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n    Mahadevapura had never dreamt development. All development plans were envisaged only after 2008, it is a record that most of them have already been completed.



A panoramic view of Developmental works


hat are the changes we witness in Mahadevapura constituency in the last four years? What did Arvind Limbavali feel when he stepped in Mahadevapura for the first time? In his own words: “Alas! Why Dr. D.M Nanjundappa did miss visiting Mahadevapura?’’ It is but natural for such response, as Limbavali has studied Nanjundappa committees report on’ regional imbalances and the backwardness of the regions’. He was astonished with the backwardness of Mahadevapura after visiting it first time! “Do you think you are capable of developing Mahadevapura?” Do you think you can bring significant changes” hapless public questioned him when he went to campaign in the constituency. It is true that Arvind Limbavali, did not make any promises, just kept silence. No roads, toilets, schools without teachers, connecting road without bridges, several examples of land encroachment- Such was the situation of Mahadevapura. Now we can proudly say that the situation has changed. Roads, drains, pavements, electricity, water, clearance of encroached lands and regularized slums – name it; you will witness the change! Arvind Limbavali has written down in his diary all the accomplishments he made in the first four years of his first term as MLA along with the yet to be completed developmental works. The people of the constituency feel that any task recorded into his diary would never be left uncompleted. For example: Arvind Limbavali has learnt that primary health care hospital and safe drinking water are the prime necessities of any constituency. He has started several schemes of renovating lakes and increasing ground water levels. When we witness enumerable examples of developmental works in the very first term of his leadership, we can truly hope for such changes even in the future.




A book on the developmental activities carried out by Shri Arvind Limbavali in Mahadevapura Assembly Constituency during 2008-12. The book...

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