 hours. We bring the best solutions and apply them swiftly regarding the situation. We are proud to say that we respond all e-mails within 24 hours or faster. We offer you a short cut to exclusive services.

Simply, Matiana Travel offers you a short-cut to exclusive services…


About Turkey


There are numerous reasons for visiting Turkey. To begin with, this wonderful land is blessed by a lovely nature. Surrounded by seas on three sides, it is covered by mountains, forests, steppes and all sorts of land variations, all of which are of superb beauty. Indeed, the big part of the country is as lovely as a national park. The genuine friendliness and traditional hospitality of Turkish people towards visitors are wellknown worldwide. And then of course, the history of this land, called Anatolia, is incredibly rich and long.

Istanbul Ankara Izmir




Turkey has hosted more than 36 civilizations over the past 5000 years. The whole country is the reflection of this richness; through its culture, traditions and archeology. Turkey still hosts many ethnic and religious minorities such as Armenians, Jewish, Christians, old Levantine families and much more. Ottoman Empire is the most influential civilization on today’s Turkey. The famous silhouette of Istanbul, great monuments, famous tiles and Ottoman cuisine are some examples. Their influence on daily life, architecture, literature and art are impressive. Turkey has borders with Armenia, Iran, Syria, Greece, Bulgaria and Georgia all of which also have great influence on the culture of Turkey. As a matter of fact, Turkey is the cradle of civilizations and Matiana Travel invites you to follow their footsteps in their motherland‌


LANGUAGE The most difficult change in any society is probably a language reform. Most nations never attempt it; those who do, usually prefer a gradual approach. Under Atatürk’s Leadership, Turkey undertook the modern world’s swiftest and most extensive language reform. In 1928, when he decided that the Arabic script, which had been used by Turks for a thousand year, should be replaced with the Latin alphabet. He asked the experts: “How long would it take?” Most of them replied: “At least five years.” “We shall do it,” Ataturk said, “within five months”. Today, Turkey has major universities all over the country. Except for Europe and North America she has one of the world’s highest ratios of university graduates to population. English and German are widely spoken in hotels and restaurants resorts and cities. In villages it can be difficult to find people who speak languages other than Turkish. But the natural friendliness of Turkish people will overcome many barriers. If you learn even a few basic words of Turkish you will be rewarded with an enthusiastic response form the people.

Safety At this very moment there’s not a single reason not to come to Turkey. Regarding the average crime rate, most foreigners will be even safer in Turkey than at home. The crime rate in Istanbul (about 12 million inhabitants) is far lower than in western countries and in non-touristic part of Turkey.




Turkey is a democratic, secular republic which was established in 1923 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The founder of Modern Turkey is Ataturk who led Turkish people in the 1919-1922 War of Independence. He went on to reform the education system and language, replaced the Koranic law with European codes and commenced the process of building a modern, industrial society.

It is a well- known fact to those who have already been to Turkey, which The Turkish Republic is a singular and unique country, totally different from all Islamic countries of the world.

In 1949, Turkey became a member of the Council of Europe. In 1952, Turkey joined NATO and played a vital role in the Cold War. In 1995, Turkey joined the Customs Union with Europe and has applied for full membership of the European Union.

You need to be aware though that Turkey, some areas are still conservative and the values of Islam are widely respected. Very informal or revealing clothing can be seen as disrespectful, especially in small towns.



The new Civil Code, adopted in 1926, abolished polygamy and recognized the equal rights of women in divorce, custody, and inheritance. The entire educational system from the grade school to the university became coeducational. Ataturk greatly admired the support that the national liberation struggle received from women and praised their many contributions: “ In Turkish society, women have not lagged behind men in science, scholarship, and culture. Perhaps they have even gone further ahead.” He gave women the same opportunities as men, including full political rights. In the mid-1930s, 18 women, among them a villager, were elected to the national parliament. And Turkey had:

Turkey has a diverse range of climates. The coasts are generally mild in winter and hot in summer. The interior is warm in summer and cold in winter so you will need to bring clothes according to the season. Turks are generally informal in their choice of clothing and so there is little need to bring formal wear.

