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22 This is just a beginning

Dear friends and well-wishers, You have just glimpsed the development works I have taken up and completed in the Mahadevapura assembly constituency. I am eager to know your response after you read this book I have presented the ‘audit report of development’ as part of my responsibility and with genuine intention of putting forth the facts to people of my constituency but not just to showcase my achievements. While presenting the fact-sheet, I am fully aware that, my constituency is not free from all problems, challenges and difficulties. However, I am also cognizant that, there is a lot more to do, as Mahadevapura was deprived from development for decades! Nevertheless, I and my team honestly believe that, all implemented and sanctioned, yet to be completed programs-schemes are the first step in our epic journey towards development of Mahadevapura,. Mahadevapura constituency is unique in every aspect: its geographical location, Please let me know people with diversified background, multi-language speaking, and semi-urban, semi-rural folk and varied industries. I have tried to evolve a development plan lapses if any, in the for Mahadevapura along with the communities live here. I am blessed with the development works team of hundreds of committed party men, honest officials, Intellectuals and social of the constituency. workers, who have always been helpful and supportive in taking up any task which If you are convinced will add to the development of the constituency. I assure that my sincere efforts about the good will continue even in future. work done, I To quote Basavanna, the Spiritual leader and Social reformer of 12th century The profession of a person shall be such that it is useful to the society; request you to its gains should not only to the person but also to the society. Only then share it with others. selfishness will be subdued and helps cosmic energy descend in to our inner selves. There is no discrimination in work. Everyone ought to do one’s work.. One more tenet of ‘KAYAKA’ philosophy is that person should cleanse himself by completing each day’s work within that day. These words of Basavanna are leading light to me. Accordingly I have put all efforts to complete need based and urgent tasks. Planning, discussion and preparation of action plans for the remaining works is going on. Your valuable suggestions, feedback, comments, criticism, opinions are most welcome and will be incorporated into our future plans. I sincerely thank you all, for giving me an opportunity to exploit all my experience for the development of the constituency as your representative. I have the humble pride that in these five years of camaraderie I have succeeded in walking with you and have become your man. To keep this pride intact your continuous affection, support, love and friendship is needed even in future. Join me; Let us make Mahadevapura the pinnacle of the development index of Bangalore. Yours for ever (Arvind Limbavali )




A book on the developmental activities carried out by Shri Arvind Limbavali in Mahadevapura Assembly Constituency during 2008-12. The book...