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Complete fee waiver facility for girl students Complete fee concession facility for girl students in Karnataka was started in 2008-09. Previously collected fee was reimbursed. A separate budget allocation of 41.6 Crores in 2008-09 and 45 Crores in 2009-10 was made .

Encouraging Higher Education in backward districts


Development of the northern part of Karnataka since independence has always been a political debate in the state. Making Higher education available to everyone is one of the important measures to address regional imbalances. Believing the said philosophy various educational initiatives were taken and colleges were opened wherever found necessary in the Hyderabad - Karnataka region


Implementation of Dr.Nanjundappa committee report While initiating such process, Dr. Nanjudappa’s report on regional imbalances was taken into consideration. Based on the observations made in the report, talukas were chosen to open new colleges. Further, required infrastructure was provided on priority basis.

Aide to private colleges 3

All aided private colleges commenced during 1986 to 1992 were provided Government aide by taking administrative approval. Also colleges started during 1986 to 1995 by SC and ST were brought under aide facility to uphold the philosophy social justice.


Increase in the remuneration of Guest Lecturers 1 Limbavali with renowned scientist Dr. CNR Rao 2 Discussion with the delegation of Australian Deaken university 3 With the representatives from Newyork state university polytechnic, USA.

Providing quality teaching to the students and improving the living standards of lecturers was the commitment of the higher education ministry in Karnataka, all the time. As a mark of its commitment, the Government increased the remuneration of guest lecturers from Rs. 5,000.00 to Rs. 10,000.00.

4 Participation in Mysore university doctorate awarding ceremony




A book on the developmental activities carried out by Shri Arvind Limbavali in Mahadevapura Assembly Constituency during 2008-12. The book...

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