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Arwa Al Hashar

Write a discursive essay in which you discuss your views on the positive and negative impacts of technology on your peer group (people your age) in the modern world. I think that technology in the modern world could change the way we behave but I think it would change mostly the behavior of young children because they are not old enough to realise what's affecting their brain yet. I don't agree with Susan Greenfiled when saying that his crisis would alter what makes us happy because I don't think technology would change our identity. Technology has it's positive and negative impacts, especially people my age. The internet is really important in the life of teenagers because of all the social and educational sites. There are teenagers who take a good advantage of the internet and learn from it, getting knowledge and adding insights into things. Having the internet would save so much time for teenagers doing school work when finding information because the internet has a lot of sources that we have access to instead of going to the library, searching for the right book etc. Technology doesn't only revolve around the internet, there are video games, cell phones, computers, television, microwaves and so much more. But I think the most important are cell phones and the internet when discussing views about the impacts of technology on people my age. Cell phones are entertaining with all the accessible applications. They keep a person busy playing games or doing work, many teenagers take their cell phones with them everywhere so that they won't feel bored like I said they're entertaining. However, technology has its drawbacks. Using so much technology might have a negative impact on teenagers, playing video games all day and night won't help you at all it would affect your health especially when you hadn't had any food or exercise. Sometimes playing so much aggressive video games will affect behavior not so much on teenagers but it could happen where you start treating your family and friends differently and tend to be aggressive. The lack of privacy on the internet is a huge problem, anything posted on the internet cannot be removed and is a public record. Teenagers in the modern world can't wait to tell people on Facebook and Twitter about their next move or upload their holiday picture on Instagram, someday all information online could be used against them it's not always safe to post everything.

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