“The world’s first women supreme court justice.”

It is indeed a modern, democratic, secular country, where everyone can openly belong to any religion of their choice. This is guaranteed by the Constitution itself. Although the great majority of the population is Moslems, there is total respect and tolerance towards other convictions, cultures and descent.

Turkey is a country which can be enjoyed by walking either for the scenery or visiting the touristic sites. Good footwear, hat, sun glasses and sun protector creams are advisable. Turkey uses 220 volt electricity, 50 cycles, 2 pin European plug system, so you will need to bring an adapter if your electricity system is different.


THE MAIDEN’s TOWER (Turkish: Kız Kulesi) One of the symbols of today’s Istanbul silhouette with its delicate figure and mixture of Byzantine and Ottoman Art. Because of its special location The Maiden’s Tower was connected with some legends but originally it has been used as a light-house since Byzantine times…


Istanbul It is an unquestionable fact that Istanbul is one of the oldest and the most attractive metropolitan cities in the world. In the narrow streets of Istanbul, you can find the “thing” you want; top luxury restaurants or hotels, nightclubs along the Bosporus as well as great monuments from different periods, rich museums, relaxing spas and unique shops. Istanbul provides all these within its borders, with great variation. The role of Matiana Travel here is finding the best options for you. Regarding our guests’ request, we suggest the best hotels that fit their needs. Our professional guides are the best in their field and are exceptional with their services. Besides, the concierge service of Matiana Travel follows the updates of all events in Istanbul and share these information with our valuable guests and make suggestions about the most interesting and appealing events, such as special concerts or exhibitions.

Did you know that ? Famous Argonauts passed through Bosphorus while looking for Golden Fleece… Tomb of Hannibal is very close to Istanbul, in Gebze… Green columns of Hagia Sophia were brought from Artemision, one of the seven wonders of ancient world…



HAGIA SOPHIA It was the biggest cathedral in the world for thousands of years until the Duomo Cathedral in Italy finished in 16th century. The only difference is Hagia Sophia was built between 532 to 537 and Duomo Cathedral was built between 1296 to 1436 while the half of the outer façade was not completed. Moreover, Hagia Sophia is the first sample of rectangular building with a dome‌ 12




BOSPHORUS Bosphorus had a great role in Argonauts ‘ famous journey in which they met with Harpies and with the guidance of a dove, they managed to pass through Symplegad (Crushing blue Rocks)and reached the Black Sea.



GRAND BAZAAR The charming covered bazaar is always attractive with its labyrinth-like streets, colorful souvenir shops and its atmosphere. The important thing is, it is still special for Turkish people because of the jewel-crafters for shopping before weddings.

CHORA CHURCH/KARIYE MUSEUM The word of Chora was an adjective given to Christ which meant “the largest sphere that is contained by man’s spiritual meaning”. Mosaics and frescoes of the church are counted as the best of 14th century Byzantine Art.

Could you say “No, thank you” to a sunset cruise to watch the beauties of Istanbul in your private boat and then step in one of the chic restaurants along the Bosphorus for dinner?


PASABAG This remote section is the place where you can see the dying or maturing fairy chimneys but more over, this place called as Monk Valley because it was used for hermitage. The hermitage of Simeon monks was also here.


Cappadocia Cappadocia is a masterpiece of the nature with its interesting landscape. Nature, time and people create the features of this interesting region. Cave churches (oldest ones date back to late 3rd or early 4th centuries, with colorful frescoes), underground cities, valleys, fairy chimneys have an effect on daily life. Cave-hotels are one of the best examples of it. Especially, the first luxury unique cave hotel, Museum Hotel, which is the sister company of Matiana Travel, will make a great difference in your holiday with unforgettable moments‌ Cappadocia is the new destination of tourism. It provides different things than the guests used to have in different parts of the world. Different history, landscape and art concept are just remarkable. Matiana Travel is originally from Cappadocia and we will be more than glad to host you in our land. The best hotel suggestions with different facilities and special tour programs created by Matiana Travel will be at your service.

Did you know that ? Explosion of Mt. Hasan in Cappadocia was the subject of the first landscape painting in the world as a wall-painting that you can see in Anatolian Civilization Museum in Ankara.




GOREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM Reclusion, monastery life, icons‌ all are shaped in here. Mainly from the 3rd and 4th century the churches have great samples of local art with natural colored frescoes. This site counts as a UNESCO World Heritage because of its uniqueness.


HOT AIR BALLOONING Cappadocia is famous because of its landscape and tremendous views. Hot air balloons provide you to see these beauties from different angles. It is the absolute highlight of the region.

KAYMAKLI and DERINKUYU UNDERGROUND CITIES Multi level underground cities remain from the 8th and 7th century BC and had been used by all civilizations that inhabited them. They used them mainly to protect themselves against their enemies. Both of them are the most known.

How does it sound to be a witness of the daily life in Cappadocia? Being a guest in a local house, tasting local food and enjoying the real Cappadocian life?



UNDERGROUND CISTERN (YEREBATAN) Water was the main problem in Istanbul and they needed water to use in unfortunate days. Cisterns were born with this idea and The Underground Cistern is the biggest and adorned one.

Cultural Turkey is a bridge between Europe, Asia and Middle East. Many different civilizations had stayed or passed through these lands and each of them left their traditions and products. Therefore, Turkey has a rich culture both in history and cuisine. Hittites, Urartians, Frigians, Antique Greeks, Romans, Turks, Arabs, Armenians and much more… Matiana Travel offers you to trace their footprints in Anatolia. You will be amazed by Hittites art when you see the similarity to Egyptian Art. Bee-hive houses of Harran which is one of the oldest cities in the world, Stone houses of Mardin, Ruins of Ani and much more. Matiana Travel creates special routes and programs for each of their guests to make them see these unexplored beauties with the combination of good accommodation, the best guides and comfortable vehicles…

Did you know that ? Very first peace treaty “Kadesh” was signed between Egypt and Hittites, an Anatolian civilization… Troy of Iliad is in Canakkale… Two of the Seven Wonders of Ancient world is in Turkey… The Amazons lived in Turkey in Black Sea…



Safranbolu This small village is the best sample of countryside architecture with its small old Turkish houses with their original plans. Especially, the Yoruk Village has many details to make you understand the life in Anatolia.



EPHESUS One of the well preserved antique cities, Ephesus takes part in the Bible as one of the Seven churches of Revelation. Its glory from the past is still shining from its marbles‌



HARRAN It is one of the oldest cities in the world has been continuously inhabited by people. It is subjected in Holy Books related with Abraham. Its houses with cone-shaped roofs, fortress and first Islamic university’s ruins are in UNESCO World Heritage List. 24


How do you feel when you step in the places that had been a subject in the ancient legends or enter through the doors the emperors had passed…

Famous Gipsy girl mosaic from Zeugma antique city



Everyone wants to be remembered but one man, Anthiocus, wanted that a bit more… He decided to sit and watch the sunrise and sunset with his Gods and Goddesses forever. Today, this special place is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Antakya was one of the passages between Mediterranean to Middle East in ancient times. That’s why the city has a great mixture of culture and you can see this richness in the mosaics exhibited in Antakya Mosaic Museum, the second largest mosaic Museum in the world. 25


“Deisis” scene, Hagia Sophia- Upper Gallery Deisis means “begging” in Orthodox Iconography. This icon is counted as one of the best 12th century mosaics in the world. Style, art concept and expression of the figures are far beyond its century.

Religious Journey of the belief has the same destiny with world history and Turkey is one of the places where the religious beliefs got shaped. Muslim tradition says Abraham was born in Edessa and stayed in Harran for a while, St. Paul and St. Nicholas were born in Anatolia, Seven churches of revelation, Grotto of Seven sleepers, the House of Virgin Mary,the Holy relics of Prophet Mohammed, the tomb of Mevlana Celaleddin Rum-I … and all are in Anatolia. Matiana Travel invites you to learn the meaning of whirling dervishes’ delicate dances for God, follow the steps of St. Paul, see the cave where the Abraham was born and visit the House of Virgin Mary where she spent her last days.

