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The Benefits of Using Insulated Concrete Forms

New concepts in construction don’t come along everyday, so when you find one that offers benefits in several different areas, it’s worth jumping on. It’s no secret just how important the walls and foundation are to any construction project, and using insulated concrete forms can make this crucial step a lot easier. Insulated concrete forms, or ICF as it is known, will help take your home or business building project to new levels.

What Are Concrete Forms? Basically, insulated concrete forms are construction panels made from expanded polystyrene insulation. These panels are stacked to help build the walls and foundation of your structure. Rebar is added for stability, then concrete is poured in to finish it off. Builders can use the ICF process in houses, hotels, townhomes, churches and many other types of structures.

Construction Speed One benefit of concrete forms is speed. Five different construction steps are combined into one, which helps get the structure up faster without sacrificing quality. The five steps are: • Insulation • Structure • Sound barrier • Vapor and air barrier • Fastening strips

Construction Strength If you live in an area where high winds, earthquakes or heavy snow are factors, the strength of concrete forms will provide you with important benefits. Insulated concrete forms will increase the overall stability of the structure, which is a must for anyone who lives in areas of extreme weather. A stronger house means fewer repairs and added safety for those inside.

Financial Savings Financial savings is a driving force for almost anything, and a primary reason people are initially drawn to concrete forms. Homeowners realize savings on their energy bills, repairs and insurance claims. Builders also realize savings by using concrete forms. The speed and efficiency of construction results in lower labor costs and there is also savings over traditional building materials.

Energy Savings When concrete forms are used in a house, warm air stays inside during the winter and cool air stays inside in the summer. The insulating qualities of the panels ensure that you don’t waste energy in any season. Energy bills are a concern for all homeowners, so finding a process that will help save in that area is welcome news. Make sure to ask if you qualify for any rebates due to decreased energy usage.

Environmentally Friendly Along with the environmental impact of using your furnace less, the entire ICF process is considered ‘Green Building’. The process, materials, and results all fall within the environmentally friendly category. The design of ICF homes allows for larger window openings and more natural light without using more materials or additional framing.

Reduced Noise If you live in a noisy area or are just sensitive to outside noise, concrete forms will make your indoor life more peaceful. The panels absorb sounds so they are muffled or gone altogther by the time they get to you. Of course, noise will also stay inside if you enjoy playing loud music or engaging in other activities that tend to be noisy.

References ARXX Corporation is a leader in concrete forms . They are located at 800 Division St Cobourg, ON K9A 5V2‎ +1 800-2‎93-32‎10.

The benefits of using insulated concrete forms  

ARXX Corporation is a leader in concrete forms. They are located at 800 Division St Cobourg, ON K9A 5V2‎ +1 800-293-3210.

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