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Finding the Best Curling Iron for Your Haircare Needs: Understanding the Curling Iron Types Curling iron shopping is a lot more difficult than you would think. From selecting different barrel sizes to to finding the best curling iron for your hair type, you are in for quite the shopping adventure. Before heading out to the store (or your favorite website) to buy a curling iron, you need to make sure the one you buy is the right for your curling needs. There are different types of irons and though they both create a curl, the method they use greatly varies.

Spring Irons A spring iron is the most popular type of curler out there. In fact, the majority of irons you see at your local beauty supply or general store will be a spring variety – this is because they are one of the easiest types to use. If you are unfamiliar with curling your hair, then a spring iron is the best curling iron to start out with. The spring-action creates a firm grip on the hair keeping it in contact with the heated barrel to curl the hair evenly. The spring-action is released by pressing your thumb on the level and lifting the spring lever up. Spring-action curlers are found in a variety of sizes, including the widest barrel of 3-inches.

Clipless Irons Clipless irons are the opposite of a spring-action iron. They have no spring lever or specialized bar to hold your hair firmly in place against the iron. They are not recommended for first-time curlers, however once you get the hang of a clipless iron, the curling possibilities are endless. A clipless iron produces less split ends and damage than a spring-action one and no longer will you have to worry about the tell-tale clip lines left by spring-action irons. If you are looking to get volume for thin or fine hair, a clipless iron can get closer to the root than a spring-action, which means more body. Most clipless irons come with a heat-proof glove so that you can hold your hair close to the curling iron ( without burning your fingertips. A popular brand of clipless irons is the chi curling iron – which is not to be confused with the chi flat iron.

Marcel Irons Marcel irons were originally created for professionals in salons and styling jobs. These irons come with an additional handle that gives a professional full, manual control over curling the hair and come in between clipless and spring-action irons. They are very difficult to master and though you can purchase them just about anywhere, it is recommended for seasoned styling professionals rather than the general public.

Spiral Irons

Want a perfect spiral? You cannot go wrong with a spiral curling iron. Spiral irons are the best curling iron to use because they have raised edges that spiral around the barrel of the iron. The hair is wrapped directly inside these raised edges to give precise and perfect spiral curls every time it is used. Chi curling iron ( ) brand offers a spiral curler that is easy to use no matter your curling skill level.

Triple-Barrel Irons Women craving that beach-curl wave look need to use a triple-barrel iron. These irons press the hair into flowing waves, rather than curling it up into a spiral. It is the best curling iron for pressing large sections of hair at a time and often do not require much styling skill or products in the hair itself. Chi curling iron brand offers a triple-barrel and double-barrel iron that can give off easy waves without much skill or time involved.

Best Curling Iron  
Best Curling Iron  

Finding the Best Curling Iron for Your Haircare Needs: Understanding the Curling Iron Types