Did you know that ? The oldest temple of the world, Gobekli Tepe is in Sanliurfa… The House of Virgin Mary was found by dreams of Sister Emmerich in Germany… In the Legend of Great Flood, after the withdrawal of the waters, Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Agri in Eastern Anatolia…




Jesus Christ commend his mother to St. John and after crucified of Jesus, they traveled to Anatolia and common belief is, St. John brought her to here where he tried to extend his words to community of Ephesus and her house found in mysterious way…


“O fire! Be cool and become peace for Abraham” Quran. The birth place of Abraham where he had tried to kill by King Nimrod as throwing him into furnace and with God’s will, fire turned into water and wood pieces become carps.

What can be more special than to pray in a place where the Holy People had been…



KONYA MEVLANA CELALEDDIN RUMI “Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving, it doesn’t matter…” Mevlana He lived and spent his life in Konya and extended his peaceful words to the world from here. 29


Blue Cruise Turkey is a peninsula that is surrounded by the sea. Its beauty especially shows itself on the Aegean coast, where its geographical formation created many untouched bays with turquoises color water; thus Bodrum and Gocek are the two leading destinations for Blue cruises. Matiana Travel provides private boats with different sizes and facilities. You may want to stay in the Aegean coast or we, as Matiana Travel, can make special programs combining the Aegean coast with some of the Greek islands. Friendly crew, high quality private Gulets with skillful chiefs and turquoises colors of the sea are just irresistible for any cruise lover…

Did you know that ? “Turquoise” word derives from the French word for Turkish (Turquoise) and identifies the beautiful color of waters of the Aegean & Mediterranean Sea …


Blue Cruise

BLUE CRUISE This is not a sport nor a way of holiday. It is just a way of joy and tranquility. Voice of tides and feelings of the breeze can not compare with anything else but watching sunset at the deck with the smell of sea‌ 32

Blue Cruise

BODRUM This is the best destination for leisure and yachting. Turquoises color of the water, great hotels, sandy beaches and delicious foods will provide great times more then that you expect.

Is there any way to say “No� to taste the best Aegean foods or having special cooking class in your private gullet?

GOCEK This natural area is blessed with Turquoises color water and this untouched nature of the region is under protection with special law. Today, it is a Mekke of yachting.


ISTANBUL RESTAURANTS & COOKING LESSONS Istanbul is the resume of the Turkey in every aspects includes culinary. While in Istanbul, you can taste different regions food as well as having cooking class to learn how to cook with all hints&tips‌ 34




Culinary is an important part of Turkish culture. There are two main themes in Turkish Culinary, Anatolian and Ottoman. Anatolian cuisine is famous for its main courses, soups, appetizers, deserts, sauces and drinks. They can be totally different in each region or may have local variations, because each region has different way of cooking as well as different ingredients. Ottoman foods have been made in Ottoman Palaces only and their recipes were taken from palace libraries. For that reason, they are more limited. They are more like experimental dishes of the imperial kitchens. Wine, the drink of the Gods, has also special importance, especially in Cappadocia and Aegean coast. Fertile soil of the regions gives different taste and texture to them that can’t be explained but must be experienced. Matiana Travel provides special programs just on food & wine, as well as blending it within the cultural programs.

Did you know that ? A good baklava has at least 40 layers… In the chicken breast pudding we really use chicken breasts… Refusing the food that served by host is unacceptable…





WINE TOURS in TURKEY Drink of the Gods and Goddesses, wine has a special role through history. It was the irresistible drink for centaurs. Legend says that they could smell the good wine from hundred miles away‌ More important thing is in Antique Greek Mythology, Dionysus, the God of Wine and Wine Yards originally from Anatolia. He always depicted as his head surrounded with grapevine leaves and grapes. Today, Matiana Travel invites you to trace the grapes dropped from Dionysus head‌ 36




TRADITIONAL SOUTH EAST TASTES Richness of culture is just reflecting from the shine of the cupper plates. Spicy foods, kebabs, eggplants, rice and energy-full deserts are just like to invitation to unknown kingdom.

