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Founder-Editor Ch. Srinivasa Rao Formerly COA, NGRI, Hyderabad Vol. XVIII

August 2011

No. 199

Compiled, edited & published

Ch. Srinivasa Srinivasa Rao, Formerly COA, NGRI, Hyderabad Counselling

B.J. Acharyulu, Head, Finance & Accounts, CDFD, Hyderabad Secretarial assistance

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CSIR/GOI ORDERS PROPOSALS FOR EXTENSION OF SERVICE IN R/O SCIENTISTS G & H The Standing Peer Review Committee is going to meet sometime during August 2011 to consider the cases of extension of service for a period of two years beyond superannuation in respect of Scientists “G” and “H”. Accordingly, the CSIR invited applications seeking extension of service from among those Scientists “G” and “H” who are going to retire between October 2011 and March 2012 so as to reach them latest by 27th July, 2011 through proper channel as per the usual practice in accordance with CSIR letters on the subject. [CSIR Lr.No.4-38/2002/E.II(PD) dt. 19-7-2011]

TOUR OF OFFICIALS WORKING IN VIGILANCE DEPARTMENTS OF GOVT. ORGANIZATIONS The issue of disclosure of movement/tour of Officers working in Vigilance Departments of Govt. organizations and their TA claims has been considered by the Central Information Commission from RTI point of view. The CIC observed that providing information such as vehicle log books, purpose of visits, etc. serves no public interest, and on the contrary, there is a distinct possibility that such information will affect the functioning of the Vigilance Officers which may not only expose them to physical risks but also impair their efficient functioning. Certain level of protection needs to be given to such Officers even in respect of seemingly ordinary information, sometimes, prove to be extraordinary in specific circumstances and conditions. As such, the CIC decided that the information of above nature should not be disclosed under Section 8 (1) (g) of RTI Act. Accordingly, the CVOs may inform their PIOs and Appellate Authorities about the observation of CIC.


[CSIR Lr. No.15-6(83)98-O&M-IV dt. 20-7-2011; CVC/RTI/Misc/10002 (Circular No. 26/7/010) dt. 15-7-2011]

TRAINING OF GROUP “D� EMPLOYEES OF DEPARTMENTAL CANTEENS In compliance of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 and in order to ensure training of Canteen staff in pre-revised Gr. D pay scales, a training package may be evolved by each Ministry/Department/Office Establishment by arranging the lectures to be given by Experts in the field of Hotel Management and Catering with a nominal fee to be given by them from their budget. In case services of Experts in the field of Hotel Management are not available, the services of Managers associated with functioning of Departmental Canteens may be utilized or other alternative mode of training may be arranged. It should be ensured that the training programmes meet the standards and also that the recommended curriculum is covered. The duration of the training may be of five working days so that the Canteen services are not very much affected. The training module may be devised on the basis of recommended course content for skill development as given hereunder. This exercise has to be completed by 15th July, 2011. Recommended Course Content for Skill Development I.

Social skills (a) Etiquette & Manners: Code of behaviour or behavioural skills: (1) Be polite to customer/employee (2) Service with a smile (3) Good posture


Personal hygiene, appearance & grooming Importance of personal hygiene: (1) To prevent food contamination (2) Precaution against illness (self/others) (3) Selfconfidence (4) Clean habits (avoid smoking, chewing tobacco, betel nut/pan, etc.) while on duty Steps to ensure personal hygiene: (1) Clean and trimmed nails (2) Clean clothes (3) Clean and properly trimmed hair (4) Clean and polished shoes



Use of uniform (1) Wearing prescribed uniforms (2) Provides uniformity (3) Giving or displaying a pleasure, neat and tidy look


Taking orders: (1) Orders to be taken politely (2) Orders to be taken carefully (3) Noting orders correctly (4) Sense of urgency (5) Attending orders from senior Officers on priority.


Serving tea/coffee, snacks and meals (1) Clean crockery/cutlery (2) No spilling (3) Sugar requirement/ quantity (4) Timely cleaning of crockery/cutlery and periodic replacement (5) Proper serving of snacks in plates (6) Proper serving of meals (7) Timely clearance of snack/meal plates.


