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media appearances 2011

ACFA have achieved a record number of appearances on and in the media in 2011. These have included: Revelation TV 3 appearances BBC local radio up to 7 appearances on 5 stations Premier Radio by 4 different members UCB 3 appearances Cross Rhythms 2 appearances Transworld 3 appearances New Wine Radio 2 appearances

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the year - at a glance… P.1 media & new chair… P.1 our conference… P.2 articles & thanks… P.2

2011 at a glance… I am pleased to report on a successful year for the Association. ACFA has continued in its aim of gaining a ‘wider vision’ of the organisation and we have engaged the Christian public as never before.

A welcome return… We are pleased to formally welcome Derek Williams back into the helm of ACFA for 2012.

Please remember Derek, and the committee in your prayers.

of finance. The organisation was also represented at various conferences including: • New Wine - Shepton Mallet, Somerset: This conference took place over a period of two weeks at the end of July and August. Involved in this conference was Graham Cleveland; Mark Crofts; Tim Woodward; Arwyn Bailey; myself and our friends, Mark and Rhoda Lloydbottom, of Crown Financial Ministries.

new chair

This is the second time that Derek has been the chair of ACFA.

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• Grapevine - Lincolnshire: This conference took place over the August bank holiday weekend. ACFA is becoming the Christian voice on savings and macro-economic issues for the Christian media.

We are grateful to Richard Brett stepping in at the last moment to represent ACFA. Once again we joined Mark and Rhoda Lloydbottom.

Some highlights in regard to the past year are numerous. But firstly I wish to thank all of those who have assisted us in the task of building the reputation of ACFA as we are becoming a Christian voice in this wonderful world

We look forward to 2012 where we hope to make yet further strides as a Christian voice. Aidan Vaughan. Chair of ACFA - 2011.

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Did you enjoy the 2011 ACFA conference?

ACFA has released several articles and press releases in the past year and they can all be found on our website.

We asked you for feedback on the conference and the response has been very positive indeed.

Among the topics that we covered were: • A call for Ethical Reform in the City Financial Sector. • The issue of UK debt. • A curb on Banking Greed, and the reasons. • The need to break free of debt. • The Greek and Eurozone Crisis. • The public sector strikes. • Long Term Care and welfare reforms.

Firstly, we must thank all those who served at the 2011 conference in so very many ways.

John Wright’s talks on justice resonated with the delegates quite markedly.

In general the feedback of members has been extremely positive. Most members are looking forward to the conference in 2012.

Dr. Rosamund Thomas spoke on the need for

The delegates were treated to some very challenging, and at times entertaining, talks that were led by


administration… I would like to thank Cathy Cleveland, and for her support as our administrator. retirement - almost… I would also like to thank Mark Crofts, who, after four years of unstinting service on the ACFA committee has stepped down. Mark’s help has been invaluable.

the evangelist John Wright. (Amusingly the venue—the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanick—used to be owned by John’s family and he recalled visiting the house and grounds as a young child.)

justice in the Banking and Financial sectors and posed the question as to whether it would be the same, or different, the next time.

the planning for the 2012 conference is already underway Other speakers eloquently addressed topics emphasising philanthropy, and how

we might build the kingdom of God on a local level. There were some useful stands being manned by different organisations, including our friends from Crown Ministries and our sponsors from Rathbones. If you missed any of the talks, all are available for free download from the ACFA website. The plans for the 2012 conference are already underway. If you have any topic or issue, that you would like to have addressed at this year’s conference, then please do not hesitate to contact us. The committee has also commissioned a brand new website. videos. We are also revamping our twitter account and facebook page. Please follow us at: @acfa_uk

ACFA Newsletter Jan 2012  

Newsletter from the outgoing chair of the Association of Christian Fiunancial Advisers.