AEGEAN FOOD & WINE Olive, olive oil and wine‌ Holy trinity of Aegean cuisine is just a glimpse of the rich kitchen of Aegean Coast. Great olive oiled appetizer, fresh green salads, delicious sea-food along with wine, fits to table of Gods.

What can be more effective to put your hands and try to make your own food with directions of special chiefs?


CROSS GOLF in CAPPADOCIA Unprecedented experience in Golf. This environment-friendly way to golf is promise absolutely different face of Golf game. You will be able to play golf in historical sight with great environment and each throw will lead your tour route among the valley.


Golf Golf is an addictive sport which is about holding a club, calculating range, preparing your body for the hit and hitting the ball with full focus‌ Turkey, with its exceptional climate has good green areas that you can play golf. Especially Istanbul and Antalya are the main centers for classic Golf. Cross Golf in Cappadocia is an adventurous way of Golfing. Instead of green area and holes in the ground, you will be in the valleys of Cappadocia and using nets for targeting. First time in the world, we offer you to play golf in an UNESCO world heritage area.

Did you know that ? Cross Golf has no harmful effect on environment‌ Cappadocia is the only UNESCO World Heritage site where you can play Cross Golf.




Another aspect of Bodrum, where you can find little excitment of Golf during your leisure in Bodrum. With the fresh air of the region, you will feel ready for driving range shoots.


Green grass fields of region counts as one the best Golf area in Europe. With the breeze from Mediterranean sea, golfing has different feeling in Belek. Every year, many guests are coming for great competitions and enjoy.

Which Golf player can refuse that at the end of your swing exercise between fairy-chimneys, to have a private mini classical music concert in one of the beautiful valley to watch the sunset, relax and taste the Cappadocian wine?



GOLF in TURKEY Golf is world-accepted elite game with special dress-code and certain rules. Turkey is hosting the best golf fields of Europe and you can enjoy your game in Istanbul and Antalya with the standard rules. But, we are able to arrange an outstanding experience for you which is called Cross-golf in Cappadocia. This is the only place you can play golf in real world heritage without any harm. With our professional arrangements, Cross-golf will be your unforgettable experience.



Wedding Connecting life with only one yes… This magical moment must be blessed by a special organization and Matiana Travel will be your wedding planner to make it unforgettable. Wedding breakfast in the valleys of Cappadocia, Hot air balloon, special dinners, belly dancers, traditional music and special accommodations. Your wedding will be unforgettable for you and for your guests. Matiana Travel will organize everything with all details and surprises. Important thing is, you just need to tell what you want and we made all the arrangements, flawless.

Did you know that ? Wedding gift of Mark Antony to Cleopatra was the south western shore of Turkey… In Turkish traditions bride’s father ties a red ribbon around her waist to symbolize maidenhood and pureness. Rumor says that, writing name under the bridal shoes or having the piece of red ribbon will bring good luck to get married …

Who doesn’t want to have a Turkish Style wedding in Cappadocian valleys with all special arrangements in the valleys and even landing the ground with Hot air Balloon…


ANTALYA This is your special trip to honor your commitment. This must be rewarded by great services of Resort hotels of Antalya where they located on the coast of Turquoise color coast.


Honeymoon After all bustling of wedding, who deserves a holiday more than a newlywed couple? Matiana Travel offers you to make this trip unforgettable for you. Your interest is important for the concept of your honeymoon. Special spa treatments, great hotels, romantic dinners and much more will be organized by Matiana Travel for you…

Did you know that ? Honeymoon dates back to the ancient Babylonian tradition, where the word “honeymoon” was used to describe a tradition in which the bride’s father used to serve mead (honey wine) to the groom, which he drank every night for the first month (moon) of his marriage? This was basically followed to boost the couple’s fertility.





MUSEUM HOTEL Perfect place for perfect couple. Specially designed rooms only aimed your comfort and as a “Honeymoon couple” you will feel “special” with its little surprises for you.

What the Honeymoon couple asks more than having Turkish Bath with your spouse and then spending your day in a special suite and have dinner in the best restaurants best table…

HOT AIR BALLOONING in CAPPADOCIA Watching sunset with your love from hot air balloon, decorated with the amazing valleys of Cappadocia will be absolute highlight of your trip.


