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problem is fixed. A man down to earth follows “to the point philosophy”, never believes in wasting time. His workaholic attitude displays records of all the developmental works he has undertaken. They are classified on a ward basis. People can always get detailed information about any project without exercising “Right to Information”! As minister for Higher Education minister, Arvind Limbavali gave a new dimension to the education system in the two years of his tenure. However, he never ignored the development of his constituency even when he was busy as a minister. A mandatory visit to the constituency, inspection of developmental works, reaching out to people’s issues- This is a typical day in the life of Arvind Limbavali.

Arvind Limbavali’s personality does need any over statements. This book is enough to talk about Limbavali’s achievements, his vision for development, his commitment to quality education, health and the initiatives he has taken to ensure it.

There is a saying, a true leader, who is not racing for power or position will always have sparkling self confidence. Limbavali is one such leader. His self confidence is his road ahead and people’s blessings are the leading lamps to him. What else do you need to achieve great goals?

While he was the Education Minister of Karnataka, he took bold decision to create awareness about Terrorism in the youth and organized several movements against it. The slogan” Fight terrorism, Save the Nation” echoed throughout Karnataka. The last rally which took place in Bangalore on February 28th 2009 attracted lakhs of students. Various dignitaries of India and Karnataka prepared the youth for taking an oath to protect our country and called for unity to fight against terrorism. Limbavali proved that the education department need not only conduct exams but can also teach lessons of love for your society and country. Very recently, Arvind Limbavali has been assigned a new responsibility. He is a new Health minister in the reshuffled Karnataka cabinet. Even Health ministry started benefiting from his pro-people attitude. A pleasant moment with Gujarat Chief Minister Sri Narendra Modi and Sri Ananth Kumar




A book on the developmental activities carried out by Shri Arvind Limbavali in Mahadevapura Assembly Constituency during 2008-12. The book...