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here have been several fairs in the Mahadevapura constituency in the last four years. The birth anniversaries of some of the nation’s great souls have been celebrated magnificently. The Ugadi festival has become Mahadevapura Utsava and has attracted thousands of families. Two job fairs were organized in Mahadevapura constituency. 700 employment seekers secured jobs in the first fair, conducted in Immadihalli Government High school premises and 810 people secured jobs in the second fair, organized in New Horizon college campus. The Ugadi festival which was celebrated in Mahadevapura in the first year was later took the grand shape of “Mahadevapura festival” and was celebrated in a splendid way. From then on, the “Mahadevapura festival”, has spread cultural fragrance and has created a sense of unity and mutual admiration. There have been talent hunts in the cultural festivals and selected local talents have been given an opportunity to perform in the Utsava. A new tradition of honouring the local achievers in the cultural field has been initiated. It is unique that people of all political parties along with their families come together to celebrate this festival. Every year on January 12 Vivekananda Jayanti is celebrated as youth festival. A procession of Vivekananda’s portrait and cultural festivals mark this festival. Cricket and volleyball tournaments are also held.



A continuous series of Fairs and Festivals During festival of lights-Dewali- a get-together will be organized every year to share the joy of the festival. Mahadevapura constituency is constantly engaged either in employment fairs, talent hunt, Mahadevapura Utsava or in regular festival meets throughout the year. Needless to say that Limbavali’s personal interest and his concern have made these special events possible.

Pratibhanveshane Talent hunt an ongoing process Mahadevapura, like any other place, is with full of talent. Scouting and recognizing such talent has been a practice since 2008. They were given opportunity to perform in Mahadevapura Utsava. Many of the young talent got opportunity for the first time.



A book on the developmental activities carried out by Shri Arvind Limbavali in Mahadevapura Assembly Constituency during 2008-12. The book...