CIRAGAN PALACE Built in 17th century, Ciragan Palace is the only Ottoman Imperial Palace & Hotel by the Bosphorus. It is like a brilliant diamond in Bosphorus Strait and it deserves its name which derives from “ceragan” means “full of light” in Persian. It is like a monument of luxury…


Luxury 5 star hotels and latest model vehicles do not provide that service unless you don’t get the mentality. According to Matiana Travel, meaning of Luxury is “life style” from the service providers to hotels, from guides to waitresses in the restaurants people must know it and when the issue is making “luxury tour” we are only working special places where our guest will feel it. Special tables in the restaurants, VIP check-in in the airports, best rooms for accommodations and perfect facilities in the hotels are the only basics of our organizations. If our guest asks luxury service, we are making them feel it from every step.

Did you know that ? 86 carat Kasikci Diamond designed as a ring for Ottoman Sultans… The famous crystal staircases of Dolmabahce Palace were made in Baccara…



CIRAGAN PALACE’S PASHA & PRESIDENTIAL SUITE What can be the more luxurious than to stay in a Ottoman Palace? Great view of Istanbul, high quality service and energy in the hotel will surround you and make you feel simply, “special”

Which one would be “chic”?


MUSEUM HOTEL’S MUHTESHEM SUITE Anatolian exposition of luxury, where you can find comfort in best and natural way. All details of this room special design for its guests where butler service can provide on request. Museum hotel will be your unforgettable destination.

Having an airport transfer with private boat or sightseeing the city with helicopter or both?


PERA PALACE HOTEL It was the main hotel for the last stop of Orient Express, the king of the trains the train of the kings‌ With the last renovation, it is gaining back its old glory with the charm of our modern days‌


IZNIK TILES Iznik is a small town very close to Istanbul and famous about its tile production mainly for Ottoman Palace. Best products were sent to palace for usage in imperial buildings. Today, you can see the best samples both in Rßstem Pasa and Sokollu Mosques‌ 52

Turkish Art Because of the Islamic influence, Turkish art is specialized in different branches of art. Drawing a figure was forbidden and it forced artist to use only floral and geometrical motifs. These motifs, patterns applied as a painting, carving, weaving, inlaying, filigreeing or embroidering. But there are other branches that lesser known such as book binding, jewel crafting, copper-making, calligraphy and Ebru (marbeling). During your tours you will see or try to do some of them but if you have special interest to any of them, we can make your own Turkish Art tour about desired branch.

Did you know that ? Famous Tomato red color was only produced in 16th century and then no one could catch the same tone of the red again? In Kundekari, a special wood-inlaying technique, special materials such as mother of pearl, ivory and different color of woods inlayed without help of any pin or glue. In Ottoman times, because of their art value, books were expensive items and sometimes they used as donation item for mosques‌

How will you feel when you see the shape of drop color sprinkled from your brush for making your own Ebru (Marbling)


Ottoman night concept incentive cocktail in Museum Hotel...


Incentive Special groups need special attentions. For your special events & meetings Matiana Travel can show its skill to organize the best for them. Special transfers, best hotels, special activities and tours, special meals in special venues and gala dinners‌ We are professional about creating new programs with details. For incentive groups, generally they have limited times and they make tours just with very basic programs. However, we can add the spirit in the tour; a special concept regarding your group profile and this will be much more interesting and successful.

What can be more exclusive than having a gala dinner in front of the Celsius Library in Ephesus, in the garden of Dolmabahce palace or Goreme Open Air Museum‌


ISTANBUL (Head Office) Barbaros Bulvari IBA Bloklari 44/10 Balmumcu 34349 Besiktas / Istanbul, Turkey Phone : +90 (0)212 2881171 Fax : +90 (0)212 2881363

CAPPADOCIA (Branch Office) Yukari Mah. Eski Goreme Cad. No: 33 Uchisar Kasabasi 50240 Cappadocia Nevsehir, Turkey Phone : +90 (0)384 2712902 Fax : +90 (0)384 2712903

E-mail • Toll-Free 001-866-978-6360 GSM +90 533 7058073 (Emergency)

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