Cleaning the Canteen Daily cleaning: Sweeping, mopping, cleaning of furniture; cleaning of utensils properly Monthly cleaning: Cleaning windows/doors, cleaning cobwebs, cleaning rooms where food, raw material, etc. are stored

[GOI DOPT O.M.No.25/1/2008-Dir.(C) dt. 31-3-2011; July 2011, 5-6]


ENCASHMENT OF LEAVE TO GOVT. SERVANTS ON THEIR APPOINTMENT IN CENTRAL PUBLIC ENTERPRISES It is clarified that as per Rule 39-D of the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, the calculation of leave encashment in case of permanent absorption in Public Sector Undertaking/Autonomous Body (PSU/AB) wholly or substantially owned or controlled by the Central/State Govt. will be as per Rule 39 (2) (b) which has been amended vide Notification GSR 170 dated 1-12-2009 to read as under: The cash equivalent of leave salary under Clause (a) shall be calculated as follows and shall be payable in one lump sum as a onetime settlement:



Pay admissible on the Number of days of date of retirement plus unutilized EL at Cash DA admissible on that credit subject to the equivalent for date total of EL and HPL = ---------------------------- X at EL credit not --- 30 exceeding 300 days


HPL salary admissible Number of days on the date of of HPL at credit Cash payment retirement plus DA subject to the total in lieu of HPL admissible on that of EL and HPL at = X component date credit not exceeding ---------------------------300days ---30

No commutation of HPL shall be permissible to make up the short fall in EL. [GOI DOPT O.M.No.14028/3/2011-Estt.(L) dt. 24-5-2011; Swamysnews, July 2011, 11-12] ELIGIBILITY OF PERMANENTLY DISABLED SON SUFFERING WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA Schizophrenia is considered to be a case of mental disorder and falls within the definition of disability as defined in Section 2 (i) of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 (No.1 of 1996) and is covered by the terms “mental retardation” and “mental illness”. It has, therefore, been decided that sons of CGHS beneficiaries suffering from 40% or more of Schizophrenia will be entitled to avail CGHS facility even after attaining the age of 25 years, provided they are financially dependent on the CGHS beneficiary and are residing with the CGHS beneficiary. This is subject to their continuing to suffer from the disabilities defined in Section 2 (i) of the above Act and Clause (j) of Section 2 of National Trust for Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities Act, 1999 (No.44 of 1999).


For this purpose, the CGHS beneficiary should furnish the Disability Certificate issued by the appropriate authority to the effect that the disabled person is still suffering from a disability which is more than 40% after every five years. [GOI MOH O.M.No.4-2496-C&P/CGHS(P) dt. 26-5-2011; Swamysnews, July 2011, 21-22] FIXED MEDICAL ALLOWANCE UNDER NEW PENSION SCHEME The Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) is granted to CG Pensioners/ Family pensioners who are governed by CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 at the time of retirement/death. NPS pensioners drawing additional relief on death/disability of Govt. servant in terms of DOPW O.M.No.3841/06/P&)PW(A) dated 5-5-2009 and staying in areas not covered by CGHS/corresponding health scheme of other Ministries can get a pensioners’ Medical Card by paying appropriate amount in the nearest CGHS/corresponding health scheme of other Ministries covered city to their residence to enable them to obtain indoor treatment. They are also entitled to draw FMA as fixed by the Govt. As and when the Health Insurance Scheme is introduced, the NPS Pensioners would be shifted to such Scheme. [GOI DOPT O.M.No.4/27/2009-P&PW(D) dt. 24-5-2011; Swamysnews, July 2011, 23-24] AMENDMENT TO CCS (PENSION) RULES, 1972 The CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 have been extensively amended in the backdrop of implementation of recommendations of the 6th CPC, incorporating the recommendations of the 6th CPC and also consequent developments in the service conditions. It is desirable to study the existing rules and the rules substituted therein for a proper understanding and application. [GOI DOP&PW Lr.No.38/80/2008-P&PW(A) (Part II) dt. 8-6-2011; Swamysnews, July 2011, 25-33]


LTC TO NORTH-EAST REGION BY AIR IN LIEU OF HOME TOWN In terms of GOI DOPT O.M.No.31011/4/2007-Estt.(A) dated 2-5-2008 is the extension of time limit for another two years, for those who had not availed the concession within the stipulated period of time, i.e. up to 1-5-2010 and not for availing one more concession. [Swamysnews, July 2011, 79] .o.

CASE LAWS Mere reproduction of Case Laws in the columns of “HARMONY” cannot be construed to be applicable to CSIR/GOI employees. The inferences drawn and the decisions made by the Hon’ble Courts may largely vary in each individual case. The decisions are expected to provide the aggrieved some idea about the trends of Hon’ble Courts.

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