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ROMANTIC INTERLUDE WITH EDUCATION Š2007, ROB P. MUSSELL, II (May 7th 2007) I want to get this underway ASAP! I also would like to see Whatever it may be That I will need To place upon my PC. As in a syllabus of sorts, Clogging up all my USB ports. Cameras and Printers and Mice, Oh my! These things cannot make pigs fly. (Unless, of course, They're on the concourse, Making their way to the plane...) But who is that I see? That looks like Jane! She must've come to see That, the one who's off is me! At least, I am... This time... Sorry. I got a little nostalgic there! Is that how to spell NOSTALGIC? Or is there another "I" in it somewhere? Either I'm lost or I could be sick. But sick of what? I wonder. Stuff shouldn't be torn asunder, Should it? Maybe without my wit, I'd be served a writ, Coming from a twit, Who seems to be full of (never-mind) . You know? I seem to be flying off the handle. Burning both ends of my candle, Just to see the orange-yellow flame Flicker in the gentle breezes that seem to loft And waft Back and forth Back and forth Back and forth Like the undulating rush and ebb Of the surf on a cool summer's night, Watching the moon set into the inky depths of the distant water; A bit of playful laughter echoes and swirls with the breeze, Making me ever more sleepy and restful. I turn to go and a hand reaches for my arm, Pulling me gently back to reality. That hand is belongs to Human Curiosity. She calls to me... Maybe I should answer.

Romantic Interlude with Education  

When I first got into going to college through an online campus, I was thrilled! This is a poem I wrote that reflects the feelings and nerv...