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My name is Ariadna, I’m 16 years old and my birthday is on May 27th. I live in Tecamac. I love sleeping and singing in the shower.

My cousins are Alexia, Erika and Yosi, They are my best friends. I lived with them unforgettable moments. They always support me and help me take good decisions.



She became a very special person in no time, I have a good time with it, is fun, happy and support you at all times.

She was my first friend in third semester, she is a very cheerful, listens and gives good advice.

Fanny is one of the most special and important people in my life, with her spend most of my time, always happy and infects everyone with his sense of humor, is a good friend that will always be where you need it most.

Happiness is a very important aspect in our life because it makes you see it in a positive way.

It is part of my life as it is what is giving me the opportunity to study and become a better person.

Is the name of my grandmother, she is 89 years old, is the person I love most in my life, I admire your courage and the way they always succeed.

My mom is the person I admire most is my role; she

supports me, listens to me and motivates me to be a better person.


My family is the most important in my life, without my family I could not go on, is my support and love each one of them. It is the best family in the world.

"Nina" So I say to my friend Adri, has little time I've known but at this time I have proven to be a good friend, spend time with her, is a person you can laugh for hours and hours, is a person in our community and has a great importance in my life.

I am Paris Hilton’s fan, I met her on March 29, 2011 when she came to Mexico. I admire what she does, I like her way of being, the way she dresses, etc.


My Sister is called Anahi, is 22 years old, I admire and love her.


Soff was my first friend when entering the CECyT no.5, always when I need it most, supports me at all times and is an example of a true friendship

Since I was born it was like my second mom, She cared me since I was little and part of my education, my values ​and everything else is because of her.

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A to Z Aryy  

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